Five April Favorites & SuperSeedz Giveaway

April is quite the busy month for me. For one, it’s one of the biggest tax filings days of the year for me and an end of a busy crazy few months. On a more exciting note, it is also my favorite day of the year! Marathon Monday for me has been more exciting than Christmas. So besides these two days which occasionally fall on the same day like in 2013, I have to find other things that make me happy. Luckily, there’ quite a few and limiting it to just five was difficult enough.

5. Iphone apps! photo 2

Weather whiskers is my favorite new app!

4. You know how Meb won that whole Boston Marathon thing? Well guess what shoes he’s running in and guess what I’ve been running in lately?

photo (8)

I would like to point out that he’s 38 and I’m only 27, so I have 11 years to become a world champion marathoner and all.

3. I’m addicted to furminating my cats!! And they’re sorta addicted to it too!

Furmenator Oliver

That’s one of the 50 clumps of fur I’ve gotten of Oliver

Furmenator Jack

Jack’s results are a little less furry, but I’ve never heard him purr louder

2. Stone Enjoy by IPA is my beer of the month

photo 3 (8)

1. SuperSeedz!!

photo 1 (13)

Super Seedz come in 8 different flavors of shelled pumpkin seed heaven

  • Really Naked (unsalted)
  • Sea Salt
  • Sugar and Cinnamon
  • Coco Joe
  • Tomato Italiano
  • Original Curry
  • Somewhat Spicy
  • Super Spicy

And lucky for me, I was given all 8 flavors to try!

If you’re wondering why there’s only 7 in my photo, it’s because a gremlin in my house with first name Tony, ate the bag while I was working late for a few days. I’m sure it was tasty =).

SuperSeedz is a company in Connecticut started by Kathie Pelliccio, a mom of 5. When she made curry pumpkin seeds for her salads and sugar and cinnamon seeds for a compliment to her breakfast meal, she noticed that her family would devour them just like I am now. Only I put them in oatmeal and yogurts.

The package says 5 servings but since I use it in addition to other things, I would say a pack lasts me a week. Besides all the benefits of eating pumpkin seeds like magnesium and protein, they are also gluten free, tree nut free, peanut free, dairy free, MSG free, vegan, and soy free.

Best part, SuperSeedz are offering a lucky reader a chance to win a package of Seedz for themselves so they can addicted like I am.

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19 thoughts on “Five April Favorites & SuperSeedz Giveaway”

  1. mmm, those super seeds sound divine. And your cats are adorable. Mine love to be brushed as well. They go nuts over it. Or should I say, they go “super seedz” over it (haha)

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