JP Morgan Corporatte Challenge Race Recap

There are 5ks, 10ks, and even 5 milers at times. These are the distances I’m used to. However, the JP Morgan corporate challenge is none of these.  Instead they decided to be a unique 3.5 mile race where instead of feeling like you want to die at .1 miles, you get to do it for half a mile instead!

It’s a race where us suits remove the Brooks brothers in exchange for just regulars Brooks, Mizunos, or Skechers for me.

That’s right, this was the official debut race for my Skechers GOMeb Speed 2! I was nervous and excited since I haven’t raced in flats for 3 years (I hated Mizuno Ronin because I kept feeling like my toe would pierce the fabric). Luckily if there’s one thing that I can’t complain about, it’s my Skechers!

So to participate in the race, you must work for a company that signs up to participate. Mine had a team of 30 men and 30 women.  Since we have over 700 people on the office, it’s done via lottery and after 4 years of trying, I finally got in! I know, I’m the biggest running addict in the firm, I feel like my entry should almost be guaranteed!

So I went into the week with a plan
Monday – run 10 marathon pace + 8 slower miles
Tuesday – rest
Wednesday – 4 miles easy
Thursday – race

Only there’s one problem with all this. As I’m sitting on the training getting excited for my first rest day in two weeks, I see a tweet about the Jp corporate challenge being today (Tuesday).


Well luckily, I have not one, not two, but threw pairs of running shoes and plenty of running outfits because when you runmute and want to avoid carrying things, you just hoard stuff in the day before.

photo (2)
So I had the clothes, and all I was missing was my Garmin that I left at home to charge and a fresh set of legs.

So the race is at 7:15 pm which is my dinner time. I knew that this is a good time to get a big lunch so me and Tony went to Piccos.

photo 1 (3)

Why two people need a large? Because you get twice the value? I don’t know, boys eat a lot of pizza I guess.

I wasn’t very hungry, but I was worried about not eating anything since noon so I had some M&Ms and soda. Running ultras has made me really crave soda every time I run, even if it’s just a few miles.

jpmorgancorporate challenge 2

So the race starts in the Commons and people like to get there really early and just wait. Instead I went to go visit a friend and heading into the area around 7.

jpmorgancorporate challenge 3
Here’s the trick, if you walk up Beacon instead of comm ave or Boylston, the side is empty and it’s really easy to jump straight into the front .

Which is what I did and then immediately sat down for the next 15 minutes. My legs were still tired from Monday so standing for 15 minutes was not in my interest. So I watched the empty street ahead of me. 

jpmorgancorporate challenge 4

The first two minutes of the race are some of the scariest moments of my life. The race is packed, it’s about 12,000 individuals crowded into a small space with no real corral system so when the gun goes off, all these angsty, cubical dwellers take all there pent up rage and instead of saving it for a finishing kick, they start kicking in the first 100 meters of the race. It’s terrifying and this is the only race I see that at as men will push and shove anything out of there way just to fade out into a slower pace 2 minutes later.

The course itself is easy. After making two turns around the Boston Public Garden, it goes up Commonwealth Avenue until Kenmore Square and then comes back down Commonwealth Avenue with two more turns by the Garden.

jpmorgancorporate challengeThe course is flat with the exception of one small up and down ramp. There was a slight headwind in one direction that became a tailwind on the second direction. What really confused me were the mile markers. They were off by about a third of a mile and since I wasn’t running with headphones or my Garmin, I felt so confused with my effort and what I thought was my pace.

When I saw that I was a mile 3 (which turns out to be more like 3.3), at about 22 minutes into the race, I mentally gave up on the race a little bit. I definitely could have kicked harder but part of me wasn’t in the mood.

photo 4

After I crossed the finish line and saw my runkeeper splits, I’m not gonna lie I had a mini Shalane style fit on the grass. But once I snapped out of it and told myself to suck it up, I went ahead and grabbed some free Chia Bars, Yasso Greek froyo, core power and some ice tea mix. It always amazes me how the finish lines of 5Ks have more foods than some marathons.

Official Time – 23:07

Place – 356/10,001

Gender – 27/5,001

While I still feel frustrated about mixing up the race day, I’m happy that I was able to keep the pace I did on tired legs. If I could get over my own mental hump, I think I have a half marathon PR in my future.

