My Running Favorites – Nuun Giveaway!

Missed me?  Well I’m back!  I’ve been away running some races, and visiting many grand national parks in the west.  I have a gratuitous amounts of photos to share but first I’ll treat you with a giveaway from one of my all time favorite products!

I’ve been fortunate enough that for the most part I don’t have too many issues with long runs with the exception of one thing.  Hydration!  I’m not really a fan of drinking plain water unless it’s bubbly (not a great combo for running).  Flavored sports drinks like Gatorade make me sick.  I’ve only felt really awful during one race and it was a race I decided to drink Gatorade.  So needless to say when I tested out some Nuun during last year’s 2012 Boston marathon, I was a bit skeptical.

A year later, Nuun has yet to fail me and I probably wouldn’t survive summer running in Boston without it.  Even national park hikers agreed as I was able to quickly find some in the Grand Canyon Market!

Nuun Giveaway

You add a tablet to water, wait two minutes and instead electrolyte hydration ready for you!  The taste is mild, but there’s lot of flavors to pick from.

And now lucky for you, I have either one 4 – pack of any flavor or 1 of each new flavor to giveaway!

Oh, you want to know how to win? Of course you do. It’s easy. You have until Saturday night, May 4th at midnight (EST) to enter, and I will announce a winner Sunday or Monday. U.S. residents only (sorry). Please leave a SEPARATE comment for each entry.  

1 entry – Leave me a comment telling me your favorite nuun flavor. Mine is strawberry lemonade.

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Good Luck!

March for Muscles – Designer Whey Review

As someone who runs… well lack of better of words a lot and lifts none (does my garmin watch count as a weight?), I don’t have a lot of muscles.  Intense cardio (tempo runs) tends to be catabolic. The main goal is to break down and burn fat and while the body has no desire to use protein during a run it will try to break down the muscles, not as much for an energy source, but to lighten the load.  A way to prevent that is to try to refuel with protein and carbs after a good workout.

So when I was given an opportunity to try out some Designer Whey products, I jumped right in.  As I get more serious with my running goals and ambitions, I need to take my refueling more seriously

Designer Whey BundleProtein 2Go
I have to confess, getting protein into my diet mid-day can sometimes be a struggle, especially after a workout when my stomach can barely handle water.  On weekends when I am home, I usually make a smoothie; however, weekdays are a struggle.  I am lucky enough that I get to run during lunch and I often re-hydrate with Nuun for electrolytes but I know I need something more substantial for nutrients.  Protein 2Go have been a perfect solution.  There’s three flavors lemonade, mixed berry and tropical orange.  Lemonade has been my favorite, but I like to switch it up between the three.

Designer Whey Protein2Go

Each packet, similar to one of those crystal light packets, is mixed into 16oz or so of water and has about 50 calories and a few essential vitamins as you can see in the nutrition facts below.,

Designer Whey Protein 2Go Nutrition

Designer Whey sent a vanilla shake and a chocolate shake and unfortunately I wasn’t a fan of either.  I thought both were very sweet and my palette prefers more mild flavors.  I also felt like I could taste the powderness of the milk or whey or something.  However, I also don’t like milk and that is probably why I’m not a shake type of gal.  When I make my own smoothies or shakes I use coconut or almond milk.  However, they are only 100 calories, 18 grams of protein, and when I was in a hurry and had to drive to meet up for a lunch right after a 20 miler, I refueled with one.  Yes I was going for lunch, but that was 30 minutes away and I needed something in my stomach ASAP because 20 miler hunger don’t care to wait for a waitress, table or service.  I did find that compared to other on the shelf shakes, it was smoother and tastier but not something I would really use regularly.

Designer Whey Shake

Protein Bars
Okay, I found my new addiction and it’s these bars.  They taste like candy and yet I can slowly munch on one all day at my cube.  One bite satisfies my sweet tooth until the next hour.  For those that work at a desk, I’m sure you know the munchy cravings that we battle all day.  And unlike other bars, they don’t have that “whey aftertaste” if you know what I mean.

