Last Second Gifts for your Favorite Runner under $20

Twas the week before Christmas and you scream o shit, I haven’t ordered a gift. Luckily the Amazon slave elves are working away and thanks to the prime employees, you still got time to pretend you planned weeks in advance.

As always, I recommend stopping by a local running store if you have a chance. Instant gratification and all. Its also nice having a running store near by in business and not another bank or Sweetgreen chain.

But it is less than a week, and work is busy and humanity is tough to deal with so if you sneak off a few amazon orders, I won’t judge.

Fun Arm Sleeves! $19.99 as you have to buy them separately – Cause races start at crack of dawn and crack of dawns tend to be cold

2019 Desk Calendar $17.99 for your daily dose of reminding you to take a run

No Limits Medal Rack – $39.95 – Okay, not in the under $25 category but it can hold up to 60 medals and I want one because the medal rack that i once tried to make on my own is still sitting in my old house’s basement or in the land of crafts with good intentions but failed efforts land

When your legs get tired, run with your heart tags $10.99 – no real reason why you need these besides when you’re panting with your hands at your knees wondering why you’re doing this to your life, you can look down at your shoes and smile with your heart

Lock Laces $7.99 – nothing like a PR killer when your shoe laces untie because you didn’t double loop your rabbit ears – here’s a solution
Lock Laces (Elastic No Tie Shoelaces (Hot Pink)
Drying Inserts for Shoes – $14.97 okay I don’t know if these actual work but I’m going to try them but rain or shine, a race goes on
Balega Socks $9.99 These are currently my obsession since my feet suddenly decided they want to sweat like balls (or so I imagine) and blister with other brands. Also, Amazon has the lowest price I’ve been able to find. Although sometimes the run specials of buy 3 get one free at expos and running stores
Need more ideas? Check out prior lists I’ve made
Want to splurge and treat your runner? Ask them what their favorite shoes and shoe size is. Or a race they want to run. Or better yet, running is nice, but a spa gift card for a massage is also never wasted šŸ˜‰
Mizuno Waver Riders – Size 7, A marathon in Maine, o and I love Etant spa in the south end, but who’s hinting ;).
Happy Holidays and Happy Running!

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