Weekly Recap – 70.3 Training, or something

This week I finally added spin class to my training and I gotta say, I’m loving it!

I thought it would be forced type of relationship sort of like swimming, but I actually look forward to my spinning days. I still haven’t tried it with Spin shoes since I often run to work and would like to be my only pair at home for my bike.

It helps that I also found a studio that is not only basically 2 minute elevator ride from work, but also offers a 45 minute lunch class. The lunch classes are fairly empty with really nice instructors and I’m enjoying the added mix to usual runch!

Swimming on the other hand is becoming more and more of a stress factor for me. I used to enjoy swimming and find it almost relaxing on these hot summer days. That is until I found out there’s a one hour time limit at my triathlon.

Suddenly, my slow and steady approach might not be enough. I might get disqualified within 1 hour of an 8 hour race. I thought I could rely on my biking and running strengths, but I guess a triathlon is really not something you can do and have a swimming weakness. You can be an average swimmer, but you can’t be a terrible swimmer and still participate in a 70.3.

I’ll still try but I’m also accepting that it will be a fight for the first hour.

Weekly Recap

Monday – 16.2 Miles – Ran to work 8.1 miles 7:54 pace and ran home from work 8.1 Miles 8:23 pace

Tuesday – Spinning Class 45 minutes (about 17 miles) which I guess I went a little low resistance on the hills, Ran 8.1 home after work 8:16 pace and even went for a late night swim for about 20 laps (1,000 Yards) in 27 minutes! I guess swimming longer is cutting some times of my shorter swims

Wednesday – Fake rest day. Swam for 40 laps in 55 minutes! I did use fins for some drills which is why my time is faster than usual.

Thursday – 8.1 Mile Run to Work 7:37 pace and 45 minutes of Spin of about 15 miles.

My pace for running to work really surprised me because I really had to drag my feet to get myself out the door and not take the train. Maybe it was my super light shoes? Or this amazing light breeze.

Weekly Recap (1)

Spin on the other hand felt a little bit more difficult, not sure if my legs were tired or just the fact that I kept the resistance higher. I love how after Spinclass, I get an email with these stats that I have no idea how to use. And the tacos I had for lunch in case you’re wondering were indeed awesome.

Weekly Recap (2)

Friday – 13.1 Mile Run, 8:02 pace. This run was almost completely flat, but I found myself struggling between the heat, and probably general exhausting from the week a bit.

Weekly Recap (5)

Saturday – 7 mile Trail run with a friend as a very easy pace. 13:50 pace. I could tell my body was tired because this easy pace didn’t feel as easy as it would at other times. I could also use a new pair of trail shoes

Weekly Recap (4)

Sunday – 1 hour swim about 40 laps (2,000 yds) and 90 minutes on the trainer. I don’t use my garmin on the trainer so I went by a steady effort. Either way, the 90 minutes on the trainer seem pretty easy after hills and sprints at spin class. My swim felt easy for the first 30 laps but the last 10 I kept swallowing some nasty pool water.

Weekly Recap (3)

It’s a smile of determination or maybe I’m drunk of chlorine water


MS CAPE COD – 175 mile ride

On a whim, I signed up for the MS Bike Ride that consists of 75-100 miles on Saturday and 75 miles on Sunday! Which is about 25 miles more than I ever biked before. I’ve done 50 miles once last year and it took me a while. I’m nervous and excited to be trying something so new and challenging and yet under a supportive environment with some of my coworkers. My fundraising page is here if you want to donate to MS research and assistance! It’s a really great course and I’m excited for this weekend regardless of how far I make it before the too slow people bus catches up to me.

Catching Up on 70.3 Training – Weekly Recap

I always wondered why blogs get quiet whenever someone starts training for a 70.3 or full Ironman distance triathlon. Well, wonder no more. Because, while there are many benefits to cross-training, and this crazy sport, it is definitely not easy.

I feel confident in running. No matter how miserable and tired I am, I know to a certain point I can slum through a marathon at this stage in my running life. Now, I need to take this confidence and autopilot skills to master two new skill sets – cycling and swimming and apply them to endurance.

