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Back to Running business

As my holiday came to an end I wasted no time in getting back to (running) business.

Tuesday 10.5 miles broken up with 6 for lunch and 4.5 after my slow stretch and strength class.

Today was the same 6 during lunch that felt difficult and draining with the humidity on full blast in the gym.  I went in the late afternoon after everyone worked out so the sweat of all others was fully in the air!

I’m excited for the half marathon in Providence at the end of August and wish it was sooner as I get a little depressed without racing.  I would race Tony but he just gives me a dirty look and says no.

Since I have nothing introspective to write, I’ll entertain you with pictures of what I ate (last) Wednesday since this Wednesday its less picturesque.

Arugula, shrimp and weird coleslaw from the cafe!

My favorite “cooking” creation as of late – quinoa . rainbow of chopped peppers, sprouted tofu with sesame oil and lots of red pepper

Mango and spinach coconut milk protein shake; try not to like it, I dare you!

And yes I have to confess, Georgetown cupcakes is as amazing as everyone says it is. I’m not a cupcake type of gal (cookies are my true love) but this pumpkin baby held my heart for the hour.   It just opened up on Newbury so feel free to check it out!


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July 4th is a special day… not only is it America’s birthday but it’s also Tony and my anniversary and we all know what’s more important!

This year Tony took me out to Salts, a French influenced contemporary American restaurant.  Their own organic farm is located in Canterbury, New Hampshire and I’ve been salivating over photos of their food since I read about it a few weeks ago in a foodie mag.

We started with the highlight of the meal!

Just kidding!  While we waited for our app, the waitress brought over this soup that was a mix of roasted peppers and mushrooms!  So good.  The plate is so big and crazy though.

Next came our appetizer!

Bergamot Cured Ocean Trout that they split between two plate so Tony and I didn’t have to fork it out on who can eat faster so we could eat more.

All for the main course?

All mine!  Just kidding, this was the roasted duck for TWO… or just me on a long run day. Luckily for Tony I only ran a 3 miles that day.  It was perfect, crispy on the outside, soft and juicy on the inside!  I ate the apple herb stuffing and turnips in seconds and then I progressed to the beast.

They carved the duck for us and this is what the plate looked like for each of us.  We almost cleaned it and I thought we did a great job on the duck… that is until I turned around and saw there was still more than half of it left.   We did call it quits and took it to go.  A perfect dinner for later in the weekend.

Tony is hard at work there.

We were too full for dessert but the waitress brought these over with our check and how could we say no to free cookies

Yup, I guess we weren’t as full as I thought we were.

Quality price I pay for always forgetting my camera but I guess memories are memories even in all blurry forms.

One of my favorite dinners with my favorite guy!

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On Saturday, Tony and I had our first party at the new house, our house.  We were celebrating his Dad’s 75th birthday.  We debated how to go best about serving food and in the end decided to make it ourselves.  Tony made two types of humus (from chickpeas and black beans), as well as Italian roasted fries, buffalo chicken, turkey and hamburgers.  I on the other hand stuck to what I know, produce.

I stopped by the farmer’s market on Friday at Copley and brought those cool rainbow carrots, chives, and cucumbers which I forgot to use!  My first task was to cut up some veggies for the humus.  I picked celery, yellow pepper, zucchini, those yellow Sunkist tomatoes.

Next came the salads

Baby Spinach, Red Onion, Orange and Red Pepper, Sunkist Tomatoes, Celery & Dill dressed in an Olive Oil Vinegar mix

Then I got busy on my current summer addiction!

Baby Spinach, Orange & Red Peppers, Tomatoes, Red Onion, Dill, Chickpeas, Goat Cheese drizzled with a little bit of Olive Oil

And ended with my favorite Russian Salad!  I’ll share the recipe but for now all I’ll say is that it involves pickles!

I wish I had pictures from the party but once the guests came I was too busy making sure things were up and running to be a paparazzi!

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Well for one I can’t say it’s the most fun I ever had but I didn’t give up.

11 miles 1:40 average pace of 9:05 which includes a 5 minute break of stopping by the house to refill on water and splash my face like crazy.

I kept a good 8:30 pace for the first 7 miles and after that… well it was the run 9 minutes walk 1 minute of getting myself to hit 11.  The heat just drained me.  Every time I stopped, sweat poured.  I guess that was some motivation to run.  If I ran, I didn’t feel the sweat.

I started the run at 6:15PM when I thought the weather would drop and wind would pick up.  No such luck.  Luckily I skipped my huge snack I have at 5Pm and only had fruit.  Had I had my yogurt and granola before the run… well it might have been less pretty and sweat would not be the only thing I was dripping.