Designer Whey Protein Bar

Yea, let’s ignore the fact that I am eating literally on my desk.  I know I’m gross.  There’s three flavors triple chocolate crunch, chocolate caramel crunch, & peanut butter crunch.  They all taste great but the chocolate caramel crunch was my favorite.  Each one has 170 calories and has 10 grams of protein.  In my quest to eat a ton a day, I went through the bars pretty fast and I have a feeling Tony might have stolen one or two so I tried to find some in store but had trouble.  Instead, once again Amazon can to my rescue!

Protein Powder
It’s been a cold and brutal winter and I haven’t been craving smoothies to the extent I do in the summer.  However, every once in a while I still crave a cold, protein filled green smoothie.  Designer Whey protein powder comes in seven flavors and I got to try two: white chocolate & french vanilla.  I don’t know how they knew that I would be obsessed with white chocolate, but there was no convincing me to like it.

Designer Whey Protein Powder

My smoothie? Mangoes, lots and lots of mangoes, unsweetened coconut milk, current green in rotation – arugula, & white chocolate protein powder.  Perfect way to tap out a lazy rest day.  Each serving of protein powder only has 100 calories but 18 grams of protein.

If you’d like to try out Designer Whey, you should check out the Designer Whey starter kit. They also have a store locator on their website.  To find out more information about Designer Whey, find them and like/follow them on FacebookTwitter,PinterestYouTubeGoogle+.

Do you ever use protein powder, drinks or bars? What’s your favorite flavor?

Disclaimer:  I was provided Designer Whey for the purpose of a review through FitFluential.  I was not compensated for this post.  All opinions expressed here are 100% my own.  


50 Miler Training Week 9 – Recovery Week

As week 9 started, I debated my approach.  I’m all about injury prevention and being miserable.  I’m also all I’m about goals and fulfilling them.  I must confess I was pretty sore.  Hyannis took a lot more out of me than I thought it would.  However, I knew I wanted to keep my streak of 50 miles for that week but  I wasn’t sure how and which day.  My plan was to go for slow, easy recovery miles.

Monday – Recovery
In regular ultra training tradition took Monday as a rest day.  The fact that I was barely walking down the stairs had nothing to do with it.

Tuesday – 5 Miles
41 minute, 5 mile run on probably incline 2 or less.  Things were shaky and I stopped at 5 miles.

Wednesday – 6.5 Miles
56 minutes, 6.5 miles, 8:33 Pace, a little slow for incline 2 but I was beginning to catch up on strength.

Thursday – 5 Miles
The 6.5 miles on Wednesday made me tired so I took it easy, 42 minutes and only 5 miles

Friday – 6.5 Miles
54 minutes for 6.5 miles and I was starting to feel back to normal!  No soreness left!

Saturday – 15 Miles
I originally wanted to do 26 miles.  The weather would have been perfect but I stayed up too late Friday and slept in too long Saturday and such was life.  On the bright side, this was the weekend of running with friends and Saturday started with me and my roommate running about 3 miles (11 min pace) around a pond in my house (once I got some energy).  Afterwards I stopped by home and continued on my way.  The weather was cloudy and my motivation was turning gray just like the sky.  Luckily, I’m an OCD type of girl where I usually do an in and out type of run so when I get tired, my only option of getting home is to run back.  Total running time was 2 hr 17 minutes and average pace in total was 9:07.  Not bad for a girl who barely wanted to leave her house.  P.S. running after eating Cuban food, not the best idea.

