Making a return, the weekly recap post injury

That’s right for the first time in weeks, I am excited to bring back the weekly recap!

Why? Because I am finally feeling good. Hitting double digit runs isn’t leaving me gasping for air and I have officially hit 50 miles this week!

Monday 3.25, 24 minutes 7:23 pace followed up by Bodypump & core for 75 minutes at Healthworks

Tried Body Pump for the first time and feel a little mixed about workouts with body bars and the load it puts on my shoulder since it’s separated and all that fun stuff.


Tuesday Tabata at Healthworks


Lots of cardio in there, but yet still left my muscles feeling like Jello through Friday.

Wednesday 10.1 Miles, 1:24, 8:19 pace Felt nice and light


Ending the year on a run… because I can.

Thursday – Yea, I did nothing… it’s how I start the new year.



Friday – 6.71 miles in the Fells with a friend at an easy get lost and look for trail markets pace followed by some road running 7.4 miles at 8:06 pace


The trail high… priceless


Saturday – 12.2 Miles 2:00 about 9:50 pace on relatively easy trails.


My friend and I joined in midway at the GAC Fatass 50K where I ran two 10K loops with one tiny hill in a loop. I wasn’t sure how far I would run since I was there with a friend so kept an easy pace in case there was time for more miles. Either way. I was happy to be around company and trails.

Sunday – 11.15 Miles, 1:31, 8:09 Average Pace


It snowed, it rained, and it turned into a beautiful slippery sludge by the end of the day so I took the run easy until I would find small bursts of cleared sidewalk.



Total Mileage – 51

Reflections– Lots of trail running this week which is a bit unnatural but I had the opportunity to run with friends. Also the trails were still clear of snow, which is like unheard of January in New England, so I had to take advantage.

I am still working on my 2015 racing schedule, so stay tuned!


How was your weekend? Any days off? I had Thursday off and worked from home Friday allowing for some flexibility in daylight running hours!

3 thoughts on “Making a return, the weekly recap post injury”

  1. Here’s to being back at it! Looks like you are feeling much better and off and running. I am slowly working my way back into running after hurting my back. Cheers for happy miles in the New Year!

  2. Welcome back :). I work from home every day and love the flexibility although I have set hours so I can’t just do what I want. Plus I typically run with friends or do workout classes and those aren’t during my regular work hours anyway. I’m glad you got some quality miles in this week and got to spend them with friends. I love BodyPump but I’m not a huge cross training fan, would rather run than do HIIT or other classes.

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