So, the reason I’m not blogging as often is because I’m either working, or training… swimming, biking, running, or thinking about when I’ll have time to do either of the three with a small core workout added in at least once a week. And when I’m not “training,” I’m eating. Seriously, jumping between three endurance sports disciplines leaves you hungry. I’m either stuffing my face, or wondering what’s the next thing that I want in my belly.

Now don’t get me wrong, it sounds like I am complaining, but I love it. I thrive on new challenges and while I am having some struggles:

1. Swimming

2. Having safe places to bike

I know that come that day in September when I’m swimming 1.2 miles, biking 56 miles and running 13.1 miles, I will be grinning ear to ear. Otherwise, why bother? It’s all about the fun, even if it comes with some struggle

When did my training begin? I would say the week of June 2nd when I made the ugly and embarrassing return to the pool.

Weekly Recap 6/2 -6/8

Monday – 10.5 miles on the Charles at 8:05 pace, 6.5 miles trail at 13:15 pace

Tuesday – Nothing

Wednesday – 7 Mile Run Incline 3, 7:54 pace;

Thursday – Nothing

Friday – Nothing

Saturday – 25.6 crazy trail miles for a crawling pace of well over 14 minutes


Sunday – 20 minutes Core + 1,500 swim in 45 minutes and 20 pulls on the diving board

what I look like swimming

Weekly Recap 6/9 -6/15

Monday – 20  minutes core & 8.1 mile run home 7:57 pace from work

Tuesday – 7.1 Mile Run incline 3, 7:48 pace and 40 minute spin class (~15 miles) at Healthworks on buddy day

Wednesday – 8.06 mile run to work 8:05 pace and an evening swim session, where the person who I was sharing my lane with took pity on me and tried to teach me how to kick. Not sure of the actual distance since it involved fins and lots of kicking.

runmute home

Thursday – 8.1 mile run home from work 7:54 pace

Friday – Nothing

Saturday – 13.1 Mile run 8:05 pace in the blazing sun
& 30 minute spin class at the Y that was absolute wreck. Look at what they used for a cooling system!


I was dripping in sweat and I wasn’t even moving, I had to walk out 30 minutes into the 1 hour class

Sunday – 1,550 yds swim  + 45 pull ups in 45 minutes, 45 minute ride on my trainer

biking trainer


Overall, I’m trying to add swimming and biking to my routine and keep my running miles around 50 per week. Some weeks I miss, but I’m hoping it will all work out.


Do you have any summer goals? Training for anything special? 

Transitioning into Racing Flats & Skechers GOMeb Speed 2 Review & Giveaway

My evolution of running shoes started with Converse and ended in Skechers GOMeb Speed 2 shoes. How did I ever get here? Why was I ever running in Converse?

Well in college, I was still in my teen angst anarchy RAH RAH RAH phase and everyone knows that the only way you can rage against the man is with a pair of Chuck Taylors. Nevermind the fact that you’re raging against the machine in a brand owned by Nike at that time. Let’s ignore that part altogether.

So when a friend asked me to go for a run on the Charles my senior year of college, I put on the only pair of shoes I had at the time. It didn’t get me very far, but I did make it out the door.

I will not get into an argument about minimalist vs. maximalist shoes since I am not an expert on everyone. However, I know that for me personally, I’ve found great benefits in alternating between racing flats and my more cushy shoes. The cushy shoes, I’ve been using for long runs and marathon racing, while for treadmill and shorter races, I’ve been using my lighter Skechers.

I know, Skechers? Who even knew they had running shoes before Meb won the Boston Marathon this year.

Actually, I have to confess I did. I first got introduced to Skechers when I won 2nd place at the Malden 10K in 2013. So for about a year, I’ve been playing around with these guys as people gave me weird looks when I told them they’re Skechers. I don’t know why, but runners can be so judgmental sometimes.

Skechers Go Run 2

So when I saw Meb win the Boston Marathon in almost the same pair of shoes as I was training in, I felt vindicated at last! If a professional elite runner not only wins a race, but also achieves a life time PR, the first thing you look at are his shoes! Suddenly, my running friends had an interest in what I had to say about Skechers.

Okay to be honest, Meb was actually running in a model that won’t be available until Fall 2014, but he used to run in my shoes.

