Weekend, porches, music, graduations!


And from the crickets on my facebook and instagram… there’s only one answer. Since Wisconsin, I stopped running. And to be honest, I’m enjoying a bit being lazy. I’m targeting a scary bike trip at the end of June and I’m trying to mentally prepare myself for me.

As far as my PF? I’m seeing little improvement, proving that whatever made my PF angry, running wasn’t the problem. I did give PT the old college try and it’s just too deep in my heel to get enough relief. I have a doctor appointment on Friday where I want to discuss a cortizone shot in more seriousness as I really think it’s a better option for me right. I want to make a dirty joke in regards to how lose my calves are after all my foam rolling, but I’ll end at that.

As for other life… it’s getting kinda warm in Boston now, so running is a hell like less tempting. Instead, I’ve been enjoying the normal days.


The cats, always the cats are happy to see me around the house more. They don”t like like they care, but I promise, these furbags totally care.


Tony graduated with his Master of Accounting and I promise his gown is not leather… just black with weird arm flaps.


On Saturday, Somerville held it’s porchfest!

As the name implies, PorchFest is an event where musicians in a variety of genres–from rock and blues to punk and hip-hop, to name a few–play outside throughout the city. It’s completely free and with well over a hundred acts slated to hit various stages, there’s pretty much something for everyone.


FullSizeRender (9)



I do promise that these photos look totally better in Instagram…

A few bands really did steal the show, including this Ways and Means Committee as we all blocked up traffic, but come on cars, get with it, if you’re not a bike, you should just skip Somerville!



How was your weekend?

One thought on “Weekend, porches, music, graduations!”

  1. It looks like you had a great weekend and porch fest looks fun. I love that you have a Somerville there because we have a Summerville here in SC :). After Boston and your trip, you probably needed a little break from running anyway, but I hope you can get the PF healed up soon! Sucks that PT didn’t work and you might have to resort to the shot, but hopefully that will help it.

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