Final Week of Boston Marathon And How I kept myself Busy

Of course as the weather got more amazing, I had to control myself. The urge to run 20 miles, bike, and swim all in one day was trying to take control of me like an endurance demon, The sun was shining, calling my name, but the reminder that Boston Marathon is less than 10 days away loomed over me. I settled for a compromise with lots of episodes of True Blood and True Detective between. Plus the new season of Game of Thrones started so I had things to keep my busy.

I love seeing how everything in the city is prepping for that one day!


Weekly Recap

Monday – Too busy with work/rest day or something

Tuesday – 8 Miles 7:32 pace on incline 2. Was surprised I didn’t feel more sore from Sunday.

Wednesday – Too busy with work//doctor appointment and running go pushed away to not happening.

Thursday – 8 Miles 7:30 pace on incline 2. Another great day on the treadmill.

Friday – 10 Miles 7:35 pace, incline 2. I really hate doing long and hard workouts on Fridays, since I like to recoup a little for my weekend runs. However, with how crazy the week has been, I felt like I had to “catch-up” to some crazy amount. I also caught up on my last two episodes of Arrow as I heard new ones were coming up.

Friday 10 Run

I promise it was 10 miles, I just hit reset .6 miles into my run. Why is the fan button always next to the cool down button?

Saturday – 15.2 Miles 8:05 Pace
I procrastinated a little but doing some yard work. Unfortunately, if you neglect your leaves in the fall, they don’t disappear in the winter. Me and Jack Meower filled up 12 bags before we called it quits.

JackMeower on Leaves

And can I mention how beautiful the weather was? It actually got a little to hot for me at 70 so I waited til later in the day before I could start my run.


While the girl who loves to wear sundresses is loving the heat, the running in me was a little disappointed about how we skipped the 50s and jumped straight into summer heat. Either way, I tried to keep a steady pace. I couldn’t go down to 7:30s, my race pace goal, but I figured any long run, is a good run.

leaves and miles

Sunday – 10.2 Miles 8:17 Pace
I knew I was going to regret that yard work and surely I did. I woke up on Sunday with my legs feeling like chunky funky bags of ham from all the squatting I did with the leaves. As I stepped outside, I could tell there was less pollen in the air and the temperature has dropped down to a 60 with a barely there light breeze, but my legs, specifically the quads didn’t seem as thrilled.

Sunday 10 Run

I wasn’t even sure I could get through my run when I first started. I told myself, take your time, you have no where to rush and slowly shuffled through my first 5 miles of the my out and back path. I seemed to pick up more speed on the second half as either I was warmed up, or numb and used to the pain, or maybe so happy to be heading home to my couch and food. It was probably the latter since my roommates and I were having a breakfast dinner.

Stuffed french toast, wouldn’t you run a little bit faster to get home to this?

Stuffed French Toast


How was your weekend? Did you get a spring thaw, or just spring forward into almost summer?

3 thoughts on “Final Week of Boston Marathon And How I kept myself Busy”

  1. Stuffed French Toast? NICE… looks delicious and yes I would run home faster for that. I love your view from the treadmill too, I think with a TV and a good view I would enjoy the treadmill way more.

    Glad you got your long runs in despite all the yard work and good luck with Boston and tapering for it this week!

  2. Wow. That stuffed french toast looks AMAZING! 🙂
    I had a great weekend, but this coming weekend will be even better… It is our last weekend at home before our vacation!
    Where we live, one day it’s summer and the next day we get a snow storm… Unfortunate!
    Thanks for sharing!

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