Meeting Desiree Davila, Shalane Flanagan, Kara Goucher – 2013 Boston Marathon Expo!

Kara & Shalane Meet Up

Speechless! Utterly speechless.  I got to meet for a few seconds the three best female marathoners in the U.S.!! And in 48 hours I get to run in their footsteps. The Nissan people didn’t do a great job controlling the crowd or line or anything but the girls were really great, friendly and patient!  I want to hang out and discuss geeky running things with them and go for a run!

Meeting Desi at Boston

Before meeting Shalane & Kara, I stopped by Brooks booth to see Desi Davila, who unfortunately isn’t running Boston.  She’s still recovering from a femoral stress fracture and I hope she gets better! Desi was second in the 2011 Boston Marathon in 2:22:38, two seconds behind Caroline Kilel of Kenya. I felt like a giant in comparison with her!
Liana Boston Passport

I picked up my number on Friday but had no time to walk around and explore.  This year they did this runner’s passport thing where you get to walk around and feel special.  I got mine sign and wish I thought of the idea when I met Desi but it only came to me when I waited on a 2 hour line to meet Kara & Shalane.  It was 30 degrees outside and like 100 degrees inside, or maybe I was nervous but I got pretty sweaty.  Hope the girls didn’t think I was too stinky!

Jacked Up Boston Marathon

Yea, Jack is ready too.  He can run circles are anyone’s BQ.

2013 Marathon Shirt

This year’s swag bag had a yellow long sleeve.  It will be a nice addition to my blue one that I wear all the time.  I once was running on the Charles and there was a guy running in a yellow BAA shirt and I was pretty jealous.  So glad to have my own!  I thought about buying another one but I decided I’ll reserve my collection for each BQ I earn.

26.2 Bottle Opener

This was also a new addition to the swag bag!  Unfortunately, they cheaped out on adding a magnet, so instead of displaying it proudly on my fridge, it’s in a drawer.

Rocked my way to Boston

I stopped by the RnR Booth and since I BQed on a RnR Race, I got to rock the hat all the way home.  Since it rained on Friday, I appreciated the hair protection.

Boston Expo Swag

Other things gathered for free at the expo is similar to 2012.  Tony was with me and that’s why we have doubles.  Sometimes I hoard free samples but I promise not this time! I probably would have skipped but since I’m going hiking for a week, figured the lara bars are perfect,  Other things that were eaten before I even left was this AHHH Mazing Goji yogurt and frozen Kefir.

Expo purchase

I usually don’t buy things at expos, crowds, my impatience and fear of people usually does that.  However, I’ve been wanting to check out Injini socks everyone loves.  I couldn’t cough up the $40 for the compression socks but these shorties were only $5.  Also Saucony arm sleeves I’ve been wanting for a while and decided it was time to treat myself.  And Nuun because i’m running low and buying them at expos is usually cheaper than stores or online.

Do you ever buy things at expos?

Boston Marathon Eve & Expo

A few apologies for all the typos and horrible ramblingB of my last post. B That was horrible writing even for me (and that’s saying a lot since my normal writing is about as a good as an engineering exchange student). B I was in a rush and wanted to post my thoughts.

I haven’t been taking the smartest steps in the past 3 days. B In the words of my Daily Mile friend:

I didn’t run Friday or Saturday and with the stress of having my parents and their dog visit me, my mind and body was craving a run. B Craving! B A short 3-miler turned into 10.3.

I did make a few smart decisions on Saturday. B I went to the expo early. B Okay, correction I tried to go to the expo early but mixed up the Boston Convention center with the World Trade Center also at the Seaport. B I cursed a little at my wasted quarters in the meter and finally made it to the correct location by 8:45.

Got my number (all the way in the back of the expo since I’m starting never (aka 3rd wave). B It was quick and easy. B Awesome part was that for T-shirts they had XS for women. B THANK YOU BAA! B Nothing angers me more than race swag that doesn’t realize that runners are small and we can’t run in giant snuggys.

The expo was pretty busy at 8:45 and by 10AM it was swamped and I left. B I didn’t have time or patience to play Runner Groupie so I can’t report on seeing any of my runningB heroes or anything cool like that.

The coolest exhibit/vendor was Brooks. B They had a heaven theme. B I’m sorry that me and Brooks running shoe didn’t work out but I still love them. B Those guys always go all out! B I took a picture running with Abe Lincoln and Gandhi! B Super cool! B At the DC Marathon, they had a carnival theme and I got to play skeeball! B If you’re ever at a running expo, hit up Brooks.

I have a real camera I carry everywhere and yet I always end up using my iPhone with one hand out of laziness. B Yes, my goal is to make everyone dizzy with my blurry photos.

I don’t think there was anything too impressive from the vendors. You had your usual head bands and compression stuff B with all the usual running shoe company giants. B I was on a search for a technical version of my Old Navy tank top (I hate having my chest confined because the sweat makes me break out, I know charming, you welcome). B I needed a tank with a pocket but all the ones I saw at the expo were either fugly or were too constraining near the neck/chest area. B I guess I’ll just carry my chomps in my handheld. B Ladies, what are your favorite running tops? B My running skirt has no pockets either =(.

I did wear my new ProCompression socks all day Saturday. B Yes my parents and everyone else around me gave me some looks.

And a funny picture of the Day:

Tony put the Dog on top of Jack’s favorite stumping ground. B Needless to say, Jack was not amused and jumped up to kick Rocky of the bureau. B Yes it’s been fun making sure the kitten and the puppy don’t kill each other while my parents were visiting. B You can see why I was craving that 1o-miler now =).

Time for my charity team dinner!