Sunday – 20 Miles 
Sunday was what I would call a perfect day.. it started with Dim Sum and ended with lots of miles and lots of friends.  Ran 5 miles with a group around 11 min pace.  I love seeing my friends get excited about running, especially around the part where you get to grow your distance.  After a short pee break (drinking 20 cups of tea does that.) I continued the run with one of the friends and we ran 8.4 miles in 1:08 for 8:05 pace which includes some stop lights.  After my slow 9 minute miles yesterday, I didn’t think I had it in me to run fast.  In fact, during training, I running relatively slow compared to my race times.  I guess I just don’t get competitive with myself.  In fact in the first 3 miles I was struggling to get to an 8:30 pace, so i was shocked that around mile 6, garmin said 8:02.   What shocked me more was that afterwards, I didn’t feel dead.  Running with friends is energizing!  I had a small goal of running 15 miles so I finished 1.6 miles on the treadmill.  As I thought about going for a shower, I felt so great that I decided this weekend deserves a 20-Miler!  Hoped and slowly 8:30-9:15 pace, ran 5 more miles on the treadmill at incline 1.

Total Miles – 58

Total Feelings – I ran 8 more miles than my goal, recovered and felt great!  Hoping to raise some mileage this week.

Choice Organic Teas Review

Confession… I’m a tea snob and a tea addict. My kitchen has a whole shelf and a full drawer devoted to tea.  I’d take a photo but it’s kind of a mess.  There are bags of loose tea, tea bags, and everything in between.  Whenever I go any place new, I bring a box or two of tea back home.  Spain? Came home with 3 boxes of teabags and 1 loose bag of tea. London? Yea I can’t even remember everything I dragged back, let’s just say that Heathrow security looked at me like I was crazy when they searched my bag at the TSA line.

So when Choice Organic Tea offered to let me try some of their teas I of course couldn’t wait!  I got to try Premium Korean Green Tea, Rooibos Chai, Masala Chai and Decaffeinated Green.

The teas I got to try are all individually bagged and come in a box of 16 teas.  Now I generally prefer loose leaf tea but when I’m in a rush, or at work, I work with the convenience of bagged teas.  I feel guilty, but I need the time save and lack of cleaning.  However, Choice Organic also sells loose tea on their website with a minimum quality of about 3 oz at a great price for great tasting, organic tea!.  Most boxes of bagged tea on their site are 4.99 each and with a small discount if you buy in bulk.


Organic Choice Tea

Premium Korean Green Tea – A more mild version of green tea that I’m used to. The tea comes from Jeju Island, South Korea’s “Island of the Gods.” The leaves are steamed, rolled and dried in the Sencha tradition, for a fresh and savory cup. It was great during the 3PM slump at work when I want something uplifting, but not that lifting that I can’t sleep at night.

Rooibos Chai – If you’re not familiar with rooibos, it’s redbush, basically that red tea.  I don’t see it in the US as much as I saw in London, but it’s delicious   Although I’m not a chai kind of gal, I love the mild spice flavor of this tea that I would drink post dinner. This tea blends rich South African rooibos with the finest masala spices for a cup that’s warming, robust and subtly sweet. It’s also naturally caffeine free!

Masala Chai – This tea features malty Assam tea from India’s Brahmaputra River Valley. They blend rich, robust black tea with masala spice for a very spicy mix.  Personally it was a little too much chai spice for me but I’m probably the only tea snob in the world whose not a big chai fan.

Decaffeinated Green – This one was my favorite so I have a lot to say for how much I loved it.

I love drinking green tea but now that I’m old (and by old I mean a full-time working adult), I find that drinking caffeinated tea at night leaves me restless through what should be a peaceful night of sleep.  Instead for evening time I usually go for an herbal tea as I find other decaffeinated teas (way different from natural caffeine free teas) to be disgusting,  lacking in taste and worse of all a chemically aftertaste.  Even another high quality organic tea brand that I love (whose name I won’t mention because this post is not about them), still has the weird chemical tea taste that comes with the decaffeination process.  Organic Choice Teas are “gently decaffeinated using carbon dioxide, the only certified organic method.”  None the less, whatever their method is, it works and I hope they come up with more decaffeinated flavors!