How did Skechers go from the crazy Spice Girl platform shoes, to Meb? Well, from what I heard. A bunch of smart people from some of the other large running shoe brands had some ideas, but change is always hard to push. Skechers Performance Division on the other hand was looking for a way to become more competitive in the running shoe part of the business, so they took these individuals with their new bright ideas and let them go for it!

So when I had the opportunity to test out the Skechers GoSpeed Meb 2, I couldn’t wait!

When you take them out of the box the first thing you notice is that they are incredibly light.

SkechersGoMeb Speed 2 (3)

I thought the bottoms looked super funny, but I think that’s what keeps them so light and bouncey

SkechersGoMeb Speed 2 (1)

The Good

  • Super light at 5.6 oz while still being supportive
  • Independent circular GOimpulse sensors for a more responsive running experience
  • M-Strike Technology™ promotes a midfoot strike
  • New printed nearly seamless mesh fabric upper – A little cold for me in the winter, but feels great in the hot humid summer
  • Resalyte™ Midsole – Proprietary lightweight injection-molded compound with memory retention helps absorb impact
  • Dupont Hytrel™ Stability plate in midfoot for a supportive and secure run
  • Seamless interior with microfiber lining maximizes comfort
  • 4 mm drop

And they’re just so pretty!

SkechersGoMeb Speed 2 (4)

The Bad

  • They run a half size too big. Not completely a bad, but just be aware when trying to figure out your size. I usually run in a size 7, but it ended up being too big. I then tried a size 6. It fit, but would feel tight once my feet swelled in the heat. Finally I tried a size 6.5 and it fit perfectly! Skechers was kind enough to work with me until we found a size that works for me.
  • Shoe laces kept untying until I triple knotted. I didn’t have this issue on my old pair, so maybe it was just a fluke
  • Nothing else, I absolutely love this shoe. I wouldn’t use it on a trail or gravel road, but a paved road or treadmill feels great!

Transitioning to the GoSpeed & Benefits

The first time I put on minimal shoes, I ran 2 miles before my legs felt awful and my calves wanted to die. Yes, the girl who runs 20 miles on a whim, felt drained by 2 miles.

I actually put the shoes away for about 2 weeks before I tried to give them a second chance. The second time around, it didn’t feel as bad. I got through 2 miles. The next time 3 miles. Since I run both outside and on the treadmill, I kept these for treadmill runs. Eventually, I was running my hour long runs without any problems. I can’t even imagine doing tempo runs in my heavier shoes anymore.

  • Start out slow – My speed was about 30 seconds slower per mile
  • Start out less time – You can do mileage or time. I started with 20 minutes, moved to 30 minutes and now I’m up to two hours with these shoes
  • Alternate shoes – I found that running in flats puts a little more impact on my skeletal mass, so I use other shoes for recovery and trail runs.
  • Racing flats initiate quicker turnover and studies demonstrate that lighter shoes reduce energy costs up to 3 percent! So a marathon that typically takes me 3:30 to do can be cut to 3:24! When seconds mean a PR, I’ll take a few minutes
  • Closer connection to the ground and form. If my running form starts to fall apart, I feel it right away and make sure I correct my running posture.

Overall, as it’s getting hotter and hotter each day in Boston, I’m falling more in love with the shoes.

SkechersGoMeb Speed 2 (2)

And because they’re so awesome, I get to give a pair to one of my readers! Entry will be open until Saturday. Sorry, US residents only.

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Ferry Street Food & Drink – Malden Date Night

Tony and I like to try to keep up with all the new dining options that are opening up in Malden. It used to be easy, since quite frankly, there were little to none options. It’s pizza or pizza. However, it seems that now amazing restaurants are opening up all over the place in our own backyard. Last night we decided to check out Ferry Street Food & Drink.

We heard there’s free bar snacks from 5-7. Since the MBTA has been awful lately, I decided that I’ll have better luck running home. So runmute it was! It’s about 7.3 miles to my house and I like to end on a round mileage, 8.1 miles in under 64 minutes, proceeded by the fastest shower know to women kind.

photo (1)

From the office to a dress in under 70 minutes! Take that orange line, I know you can’t beat me. Don’t worry, I didn’t run in Toms haha.

Ferry Street Food (5)

When we got to Ferry street, we had the option of sitting at the Bar or table. We decided that since it was fairly slow and it was just me and Tony that we would grab a seat at the bar. The place was going for a gastropub type of vibe with exposed beautiful woodwork and license plates from the owner’s grandfather’s house.

