Weekly Recap – Little Rock Faper and a Forced Slow Down

I’ve been on a roll lately, race or not, I’ve been keeping my mileage high and feeling great. Of course eventually all good things come to an end. I generally try to schedule in down weeks and rest days but sometimes I get over excited with the endorphins and run on. I guess something like that must have happened because now I’m tenderly taking a few days off due to what I think is a strain. Basically the part where my foot meets my leg in the front is very cranky. It got cranky enough that I had to call my favorite driving half to come pick me up mid run! Anyways I spent the day icing and elevating and it’s feeling better to I’m only in semi panic mood.

Anyways, I’m behind on two weeks of recaps so let’s get this in the books.

The week of Little Rock marathon was a slow week but only because I needed a rest day from my 35 mile weekend and I spent 2 days in a car for the drive to Little Rock.

Monday 6.5 Miles
I was going for an easy 4 miler or so but I got really into my episode of Doctor Who and before I knew it I was past 10K at average pace of 7:50

Tuesday Rest
Because I really should have taken my rest day on Monday

Wednesday 11.15 Miles
2 part run with 8 miles 7:34 pace on incline 2 and a short 5K in the evening at 7:26 pace.

Thursday 8 Miles
Progressive run on incline 3 while rocking out to the new Glee episode with Adam Lambert. Average pace ended up being 8:01!

Friday, Saturday – Road Trip Fun

Sunday – 26.2 Epic Little Rock Marathon

Total Mileage – 52 Miles

Total Feelings – Running on Happy


My week after Little Rock was anything but recovery. Although it didn’t feel like a mistake, it probably was.

Monday – Rest/drive back to Boston

Tuesday – 6.5 Miles
I was going to run only a few miles, but I was so happy to be back running and not traveling that I kept running a little further than I should.

Wednesday – 14.3 
After Little Rock I was feeling great and wanted to keep upping my mileage. 8 miles at even 7:36 pace on incline 2 and 6.3 miles later in the evening at 7:37 while watching Nashville.

Thursday – 8 Miles
8:10 on incline 3

Friday – 8 Miles
7:47 Pace on incline 2

Saturday – 6.25 Miles
8:33 Pace. I was going to do a long run but my effort was all off. My path that I usual run 7:30s on were turning into 9 min miles and so I cut my run short. Nothing hurt at this point but I sensed an overall fatigue.

Sunday – 11.13 Miles
This run actually started of fabulous. Cutting my run short on Saturday seemed to add an extra kick to my run! And then around mile 10 I started to feel a pain in my lower shin or top of foot and within a mile I could barely walk. I didn’t fall or trip or anything weird, so the only thing I could think that caused the strain might be the hoping over puddles and mud craps from all the snow in my area. Either way, I stopped my Garmin around 11 mile mark when my average pace was still 7:57 and tried to walk my way home. About a mile away I got picked up where I iced and rested my foot and thus my little drama fest began.

Total Miles – 54 Miles

Total Feelings – Injured =(

7 thoughts on “Weekly Recap – Little Rock Faper and a Forced Slow Down”

  1. Im sorry Liana, I know how much that feeling sucks when you know deep down something is wrong. It is so easy in running to just ignore things and hope for the best. I think we all make that mistake over and over. You are only human, and this is your bodys way of reminding you that. Stay positive, and things will work out. I have always had my best races after setbacks.

  2. Uh oh. That’s not good. It definitely sounds like you should have backed off post-Little Rock. But I’ll readily admit I did not do that myself (40 miles) and my feet are achy, my calves feel shredded and I have a race on Saturday. We live and learn right? Fingers crossed the injury is not super serious!

  3. Soooo sorry Liana. Injuries suck big time. I know how it is though, we get on a roll with running progress and just want to keep going and going and training. It’s really hard to take a break or slow down for a week to recover and I need to do it more often as well. I hope your leg/foot feels better soon and is not super serious!

  4. So sorry you’re injured! :/ I’m in the same boat–strained my peroneal tendon on the side of my foot during my long run on Saturday. Strangely it didn’t bother me at all during the run, but it’s been very sore ever since. I haven’t run at all in the last two days, and I’m not sure I’ll be able to today either. I hope you feel better soon!!!

  5. Gah! You were going so strong 😦 I am so sorry to hear about this injury! I really truly hope you recover quickly!! Nothing is worse than an injury that keeps you from doing what you love, seriously!

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