Other reasons to love Choice Organic Teas besides taste:

  • They’re organic
  • They purchase green certified renewable energy certificates
  • They are fair trade
  • They use 100% recycled packaging
  • They promote the growth and development of organic tea estates world-wide and offer a Guide to Organic Teas Around the World

Other flavors that look great and I will keep an eye out in stores are Lemon Lavender Mint, Russian CaravanDecaffeinated Earl GreyGreen Moroccan Mint, and if I keep listing I would be listing the whole website!

And if hot tea is not something you need because you’re in a sunny and hot location unlike the bitter winter of Boston, here’s some Ice Tea recipes I found online.

For more information check out their website and be sure to follow Choice Organics on Facebook and Twitter for discounts and news!

What’s your favorite tea? I’m a huge fan of Russian black tea, & earl gray in the morning, mint and now the decaffeinated green tea for night.

Ice or hot tea? I’m in a constant state of cold, so I prefer my tea hot.

Disclaimer – I received the teas to try through my affiliation with Girls Gone Sporty, from Choice Organic Teas. I was not compensated for this post and all opinions as always are my own.

Under Armour Is My Winter Security Blanket

I’ve noticed  I have favorites.  My favorite treadmill at the gym, my favorite brand of peanut butter, my favorite train car to enter on, my favorite shoes and my favorite clothes.  As I go through editing my photos from some December travel I notice I have one article of clothing that’s prevalent in most of my photos.  Funny, cause I remember my suitcase was filled with clothes, completely that I might have needed to borrow some space from my other half for more clothes to pack. I’m an over packer  but what’s prevalent in all my photos is one shirt, my security blanket, my Under Armour.  As I thought back on when I first got it, I realized I don’t just use it for running, I use it for travel and everything in between.

So here’s a story of my winter security blanket.  I brought it a year ago when I first started training for my first marathon in the dead of New England winter.  Snow, rain, cold freezing bone chilling winds and I was still out there on my long run trying to build my endurance, December, January, and worse of all months February.

In December 2011 it came with me to Paris and London.  Yup, that’s me on top of the Eiffel tower protected in my toasty Under Armour.

It enjoyed the beautiful sunset on top of the Eiffel tower in Paris.  It might have even had a glass or two of champagne, of course I had to drink for both of us.

It spent a lot of nights with me in Iceland in December 2012.  I didn’t run once during that trip but yet my loyalty to wearing Under Amour prevailed.  It was one of the few articles of clothes that i have that I can rely on being there to keep me warm no matter how bone chilling the temperatures get and yet comfortable enough that I can hike a glacier or enjoy some fine dining.

It came with me on my first cross country skiing adventure in Maine in February 2012.  These are flash backs and I can go in non-chronological order =)

And finally for running.  It ran with me during my Derry 16 Miler Race, a fabulous weekend of running where I conquered 37 miles in two days.

It’s the essential ingredient in my winter running layers, but more than that, it’s just essential in keeping me warm for everything.

Disclaimer – Under Armour did not pay me or give me anything for this post.  I purchased the top on my own and just love it that much.  In fact, if someone wants to give me an I love Liana gift for that special month or my quarter year birthday, there’s one in a lovely tropic pink color and there’s only 3 available on Amazon =).

What to Wear for Winter Runs

Running in New England Winters

Today was one of those classic Boston winter mornings.  A fresh layer of snow on the ground, and weather with no hopes of reaching above freezing; however, beautifully sunny. When I first saw the weather, I really had no desire to run.  At 8AM it said it “felt” like 5 degrees.  I decided to skip a group trail run and sleep and wait for the high of 25 to warm up.  That was my first mistake, I let myself get intimidated by the cold.  

By noon the high of 25 was still missing and I decided if I waited any longer I would be running in the dark and with snowy, icy patches forming that would probably be less fun than running in the freezing but sunny cold.

Surprisingly, it was a lot less cold than expected.  In fact I ended with a great run of 21.6 miles at an average pace of about 8:20.  What slowed me down wasn’t the cold but me constantly keeping an eye out for ice.  Luckily I only ran across a few places that made me slide a bit.  The snow on the ground was still there but because it never got warmer, it didn’t melt, and instead of scary ice that could kill me, I had a soft patch of powder to run on most of the time.

