Running with Bill Rodgers – Boston Running Clubs

I got to do something fun Tuesday night.  Well for one I ran 16 miles in 3 parts of 8 tempo, 3 MP and 5 miles with a certain famous marathoner.

If you’re not a running geek or local to Boston, Bill Rodgers is a somewhat of a celebrity in these parts.  He won NYC marathon 4 times, as well as the Boston marathon 4 times. with a personal best 2:09:27 (1979)!  Rodgers is also the last U.S.-born winner in the men’s or women’s open divisions of the New York City Marathon (my current A race) to date; the two subsequent American winners were born in Cuba (Alberto Salazar) and Eritrea (Meb Keflezighi). It so happened that on Tuesday night, Bill graced one of my running clubs with a short Q&A and a run! However, I’ll get more on that later in the post.

In Boston, there’s no shortage of running clubs with the Charles river in all our backyards. In fact, all you gotta do is pick a day and you’ll still have 2 or more options in different neighborhoods and terrain. I usually stick with two in the Back Bay area. Tuesday nights at 6 with CitySports or Wednesday nights at 6:30 with Marathon Sports. But honestly, almost every sports store from Lululemon to Athleta holds group runs once a week or more. In fact, I know many awesome people that go to all of them!

Most clubs have 2-3 options in runs ranging from 3, 5 or 8 miles and most likely no matter how fast or slow you are, you’ll find someone that matches your pace. I may be biased but I think we’re a quite good looking city whether you run through the streets or on the river path!

As I got to CitySports, Bill was already speaking. He mentioned a few important things about taking rest days & recovery days. He also mentioned pool work which reminded me of a certain runner that hasn’t swam in over 2 weeks. Someone asked him about nutrition but he mentioned that was one thing he was always awful at. I guess that gives me hope for my chomping on tacos before a 12 mile run as a perfect way to fuel up!

I asked him what his favorite speed workout. It’s something I’m always curious about since there’s so many options and I’d like to avoid tempo runs for as many years as possible. Him mentioned 1-4 minute surges. Okay, that seems manageable, and I’ll have to try it next time.

Bill Rodgers Run

We ran 5 slow & easy miles around the beautiful Charles ending my day at 16 miles!

Check out Bill’s new book Marathon Man – My 26.2-Mile Journey from Unknown Grad Student to the Top of the Running World.

And guess what I did Wednesday night?! Swimming! Yup, hearing Bill mention pool workouts reminded me that I was long overdue. After carrying my swimming stuff from home to work to home without once going to the pool for well over two weeks, I made a little detour! At the pool! It was only for 30 minutes, 1,000 yds, but I felt home again! It also helped that the pool had not 1 but 4 lanes open Wednesday night! I would have swum longer but I had a dinner date for $10 chicken parm at Papa’s bar & Grill, my favorite!

and yes my friends, that is all chicken with extra sauce on top!

Do you belong to a running club? Tell me about it!