Thanksgiving – and lets be frank

I really hate being cliche and while I’m not angel enough to think about how lucky I am every day, I do think about it every once in a while outside of Thanksgiving. So no, I don’t think we need to do our annual recap of why we’er thankful! Just know that I am.

Instead, I treasure the four day weekend us 9-5 cube dwellers get so rarely! Some of it was spent with family, but I have a confession to make. A lot of might have been spent watching Gilmore Girls. I am mid season three, that’s how productive I’ve been…

But in between I did read a book 😉


It only took me 10 years, but I finally finished Da Vinci Code and while I thought it was great at points, I felt disappointed by the ultimate conclusion.


Actually thanksgiving was great! We had enough pies to eat per capita at the party


And the actual meal was pretty awesome too, even if I do at times worry about the conditions of the slaughtered turkeys.

After Thanksgiving, I set my alarm for 5AM… yes, I don’t really participate in Black Friday crazies, unless it involves social media.


Well the above was totally worth it! Assembly Row, the new outlets near my house had an Instagram contest every hour starting 5AM. Post a photo of something you see at the outlets and it could be yours. I’ve been stopping and drooling at the Le Creuset outlet pretty much since it opened!


Even Tony and Jack are thrilled. look at Jack’s thrilled face.


I also stopped by the Banana outlet and got this sweater that I’ve been living in ever since. it’s the warmest thing I’ve owned in a while. Who needs heat, when you got this this!

But don’t worry, we supported some local business too!


Checked out Tooba in Melrose, cause you know 5AM slopping needs refueling.


And while Jack didn’t get anything new; he has rediscovered his winter palace and heated bed… Winter has truly came.


And we got another member of the household. Ninja pro!  My magic bullet knock-off is on it’s dying breath so it was time for an upgrade. And now we get to live off Acai bowls.


And the best part of the weekend?

I went for a run!


FOUR miles! In no pain! I don’t think I’m fully ready to get back to running, but it’s giving me hope!


Slumbrew is thinking of hosting monthly 5K runs in 2015, so I went to it out on Sunday.


There is joy in the world again.

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving – and lets be frank”

  1. I totally smiled the whole time I read this because it sounds like you had an amazing weekend and going for a run made it that much better. I read The Da Vinci Code back in college, it wasn’t a bad read, we had to read it for a class so it beat a lot of other options for college reading. I think we have a Le Crueset store here too but I’ve never been in, looks like a nice black friday haul and breakfast!

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