Winter Running Layers

Confession.. this was my first or second time running in 20 degree weather.  Last year when I first started marathon training, I opted for the treadmill whenever it hit below 25 degrees.  However, now that I’m training for a 50 miler, with double long runs on the weekend, treadmill is something I would like to avoid if I can.

Second part of the confession was that when I first started to layer, I overdressed myself.  I wore a windbreaker, and flannel pants in addition to everything above.  That got very warm and unbearable after about half a mile when I slowly crawled my way back home to undress.

After a small failure, above is the combination that I found worked for me on the rest of the run.  The weather was sunny and relatively calm winds; therefore, it was not as cold as it could be for 20 degrees.  I started with sock liners, tights, and a tech t-shirt.  Next I added a second pair of thick running socks, and a long sleeve tech shirt from a race.  For my final layer, I wore my UnderArmour Cold Gear long sleeve, hat, gloves, and of course my running shoes.  The links are not exactly what I wore, but similar articles.  The only part of what I wore that is specific is my UnderArmour Mock turtleneck.  It’s soft, wicks away sweat really well and most of all never rolls up like other things I’ve tried for winter running.  I’ve probably worn it almost every cold weekend since last year.

With enough experimenting, there is probably a great way to layer for any run unless you’re a cool cat like Jack.  Winter Cat Walking

Jack and I had a very lovely walk around the house as I waited for the day to get warmer.  He didn’t appreciate it when I told him it’s cold and I want to go back inside.  Clearly he wanted to go running with me but we couldn’t agree on a direction.

The good news, after today, 20 degree runs have become a lot less intimidating.  Now if only I could force myself to wake up early enough to make the group runs.

How to run in 95 degree weather or just hot weather Part 2 of 2

In my last post I argued why running in blistering heat is good for you! In the second part I’ll talk about some tips I’m using or plan on using this summer.
They say in running all you need is a pair of shoes. B As I and every runner out there looks at their closet, we all know that’s not true. B Aside from vanity outfits and fancy watches, every drastic season requires its gear. B I think true fall and maybe spring (not that I know what spring is since Boston goes from snow to 95 degrees) are the only times of the year where I can take my sneakers, throw on any capri & shirt and just go running. B Summer; however, just like winter requires some extra thought before I head out.

Hot Weather Essentials – What I found I need to survive a hot run

1. Water Device – This is a must when it’s really hot. Some people stash water bottles or rely on water fountains but if it’s 95 degrees out there, you should play it safe and bring your own on you. They say you should drink at least 8 oz. of water every one to two hours on your run. Usually that means taking a sip here and there every 15-20 minutes for me. There are tons of options out there! My choice is a handheld. I like how it’s easy access to water at any moment. Only annoying part is I have to carry it.

This one on amazon seems pretty similar to mine. B I like to put my iphone in the side pocket and that works for me. Ultimate Direction Fastdraw 10-Ounce Hand-held Bottle. Tony on the other hand prefers his fanny pack like this Nathan Speed 2 Waist Pack with Two 10-Ounce Nutrition Flasks one. I personally find them a little annoying to manage and the bottles bruises up my hips. Regardless,B get one that you find comfortable and you’ll use all the time. I saw a bunch of them at Marshalls for around the same price as Amazon so check them out there.

2. Electrolyte replacement – I hate to break it to you but no matter what you’re going to sweat and it’s going to be a lot. With the water bottle above you’ll be able to replace some of the water you sweat out but not electrolytes. If you’re going outside for just a 30 minutes run I think you should be okay. Again I’m no doctor or expert but that’s a small rule I follow for myself. For longer runs I use 1 nuun Active Hydration Drink tab.  I haven’t worked up to 20 milers in the summer yet but I think once I get up to that I might use 2 Nuun tabs by refilling my bottle on the second part of my run. They sell the single tubes at running expos for about $5 and running stores for like $6 a tube. My favorite flavor is the pink lemonade followed by the ice tea one. Some people also mix Gatorade or Powerade with water and take that on their runs. My stomach wants to punish me badly every time I go near Gatorade so it’s not for me but others enjoy it. Other suggestions I read was carrying pretzels or some salts packs on you. Play around with different things on your shorter runs until you find some electrolyte balancing method that works for you and use it!