I knew water was essential. I also knew that I could not finish my run on just one bottle so I planned my route with a stop by home.  Sadly unlike the winter times, Flynn ice skating ring is closed and so is my usual water/bathroom stop. I used one Nuun tab (lemonade flavour) to keep some electrolytes and I think it worked great.  I got hot and tired but never dehydrated.  No horrible cramps like the ones I got from Gatorade during the Boston Marathon.

After the run it was finally time to refuel!  Best part about hot weather, I’m finally not cold.  Being cold is a common theme in my life and I’m usually too cold to have smoothie. However, not today!

Russian Green Smoothie – Plain Kefir, Baby Spinach, Frozen Mangos and cold water (I would have used ice but I had none).  I added some protein because I’m pretty sure I ate almost none today aside from my breakfast.  We’re a little behind on food shopping in the Run To Munch household.

Jack Agreed that it was way too hot for anything

The rest of the running week is going good so far.

Monday – 6.1 miles 54 minutes 8:51 pace at incline 3.  I could have pushed it faster but I felt I should take it easy after running 10 mile son Sat & Sun.  It was nice for a run to finally feel easy again, or maybe the treadmill incline is broken which happens often.

Tuesday- Cross training on the elliptical for 6.25 miles – 34 minutes.  I wanted a quick sprint afterwards so I did 2.32 in 19:23.  I did the class at the Y except it was like a 200 degrees in there so even the instructor didn’t really want to do anything other than sit in child pose.  I have a whole rant about how much the Malden Y sucks but I’ll save that for another time.  I have to confess though, I still haven’t swam once yet this summer since joining.  Even though I brought a swim cap and a speedo…  one day… one day.

I finally used my stove this week after living in the house for 2 weeks. There’s only so much leftovers and take out I could live off.

Masala arugula & veggies with rice and beans for meatless Monday.  It might not be Julia Child, but I love my arugula.



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So I didn’t get the coveted Reebok invitation for a fitblog conference in their Boston headquarters.

I guess writing about your undying love for salsa isn’t exactly fit or blog worthy.  So before I take my sorrow out into a bag of Tosititos and a jar of Chichis, I had my own conference to go to.  A tax conference!

I won’t get into the specifications of the exciting world of state nexus, and income repatriation but, I’ll share the eats.

The conference was hosted at the Sheraton in Needham, MA.  Aside from being in the middle of nowhere west of Boston, it was a nice hotel.

Breakfast was fruit, cereals, pastries, and these awesome egg whites with cheese and spinach whole-wheat wraps.

Lunch was a salad, some white fish, and I don’t know what the stuffing in the chicken is but I want more.  Please?

They gave us too many options for dessert so of course I had to test taste them all


It was an all day conference so I had to stay focused somehow

I know you’re jealous, don’t lie.

Upon reviewing my food options, I guess I can see why I’m not invited to health conferences.  No worries, I got a half marathon tomorrow!  It’s all about the carbo loading.. Sugar is carbs, I’m good.

What was also cool was that one of the presenters managed to use this picture in a slide… and they say tax accountants have no sense of humor.

And the best part, the swag!!!

You always need the duckie!  As for the golf ball… that will have fitness use.  I intend to massage my pain in the butt sciatic nerve with it.

Hope you all had a great Friday!

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I eat things like this:

But worry not, it has all my favorite things, turkey balls, leafy greens, goat cheese and salsa.  Power salad when I’m too lazy to wait for anything that take’s longer then 4 minutes of microwave and 1 minute of cooling to prepare.

But first a catch up on running… but first the charity case… please vote for me Team Refuel

A few workout catch up since Monday.

Tuesday I had an amazing run… really.. 7 miles at an avg pace of 8:02 on a treadmill at incline 2.  I have proof!

Wednesday I had a less than fabulous 6 miler at 3 incline barely making it at a 9 minute pace average.  I was going to quit this run at each half mile mark after my first 2.5 miles but somehow through lots of sweat (the gym was super humid) I walked/jogged it through  while chugging water.

Today and Friday I am taking off from running to taper for Twin Lights Half Marathon on Saturday.  I googled my competition (yay for races that post all runners names and their goal times) and I have my eye on the age group award.  I would say gender but the ladies in the 30-40 age group are beyond my league!

So today I banged out 12.5 miles on the elliptical while watching Glee and Don’t Trust the B- in Apt. 23.  I didn’t intend to stay on the elliptical for that long but I really got caught up in watching Don’t Trust the B… it’s really witty!  Ever since I got Hulu Plus for my phone, me and the elliptical have been getting along.  The treadmill has no place to my phone so I usually stick to podcasts for running.

Now for the latest running inspiration:

Amazing, makes me feel quite petty for my minor aches!