Ferry Street Food (3)

The restaurant was opened by a husband and wife team that graduated from Johnson & Wales and wanted to create an establishment that felt like they were entertaining guests in their own home. When we got there at 6:50, the place was a bit empty, but definitely picked up by 7:30.

Ferry Street Food (4)

Our bartender/waitress was a delight! She was friendly and patient with all my beer questions. They had a ton of draft, can and bottle options ranging from local to the region, to domestic and I think a few international. Tony and I started with some free bar snacks that reminded me of Granada and free tapas back in Spain.

Tony got a Mystic Saison Renaud and I got Jack’s Abby Hoponius Union as we split some olives and house pate. 

The one thing about the menu was that there was no light options or vegetable sides. So Tony and I decided to split an appetizer and entrée.

We started with the meatballs glazed with Texas style BBQ over cheddar grits. OMG, why has this never been done on the east coast before?

Ferry Street Food (1)

It was absolutely delicious and I probably would have eaten the whole portion on my own if I didn’t have to share.

The dinner menu is short, but all of the options looked good. I think it’s seasonal and will probably change, but right now you could get a burger, braised rabbit, roasted chicken, pork sandwich, fish of the day and steak. For our entree with chose that fish of the day which was fried trout.

Ferry Street Food (2)

The steak fries were made fresh of course and had a nice little kick to it. The trout was fried up. Unfortunately the pickles were sweet and I prefer kosher dills only but the coleslaw more than made up for the pickle disappointment.

There was a dessert menu, but we were stuffed enough that I couldn’t imagine eating any more.

Overall, we had a great time at Ferry Street. I do wish they had a vegetarian option because as much as I love my fried food, I like to try to get some nutrients on the side. However, we’ll definitely be returning there for the meatballs and grits app! Or maybe just some beers and dessert next time.


Can you keep up with all the local restaurants in your area? Try any place new recently?

Eugene – Oregon – Only the cool kids try to sneak into a track field

When I told people I’m spending an afternoon in Eugene, Oregon I either got a “why” or just a confused blank stare… with the exceptions of a few.

My brother, whose is also named Eugene and wanted to visit a city that shares his name.

And any running nerd friends out there; will know Eugene for its collection of elite runners. It is after all known as Track Town USA thanks to Nike.

So it is with no surprise that between me and brother, we had to make it a pit stop on our road trip.

Our first order of business was to find a brewery… because if California is known for wine, then their friendly neighbor to the north has the beer corner.

Eugene Eugene

We stopped at Ninkasi Brewing Company and immediately ordered one of everything!

Eugene Oregon Brewery

Which of  course left us starving. We hit up yelp and found a Korean place about half mile away. Since we have been sitting in the car for several hours. The drive from Crater Lake is long one, we decided to walk.

Eugene Art

The area was absolutely adorable with a Yoga place, some tasty looking bistros and cute little houses with little micro farms and wild flowers.

When we finally got to our destination, we realized it’s also a burger place. Korea food/burger place? Interesting combo, but Yelp reviews don’t lie? Chingu Burger Lovers, okay we decided to go for it!

Eugene Korean Food

I got the bibimbap, a mixed rice with veggie dish. My brother got brave and ordered a burger. Tony ordered a beef dish and we all ate happiliy as Who Wants to be a Millionaire played on TV. After being on the road for a week, it was our little home from home type of feel. TV and Korean take out. All that was missed was a couch.

After stuffing our bellies, I decided there’s no way we could leave for Portland without a visit to University of Oregon…

Eugene Hayward Field

I don’t know what I expected, but a field under bolt and lock was not it. Maybe Galen Rupp doing 400m repeats? Or the ghost of  Prefontaine? Either way, after walking around the field and looking for a way to sneak, or squeeze onto the track, i gave up and settled for a photo by the gate instead.

I wish I could say that one day I’ll be back to compete here, but we all know I’m getting too old and am far too slow for these dreams.

And with that, back to our car we went for our next stop was Portlandia.


Ever been to a city with the same name as you? I would love to find the city of Liana out there.

Weirdest food combo? This burger Korean place is only beat by Kosher pizza/Chinese take out combo I always see in Brooklyn. 