3. Sunblock, Sunblock, Sunblock – Skin cancer is bad mmmkay…. wrinkles are even worse (jk, kinda haha). Either way for vanity or health wear at least SPF 15 pretty much everywhere. I just ordered Neutrogena Ultra Sheer SPF 45 Twin Pack 3.0 Fl Oz from amazon to bring one bottle to my parents house because they have this theory that sunblock doesn’t expire and use some stuff they brought a decade ago. Speaking of which, sunblock expires! Don’t buy a Costco bulk unless you plan on using it all up in one season. While expired sunblock won’t hurt you, it won’t be protecting you either. B If you use coupon codeB SUN58965 on the amazon link you get an extra 20% off. I wear that stuff on my face too but I guess you can buy face specific sunblock as well… I have to admit though I’m one of those girls that in the winter, I decide that the SPF in my moisturizer and make-up is enough, but in the summer I don’t play that game. B Sunblock! Sunblock!

4. Great Socks – For the most part I can run in any type of sock and don’t have issues unless it’s hot and humid. Blisters suck! When it’s humid and hot there’s only so much moisture most socks can take. I know some people bring an extra pair and switch. B I hate carrying things so I try my hardest to avoid that. B I did find a pair by accident and so far a year later it has yet to fail me. I only have one pair and I only use it on race days and long runs when it’s above 80. I ordered ASICS Women’s Hera Quarter Running SocksB on amazon last year and didn’t realize that for $11.99 you only get one pair. However, after the 5 hour nightmare that was the Boston Marathon, I don’t regret it. In the winter I used these Thorlo Unisex Experia CoolMax Mini Crew Sock (I got them at Marshalls for half the price) but I find the thick bottom and top too hot for the summer. B Tony doesn’t have this issue but I guess I just sweat at ton more than the average human.

5. All your other clothes – I have to also confess, I like running in cute silly logos and quote cotton t-shirts and when I go to the gym for just a 5 mile run I still do; however, not for outside. instead when running outside in really hot weather, I look for light-colored, loose-fitting wicking running gear. Technical apparel will allow moisture to pass through them to be evaporated, keeping your cooler and your pores unclogged. Back acne will never be sexy. I buy these tech shirts at target in every colour when they become last season and become half the price. For bottoms as you call tell from my other post, I’ve become quite the fan of searching Marshalls for running skirts (except Fila, don’t get those, they’re funky sizing at Marshalls).

6. Other things that are highly recommended – Sunglasses I hear are comfortable and would probably prevent my eyes from being closed in every racing photo; however, I don’t own a pair and have no advice to give on which ones work. Hats are good too to cover up your dome. Sometimes, but not as often as I should, I wear this white cap I got somewhere. It’s something like this ASICS cap and really helps out on those days where there’s really no shade. Only advice I can give is make sure it’s white. I have a black one from the colder days and I can tell you one thing it’s not good for, reflect the sun.

Now that you have your clothes, socks and most importantly water with some electrolytes you’re ready to go outside!

Hot Weather Running Tips

1. Adjust your speed!B The American Running and Fitness Association recommends that on your first run in the heatB you should cut your intensity by 65 to 75 percent. Then over the next 10 days, slowly build back to your previous level. I’m not sure what that means but I know my race speed is about 7:35 min mile, my regular run speed on my own is 8:05 and when it’s hot I’ve been running between 8:30-8:45 and feeling the burn.