Onto other things like food:

Can I mention that on Tuesday, Tony made the best turkey Tacos ever:

He’s on a cooking streak this week and I got no complaints!

 Now since its my turn to cook, I need to think of a good & easy recipe to make with the leftover riccota cheese from arancini made the other night.  Any suggestions?

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Happy Seis De Mayo! I personally don’t think I ate nearly enough guacamole for the occasion.  In fact I had none because I might have gobbled up my avocado before it could be mashed.  O well… At least I had nachos.

It’s been a rough running weekend.  I thought maybe I’ll redeem myself today or maybe I’ll change my blog’s name to Whine to Munch.  I had a happy 7 miler in sub 58 on Friday just to be followed by a rough 5 miler that made me miserable on Saturday.

Today’s run had some good and some bad.  I did make it for a total of 11.5 miles outside with a few solid sub 7:50 miles when I was on a running path.  I still feel a lot of discomfort in my left leg but I grinned and bared it long enough that I got used to it.  I am still excited for my half marathon in Gloucester this coming Saturday.  I hope this will be a huge 13.1 PR for me.  I know I’m at a much better shape than I was October 2011; I just hope my left leg realizes that and quits it whining.

Anyways enough about the running and whining.  I know I should just relax.  Let me legs fully rest and move on with my life for a few weeks past running.  Maybe June will be the time for that.  Good thing I had other awesome things to keep me happy for this weekend.  Awesome things = me with a sore icky throat.

It all started on Thursday when I accepted Tony’s offer to ride his scooter home at night before its faster than our lovely mass transit.

Red Baron & Rogue is our new name, don’t wear it out!  Also needless to say the little faux Express leather jacket I wear is there to be seen and not to keep me warm.  Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

On Friday night, Tony and I had a date.  It would have been an almost free date but I love my beer. If I could get paid to consume chocolate and beer with lots of running, I could live a very happy life.   Where can I get hired for that?

We used a Restaurant.com coupon for Kingston Station.  I’ve always gotten drinks there but I haven’t tried their non-liquid foods so I was curious.

Some random grease face.   My zits are like dead celebrities, they always come in 3s!

Tony ordered their burger and I ordered a Tuna salad.

I forgot to order the dressing on the side but I was pleasantly surprised by the light oil dressing just the way i would have done it.  Tony’s burger was okay.  The truffle fries which I heard were a hit there were disappointing.  Too much cheese not enough flavor.

Once our bellies were full, we made our way to the Orpheum Theatre downtown to see Human Nature.  I got a pair of free tickets from Yelp Elite group and figured why not check ’em out.  What’s Human Nature?

Well, its four Aussies covering Motown songs.  And they were really good!  Really good.  Good enough that I sang my little Russian Girl immigrant heart out to the Temptations, the Supremes and other Motown classic band covers.  It was amazing!

On Saturday I was going to wake up early to volunteer but all that singing wore me out and I did not make it out of bed until 10:30.  Luckily I still made it just in time for the Chili Cook-off at Community Servings. In case you’re curious, Community Servings is a not-for-profit food and nutrition program providing services throughout Massachusetts to individuals and families living with critical and chronic illnesses. Every Saturday volunteer session comes with some awesome new friends and lunch!   They’re awesome!

Now I know this plate will look gross…

 But, if you combine all four chilies they make an even better chili!  I was going to participate but I ended up singing Motown classics instead.  I make a pretty solid vegan chili but it takes me about 8 hours to make it and I didn’t feel too safe leaving my stove on while I slept.  Since I forfeit by not participating, the Great Chef won!

I guess his was pretty good since it did run out first and there were no leftovers.  The runner-ups were no fallen soldiers either as nothing went to waste.  I even got to take home some of the leftovers.  Mnnnn chili dinner.

There was a small street fair/party in the park next door and I almost had a heart attack when I walked into this lady:

Saturday night I celebrated Cinco de Mayo with Margaritas and some friends.  A lot of fun that killed the rest of my voice.  I really felt the pain on Sunday when I felt like my throat was cleaned with a razor blade.  I think I consumed at least 10 cups of tea today.  But finally my throat feels better!

Now that I almost never go out to loud bars or concerts anymore, I always feel like all the excitement and screaming kills me.  I’m turning boring!

Also a big heart felt congratulations to all who ran Cox Providence Rhode Island Full and Half marathon.  You’re all awesome!!!  I can’t wait to read all the recaps.

At 3AM last night (I know really past my bedtime) as I was getting ready for bed, a large part of me wished I was getting up in 3 hours to go run a 26.2 mile race.  True runnerd thoughts.  I even woke up at 6AM but I guess I wasn’t too sad when I rolled over and went back to sleep.

What did you do this weekend?  Did you have a race this weekend?  Did you get to go out and eat anywhere yummy? 

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