Capital City Marathon Race Recap – Your worse is always someone else’s best

I’ve been avoiding this recap, because aside from feeling disappointed in my time, I also acted like a big baby.

Olympia marathon wasn’t on the calender and it wasn’t on any plan. However, when I was going for a west coast trip, I thought let me surf through the marathon calender and see if I can book a new state while I’m out there. Nothing close was available on May 11th when I was in San Francisco  but I was able to find something in Washington about an hour south of Seattle around May 18th.

When I first looked up reviews for the races I almost passed on it because of some negative feedback; however, after consulting with the marathon maniacs who’ve ran in the past, I was all aboard the Olympia Capital City Marathon Train. I was told on a side-note that it might be hilly, but I shrugged it off and just went about not training for two weeks. I was on a vacation after all.

So being on vacation and all, and recovery from injury after Cox Marathon, I ran a total of about zero miles in two weeks since my last marathon. Fine, I was what you may call tapering…

So on Saturday morning, the day before the race, I decided to do a little shake out run of about 5K at the hotel.

Everything felt good and I was good until that afternoon. We were driving up the coast of Oregon to Olympia, a little out of the way scenic route and came upon Ecola State Park.

Ecola state park `

Not being content enough with this view alone, we decided to hike up and down a cliff for about 2 miles to reach this beautiful beach.

Ecola State Park

Just to discover that after all that hard work and effort, that like with all things in the U S of A, the only real reward you get to many hikes, is a parking lot at the end. Yup, we could have driven, but it was a beautiful hike. And unfortunately for my quads, we had to make the hike back 2 miles to where our car was. Racing against unset, needless to say an evening 3-4 mile hiking before a race was not what you may call a taper.

I woke up with sore quads.

But wait, that’s not all.

Hotel Drama

So I booked my hotel a few weeks before the race using Hotwire. I selected four people and was able to get a Hilton Double Tree. So we check in, with four people, just to discover four people one bed. Yup!

Nothing like a little hotel drama, at 10PM, with a 6AM wake up call for a marathon in the morning. The hotel was booked up and the only thing they offered was to bring in to cots into the room. Making the mobility in the room down to zero.

I’m pretty sure our layout was a fire hazard. I ended up tripping over a garbage can, banging my shin so hard that it hurt for 2 weeks afterwards!

Oh and I forgot to mention this, but the cots they brought over for us, were unmade so the boys had to make their own beds. They were thrilled!


Plus for some odd reason the hotel was also out of comforters. So many fails on so many levels between Hilton and Hotwire, that I’m pretty sure it will have to be a stellar deal for me to ever use either again, particularly if I’m racing in the morning.

By the time all was said and done and everyone had a place to sleep, it was almost midnight and my shin was raging. I don’t know how, but I did get a few hours of sleep before my alarm went off. I was fortunate enough for get the bed, while the boys were camping in our fancy hotel room.

Race Morning

Because of all the hotel drama and getting in late, I realized I didn’t really have much of a breakfast plan. The hotel breakfast wasn’t opening until until later, so instead I grabbed one of the infamous Double tree cookies, about 350 calories. If there’s one thing my body has become good at, it’s being highly functional on sugar!

As far as races go, it’s a relatively small one. About 300 full marathons, a little over 1,000 half marathons and 500 five milers. I’m pretty sure you could register day off. I signed up two weeks before and it ended up being $100, which I thought was a little costly for a local race but not too bad in the grand scheme of scams that marathons can sometimes be.

They did have an expo, but I ended up picking up my bib morning of the race.

Capital City Marathon

It took a total of about 30 seconds to get my number, my swag bag with the correct sized shirt! Most easiest day of race bib up ever. The race shirts were awesome. It’s a white long sleeve, with half zip that can cover up your neck a bit if it’s cold. Awesome ware to add to my winter running.

There was a Starbucks on the corner that had no problem letting me in, but if not I had plenty of portajohns in the park square.

About 5 minutes to gun time, I kissed Tony goodbye and went to go find the starting line. At 7AM the gun went off for the single wheel chair marathoner and about a minute later, the rest of us on foot.