2. Plan Ahead – Make sure you have a way out if you don’t feel well or have a water stop around or store (bring cash). B Carry a water bottle as I mentioned above and I usually break up my runs into 2 smaller loops vs. 1 giant loop to be closer to home in case I need more water.

3. Don’t forget to drink. I know this is repetitive but by the time you feel thirsty, you’re already dehydrated.

4. Acclimate yourself by working yourself up to long runs as you get used to the heat. It takes approximately two weeks of consistent running in the heat and humidity to acclimate to warmer conditions. Indications of dehydration include elevated heart rate during and after your run and dark, golden-colored urine. After your run, keep drinking fluids until your urine is clear. I know I can’t be the only runner out there whose favorite thing to do after a long run is to check out her pee.

Running in extreme weather is risky and while I highly advocate working through this obstacle you should still be careful and be aware of the risks involved. Marathon Guide has this cool chart that I am borrowing for this post.

Heat Stress Risk with Physical Activity
and/or Prolonged Exposure
90B0 – 105B0 Heat cramps or heat exhaustion possible
105B0 – 130B0 Heat cramps or heat exhaustion likely Heatstroke possible
130B0+ Heatstroke highly likely

Check the Heat Index Chart for apparent temperature. This is the number that calculates the air temperature with the relative humidity to determine what the temperature feels like and if there is a risk of a heat-related illness.

Marathon Guide lists theB followingB SIGNS OF HEAT-RELATED ILLNESS

Causes: Loss of electrolytes and accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles.
Conditions: Muscle cramps and/or spasms, heavy sweating, normal body temperature.
Treatment: Drink water and sports drink, slow down, massage affected area.

Causes: Intense exercise in a hot, humid condition and loss of electrolytes.
Conditions: Profuse sweating, possible drop in blood pressure (less than 90 systolic, the top number), normal or slightly elevated body temperature, light-headedness, nausea, vomiting, decreased coordination, possible fainting.
Treatment: Rest in a cool place, drink water and sports drink, if BP drops below 90 systolic, call EMS, avoid activity for at least 24 hours, refrain from running or exercising in the heat for at least one week.

This is a medical emergency!
Causes: Intense exercise in a hot, humid condition, older age, dehydration, obesity, wearing heavy clothing, running in the heat when you have an infection or fever, certain drugs such as amphetamines, diuretics, beta blockers, cardiovascular disease, poor acclimatization, high blood pressure.
Conditions: High body temperature (106 or higher), lack of sweating characterized by dry, red skin, altered consciousness.
Treatment: Call EMS! Rest in a cool place, remove clothing to expose skin to air, apply ice packs or cool water to groin, underarms, neck (stop if shivering).

Other things of interest, while researching hot weather running I found this article from Running Times I though some might enjoy  Myths about running in the heat

That’s all the essentials that I can think of that I use, what are yours? Where do you get them? When I lived in Brooklyn or Somerville, I used to go to stores to buy things but after dating Tony, Amazon prime membership came with him so with free 2-day shipping I’ve become one of those Amazon ordering freaks.

What are your other tips for running in the heat? B Any advice and lessons from the run?

National Running Day!

It’s my favorite holiday! B National Running Day! B I ran today! B After a 10 day break, it felt great to hit the treadmill! B I’ll go more into my doctor/running experience but I wanted to share some sales that are tempting me beyond human levels.

If you’re like me and signed up for races or other email lists I’m sure you’re email is going off the hook with deals. B Some of them are pretty sweet. B Here’s the ones tempting me at the moment.

Rock n Roll $20 off all racesB B – I think I’m going for the New Orleans Marathon for $75 in Feb. B Southwest flies there so bonus points! B I need to use my miles before they go bankrupt like all the other airlines

US Road SportsB B – Only $10 off but their races are a lot cheaper than RnR. B I’m eyeballing the SLC marathon. B It’s around the same time as Boston but I think if I canB re-qualifyB for 2014 I might skip 2013. B I know I want a redemption race from the 2012 failure but I’m not sure when I’ll take it. B Small rant but, I don’t think I actually enjoy Boston compared to all my other races. B In fact aside from the Spartan Race, I think Boston was my least favorite run. Having to take a day off from work and then sit around for 3 hours before running wasn’t too exciting.

