2015 Goals and How I will Achieve Them

Ahh a new year, as everyone is stumping on the graves of their New Year’s resolution, I decided to make take another approach.

Instead of just listing things I wish I would do for the next or current year, I decided to add one course of action that will help said goal. So here goes:

1. Eat Less Processed Food – I’ve become too dependent on food trucks and frozen meals for lunches,Β 

  • Make at least two home meals a week that I can use for leftovers. Hey, everyone starts somewhere

2. Break 1:30 in a half marathon –

  • Tempo Runs at least once a week at 7 minute pace working up to 10 miles

3. Get three new states for 50 States marathon collection

  • I got Fargo already planned for ND, contemplating Chicago for IL and one more to complete

4. Add strength to my workout

  • Attend a tabata or strength class once a week at HW

5. Break 20 minutes in a 5K

  • I’m hoping the half marathon tempo runs will assists in a measly 3.1 mile run

So 2015… I decided that instead of looking to break new distances like I have in the past, I want to focus on being injured free, and gaining speed. I’m too young to plateau yet!


What are you 2015 goals and how do you plan on achieving them?

6 thoughts on “2015 Goals and How I will Achieve Them”

  1. You can so break 20 minutes in a 5K! I also need to eat less processed foods and focus on getting more healthier fats and protein into my diet, fewer carbs and junk!

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