Within 5 minutes of the race, I learned what all the locals already know. Don’t trust the weather forecast. If it says it’ll be 50s and rainy, chances are it will drizzle for a second and then end up being sunny and beautiful mid 60s before it’s even 8AM. Yes, I was the odd girl out wearing a long sleeve while everyone ran in singlets. Just stamp a giant out of towner New Englander on my back and we’d all be set.

The first five miles weren’t too bad and I remember running through some beautiful water front areas with ships. For about 5 miles or so, I kept a fairly comfortable 7:30 pace with the lead women pack. I laugh thinking how great I felt.


Then the rolling hills started. Up and down, up and down, but it mostly felt up and up and up as we ran along some country roads. I saw a few dead snakes, unfortunate road kill, and a one that looked alive and well. Boy, was this city girl out of her element. I screamed at the first dead one where the guy looked at me like I was crazy. And yes, it was mostly a tiny garter snake too.

photo 1 (2)

photo 2 (2)

It’s a little strange to see empty roads, but it’s exactly how I imagined paved country roads to be. Although in my mind, they were always flat.

I don’t know at which part, but for a while, about 10 middle miles before the final 10K, I was on a slow autopilot of about 9 minute pace.

photo 3 (1)

I finally got some flatter miles and just before I got to0 happy, the final leg of the race started and I took a turn for being a brat. The last 10K was misery. I have officially allowed myself to become my own worst enemy. I was hot, the shaded of the country roads disappeared, and for some reason every time I wanted a drink, there was no water stop in sight.

I made the mistake of taking a Gu and running/walking 2 miles before I could get water. I was getting whiney. Questioning myself and my abilities. This was the first time in years that I felt so empty. This will also end up being my second slowest marathon besides the 2012 Boston.

I tried to remind myself of all the reasons to smile. It’s a gorgeous, hot as balls day. And I’m so happy to be out and running/walking/enjoying it. And most of all so lucky that I can go out, travel and run/walk a marathon on a whim.

124325-235-027h (1)

We ran by the Washington Capital building, which was beautiful and the only real architecture I remember seeing.

With a little more whimping and trying to talk Tony into walking the final few miles of the race, I reached mile 25. And for once, it really was all downhill for there! I ran, ran as fast as my little short legs can carry me.


And before I knew it, it was over. The pain and battle, a distant memory where nothing matters but how soft the grass felt and how great the glory of my bling is.


I was so happy to be done!!! Done! Done!

Instead of plastic water bottles that would generate landfill, we each go a reusable one with one. Although, I’m not sure where I would have went to refill it. After crossing the finish line, I immediately saw pizza, as I went to grab one, I was told to keep walking, that food for the runners is in the park. Oops, i interrupted a volunteer lunch break. But hey, after 4 hours of running, and no real breakfast, I was like a raging lion.

After grabbing my medal, first thing I did was go and sign up for massage. I was told I had a 15 minute wait, so I went to go lay on the grass for Tony to find me. Grabbed some food, then realized it was time for my massage.

I have to say, that was the best massage possible. My quads were killed between the hike and race. My massage therapist spent about 25 minutes on me and I felt like a million times better afterwards. Almost good enough to go run another 26.2 miles!

The post race fuel was plenty. They had snacks and a table of pizza that never ended. I get a few vegetable slices and a cheese. The vegetable pizza was the best! I also go some watermelon, a hard boiled egg, some potatoes! Serious, the food options of this race made me feel like I was running an ultra! I wonder if other west coast events are as awesome?

capital city food

So to sum up


  • Massage tables
  • Post race food options
  • Easy day of pick and up registration
  • Awesome race shirts
  • Great organization – everything was easy!
  • FREEEEEEEE race photos


  • Lonely – few runners, and few spectators that I felt like I was running alone
  • I like running in cities more than rural highways, but that’s a personal preference
  • To be honest for the weather and the race fee, I could have used a few more water stops

Overall, despite disappointing performance, Capital City Marathon was a great event and if I was local to the area, I would come back next year for some serious redemption.

Official Time: 4:10:50

Place: 121/281

Gender: 35/113

Division: 5/15

Capital City Marathon Results

TARC 50 Miler Pre-Race Thoughts

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been fairly quiet about the distance elephant in the room.

I signed up for the TARC 50 miler January 1st as soon as registration on ultrasignup opened up.