City Sports –B 20% off, not sure what I’m buying yet but I’m sure I can find a few things I need.

Let me know if you know of any other deals!

Product Review – ProCompression Marathon Compression Socks

I recently ordered theB PRO Compression Baby Blue Argyle Socks. B There was a coupon floating around for $20 dollars off a pair. B So my total cost was $30 (free S&H) which felt like a steal compared to the $50 I paid for my CEP compression socks (review to follow eventually too).

Why compression socks? B Although I don’t usually fall into the runner trends (I don’t even own a Garmin or heart rate monitor and etc.) the potential benefits of the socks have been making me curious. B Plus I’ve always loved thigh-high socks and this baby blue argyle pattern just screamed out to me.

Doctors will often prescribe compression footwear for patients who have poor circulation in their legs and feet. The compression footwear applies squeezing action to the legs and encourages better, faster circulation. B Then someone got the brilliant idea to market this to runners. B Although this hasn’t been confirmed, the theory is that the repetitive movement of the runner’s legs applies outward force to the blood, or pressure towards the ends of the feet. This discourages blood flow back to the heart and lungs, which in turn affects the rate of oxygenated blood carried back to the legs. By squeezing the legs around the ankles and calves, the blood is helped to circulate through the legs and feet more efficiently.

I won’t go further more into what a compression sock is other than when you open up the package they look small and you can’t just jump into them. B You must slowly wiggle your foot in one at a time like your skinny jeans that are two sizes too small.

The Fit & Feel -B They feel really comfortable and soft especially compared to the CEP socks. B The best part is that it feels a lot less medical and more like a casual sock I can lounge around as I recover. B My one gripe is that I think they run too big. B I am 5ft and about 110LBS and therefore ordered the XS. B My legs might be chunky but my shoe size is only 6.5. B If I roll the sock all the way up, it hits past my knee and feels very uncomfortable. B I think compared to the CEP sock, the XS in PRO Compression although is fitting on foot is much too long/tall of a sock for us 5ft tall trolls. B This issue isB manageableB since the material is not completelyB restrictiveB but would have been an issue if the socks were as tight as CEP brands are.
Upon ripping the package open with my clawsB bare hands, I wore them all over town on Boston Marathon weekend and in secret during the week afterwards at work as my legs recovered.

Sorry kids, this family snapshot of me showing my parents my new house and the ‘hood is the only modeling shot I took. B Next review I promise I’ll have more pictures of the product and myself.

Materials & Ease of care-B PRO Compression socks are manufactured using a unique blend of high-performance materials including polypropylene and nylon allowing you sweat it up. B As with all quality athletic wear they should be washed in cold water and air-dried or machine on delicate cycle. B I personally wash all my workout clothes in cold delicate cycle and just allow them to air dry. B This allows me to own things forever until looking at them makes me bored and the voice of materialism and consumption awakens in me. B These socks are also made in the USA which is a rare thing in this economy so support your feet and support American manufacturing.

Overall -B I don’t know just how ‘compressive’ your compression socks need to be in order for you to reap the benefits but I thought these worked for me. B I liked that they felt lighter and more comfortable than my other pair. B With other compression socks, I can only wear them for 2 hours at a time while with the PRO Compression socks I was able to strut all over town without my circulation starting to feel completely cut off.

I also found that the socks helped with some shin pain I felt after the Boston Marathon. B Although I don’t usually have shin/leg issues (aside from knees) because of the level of walking I did instead of running, my legs felt more shin and feet pain than usual. B I found that wearing the socks helped elevate some of the discomfort while my legs recovered. B Thus I wore them in secret under my pants at work.

I am not getting paid to write this review but all tips (cash and candy) are accepted =). B The coupon code I used was RR20 and here’s the linkB PRO Compression