No rest for the crazy – Ultramarathons and Training Recap

Well… so I spent all summer long training and finally completed my first (and probably only) half iron man. Although, I wasn’t too thrilled with how I performed on this race, I couldn’t sit and dwell for too long because I still had plenty to look forward to in the fall.

That’s right, once tri-season ended for me, I’m full swinging into ultraseason!


The season will conclude with Stonecat 50 Miler. A 12.5 mile looped course that I’ll be prancing around 4 times. Before that, I’ve scheduled a few fun events.

10/4/14 Somerville Homeless Coalition 5K (Maybe PR maybe not?)
10/5/14 Cambridge oktoberfest 5K (Fun run in costume for this gal)
10/11/14 Hartford Marathon (Hoping for sub 4)
10/12/14 Newport Marathon (Hoping for a sub 1:38 for the first half since I’m competing in the triple crown and then just a finish for the second half)
10/26/14 Ghost Train 30 hour race (I want to hit 50 miles)

Granted, I don’t have as much time as I would to train for the 50 miler, but I think I have some good runs scheduled in. I’m doing my first ever back to back marathon weekend! And the beauty of Ghost Train is that it’s a timed event and my whole goal is to get to 50 miles even if I take a nap in between and crawl through the finish line.

So how did my first two weeks post half ironman go?

Week 1

Monday – 5 Miles 8 minute miles on my home treadmill because I wanted to run on tired legs

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – 10.1 Miles 7 Miles during lunch at 7:36 pace that felt difficult on incline 2, and 3.1 miles at 7:44 pace with Nike Running club

Thursday – 6.2 Miles 7:35 Pace

Friday – 6 Miles 8:15 Pace – Slowed it down a lot

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – 20.2 Miles 13.1 Miles at 7:28 Pace for Boston/Revere half marathon and 7.1 extra miles in the evening at 7:53 pace

Total Miles – 47.5 MPW Still working on recovering a bit, but ramping up the miles felt good!

Week 2

Monday – 10 Miles I wanted to start with a double long run

Tuesday – Rest is the hardest day of the week for me

Wednesday – 10 Miles; 8 minute pace;  Runmute from work to home with a bit extra


Boy does it get dark early these days!

Thursday – 13.1 Miles 8:14 Pace; Runmute from work to home and hit a few more stop lights than I would like!


Friday – 3.15 Miles 7:06 pace If I can’t run long than I’ll run fast

Saturday – 15.1 Miles 7:58 pace Wanted to go longer but was short on time


Sunday 11.2 Miles – Two part of misery. Ran 8.1 miles to Boston because I was volunteering at the Jimmy Fund walk. Was actually trying to fit in 9-10 miles but it was 82 degrees, humid and I felt terrible. 8:58 pace when all was said and walked. Did 3.1 Miles extra in the evening at another slower but tough 8:58 pace. When I got home, I was covered in dead bugs because it was just so muggy outside.

Total miles – 62.55 MPW I’m surprised that even with the longer runs, my pace with the exception of Sunday is going pretty steady.

8 thoughts on “No rest for the crazy – Ultramarathons and Training Recap”

  1. Running is not something that I have done much in the past so I’m trying to figure out how to get that good jog going at the right pace. I think I try to overdo it with speed and I end up hurt of stopping after a short time. Those are some great miles that you have logged this week.

    1. Yea, I highly recommend going on easier pace, even one that feels too slow to get comfortable going a specific distance. Speedwork is easier to add in later and prevents more injury since you’ll have a stronger base.

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