Sure last year was a disaster for me, but this year is a new course in a new location with a 7AM vs. 7PM start time. I learned that my choice of light really sucked last year. Luckily, I won’t need it for more than an hour at most this year.

What I did learn was that the new course, at Hale reservation, unlike the familiar and super runnable Weston course, will be hillier and more technical. It’s about an hour from my house, so I never made it out there to research or train.

My training during the winter was nonexistent as the trails were iced over near my house. I ran roads, but barely hitting the mileage I’m used to.

My training during the Spring was unmotivated at best. I was focusing on some new job responsibilities so double long runs on weekend were put to the end of the list of things I mentally wanted to handle. O and the fact that it snowed here well into April didn’t help.

So yea, lower mileage, no double back long runs, and I hit the trails for a total of three times since last fall will probably not helping my case.

And worse, an injury a month before the race. My knee was hurting a little bit at the end of May. I self diagnosed myself with runner knee, took a two-week break after struggling with it for a week and am now back to my perfect running self. However, this also left me with several weeks where I barely hit 30 miles. I’m happy to be back and healthy, but losing the peak of your training to injury isn’t a strength.

I debated DNSing

I was going to cheer on my friends and not even bother running. I had a few slower marathons that left me discouraged.

Then I convinced myself that I’ll only do one 25 mile loop to check out the course.

Now I’m all in. I have 7:45 hours to one loop before I start my second one.

What I do have on my side:

Incredible support from friends and TARC volunteers on the course… I have never ran a race where I felt more taken care of than at a TARC event.

A 15 hour limit which equates to a an 18 minute mile pace.

I’ve “raced” a good number of marathons this season ranging from a 3:22 to a 4:10 across the country – New Orleans, Little Rock, Atlanta, Boston, TARC 50K, Providence, Olympia, Burlington.

I’ve done a lot of things I didn’t think were possible for me.

I ran a 3:24 marathon after training on 4 hour-long 20 miler training runs which included breaks on my living room floor wondering how I can ever go on.

I ran 28 miles in 6 hours on snow and ice with barely a long run in training.

I ran a 50K in the summer heat while as usual being under trained. My first 50K which I regret to never have written about.

I will add a 50 miler to my accomplishments, I know I will.

Go On

National Running Day – Deals & Giveaways

It’s one of the only holidays I celebrate, National Running Day. If you have never ran before, try it today. Five minutes is all I ask. It doesn’t even have to be half a mile.

Normally, I sign up several marathons on this day since there’s always deals too good to pass up. However, since I went on a bit of a marathon binge this Spring, and a half Ironman in the fall that was pricey, I’m going to have to exhibit some self control. But you know what they say, it’s not over until the deal expired. So instead I’ll share what’s on my rader.

National Running Day

Rock & Roll Marathons & Half Marathons – I know we all have our opinions on these events, between the price and the circus it creates. But try as I may, I always half a blast and today the prices are actually reasonable, at least for the marathons. Up to $20 off most of their race registrations

Sparkly Soul Headbands – Is hosting a giveaway. I’ve actually never owned one, so maybe today is my lucky day?

Timex  For every use of #IMARUNNER on National Running Day, Timex will donate $5, up to $20,000, towards the Boomer Esiason Foundation’s Team Boomer program.  Individuals who contribute content via the hashtag #IMARUNNER will also be qualified to win Timex® IRONMAN® watches. I could really use one!

ProCompression Socks – Not really a national running day deal, but still a good one. 50% off all socks with the code “JUNE”

New York Event – Sometimes, I really miss living in Brooklyn with all my heart. Besides my family and friends that still live there, there’s always something cool going on like this “singlet mixer” or NYRR handing out some free stuff.  The New York Road Runners will be set up at East Drive and Grand Army Plaza at Prospect Park from 7am to 10am and at Pier 2 on the path at Brooklyn Bridge Park from 5pm to 7pm. At each spot, they’ll be passing out free water, free five-borough bandanas and free National Running Day bibs.

CitySports – 20% off with code RunDay on select running gear. Not the greatest, but if you’re going to buy something anyways, might as well use it.


That’s all I have for this morning but I’m going to keep updating this post as I check my email for more deals so come back later and check!



What are you doing for National Running Day? I’m running! I might buy myself a little running present too… maybe.