Why I blog….

Let’s face it, I try but my updates are getting less and less frequent. I’m just feeling a bit tired and worn. My commute and work keeps me pretty busy that when I get home, I don’t really want to plug into my computer right away. Maybe I’m getting old. Or this triathlon training is keeping me moving vs. sitting. If only I had a talent for blogging and running at the same time. 

Also, I hate being repetitive. A lot of topics that go through my head such as running in hot weather have been written up by me and every other individual who spends all day dreaming about running. It’s repetitive and boring to me.

Not helping my blogging laziness is that I’ve also become a huge fan of Instagram. I started this blog as a organized method to share moments in life and I hated facebook usability with photos. Instagram solved it so if you miss me, I update a lot of Instagram from the boring and mundane, to my favorite fur bag of bones, and yes all the food photos you cringe at seeing.

Also, let’s face it, I am not going to be a writer of the year anytime soon.  If I ever write a grammatically proper post, you know I’ve been hacked. I’m also am never going to become a professional blogger. I know some people can sustain an income and that’s great for them, but I know where my skill set lies and it’s not this. I’m also pretty sure that if i had to devote 40 + hours to blogging I would go insane.

However, I enjoy it. I’ve enjoyed blogging since my teen angst days with xanga, deadjournal, livejournal and all between. It’s my soap box without intentionally asking for an audience. It’s there for me, but if someone wants to read it too, even better. It’s a hobby for me, and I use it for joy not obligation. 

What this blog is/will be about:

Weekly Recap – it’s not a page hitter but I like having a summary of my weekly training reflected on. Sometimes it will be a week or two late but I don’t keep a hand written log so this will have to do.

Race Recaps – these are my favorite posts to write. I like the structure and I like to reflect on what I got out of each race. I may race more often than the average Jane, but I still like to think each race is special whether it was a struggle or a PR or a new state.

Travel posts – I love traveling so these will mostly be a collection of food photos, photos of myself and random things that catch my mind. No it’s not exactly photographic prodigy work, but it’s snapshots that I want to save, consolidate and share in one space.

Boston events and restaurants b- similar to travel posts but will revolve around something I thought was either fun or really terrible in a Boston.

Reviews – I do occasionally write reviews. It’s another structural post that I find relaxing to blog about. Some are compensated, some are with product only and some I paid with my own hard blood and sweat of the working class white collar order. Either way, it will be a product I loved and find useful in my life. I turn down tons of reviews, so unless it’s a product I am loving and can share one with readers, I generally pass because I just don’t have the time. If I’m posting, it’s a product I love and or a small or big company that I want desperately to succeed.

Randomness –  Friday 5? Things I love? Things I hate? And just random posts in between probably means I found myself with an extra hour or two and felt like updating the blog.

So there you go, an update. And yes, I’m about a week behind on my weekly recap post.

5 thoughts on “Why I blog….”

  1. I really enjoy your blog, and I don’t care about the grammar. The content is important to me. So don’t completely stop. 🙂

  2. Don’t worry about being repetitive. Your perspective on a common topic may be just what someone needed to read.

    I’ve also still got a livejournal account that I keep locked down to friends only. I use it now mostly for an RSS feed – although I do occasionally write there about non-fitness related aspects of my life.

  3. So much of what you wrote really resonated with me. My season hasn’t been going well for training, and even worse for blogging, and I’m seeing brand opportunities blow by (while being snatched up by others) while I’m not posting.

    I have to remind myself that blogging is a HOBBY, ABOUT MY HOBBY.

    Also, I wanted to stop by at give you an ‘attagirl’ because I’ll like your blog writing regardless, and the things you’re focusing on are why I read (maybe not so much the local stuff, though).

  4. Yep, you wrote this same post which I would have written, had I bothered to sit down to write it! For the most part I would rather spend my time riding and running than writing about them. And, yes, I’ve also become a huge fan of Instagram. Nevertheless, I’ve enjoyed your posts here, so keep up the good work!

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