Five Things Friday

It’s Friday and the weekend in Boston is looking AHHHHH-Maze-Balls

1. I don’t know how, but somehow between my 50K Saturday and 5K Sunday this happened:

photo 4

Something about a sale ($25 off!) and my desire to collect marathon maniac stars let me go against my better judgement. Plus my friends are running and I’m out of excuses cause I’m on a marathon high.

Last year, I ran the Cox marathon after a 20 miler the day before. This year I’ll be running on tons of fatigue from back to back marathons and a cranky knee. Every time I run trails, my knee hurts and sadly Saturday jot in the woods is no different. It’s getting better, but I’m not fully back to racing yet.

2. Ever wonder what happens when you put a ton of peeps in a pot?

photo 1

Peepsocide and rice crispy treats afterwards!

3. Oh the gloomy weather….

photo 3

The weather all week has been rain, rain, and more blahness! Luckily, I’m so used to running in the rain, that I might as well be living in Seattle. Mud and rain, bring it on!

4. The new X-Men movie is coming out at the end of May

photo 2

So I’m catching up on some classic. And I seriously believe that since X-men the animated series, there has not been a better cartoon out there!

5. I’m back on the Oatmeal morning kick.. and I finding all these new fun hot cereals?




What are you up to this weekend?

Ever have Quinoa for breakfast? 

7 thoughts on “Five Things Friday”

  1. Quinoa for breakfast is awesome. Mix it with fruit, or you can saute veggies and mix them the quinoa and scrambled eggs together. YUM and really good for you! :). Have a great weekend Liana!

  2. As far as cartoons go, you should give “Avatar: The last airbender” a shot. And if you can handle anime with subtitles, I recommend Death Note. These should all be on Netflix btw.

  3. i actually LOVE quinoa for breakfast. i do: 1 cup quinoa (mix red and white), 1 cup water, 1 cup almond milk. simmer until most the liquid is absorbed. remove from heat. add cinnamon, fruit, nuts, and sweetener. yum!

  4. I love the rice krispies with peeps idea…..what color did it come out? There was SO MUCH rain on Wednesday, it was actually kinda scary!

    I LOVE quinoa for breakfast, I am so bummed I only just discovered it. I have been missing out!

  5. Hi! It was great meeting you at the #InvisalignTalk the other night. I always enjoying in person meetings with local bloggers helps personify our blogs 🙂

    XO Semirah

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