All About Liana

Runner – Eater – Dasher — Diner — Traveler–Napper – but not a writer so excuse my typos and comma (or coma) abuse

All questions, comments, love confessions (or hate) can be directed to LianaRogueMedia at GMAIL dot com.

10 thoughts on “All About Liana”

  1. I’m giving you the Liebster Award for you to cherish forever – until you pass it onto 5 others as per the rules of the award. As an extortion technique, I will force you to see my post today for details!

  2. Hi Liana! Just found your blog through Girls Gone Sporty. You seem amazing! I’ll definitely be coming back 🙂 plus when I saw that your favicon is a CAT, I knew I’d found someone good! I looove cats:)


  3. I love the pictures and your blog is inspiring me to run more. Would love to take the trip to Machu Pichu. I have been hiking around New Zealand and that was awesome.

    1. Thank you! Machu Pichu and Peru was one of the most amazing trips I’ve taken.

      However, I’m so jealous of your New Zealand hikes! I would love to check out New Zealand =( Wish it was closer.

  4. Omg! The cat! In a coat. On a walk. So cute! I found your blog through another blog I read and now I’m following your running journey. You are one speedy runner!

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