Making Breakfast More Exciting With belVita Breakfast Biscuits

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and probably my most important meal of the day.  I take my 6 mile runs during lunch and it is very important that after 4 hours of work that whatever I eat lasts me through my workout as well.  However, my breakfast comes with some limitations.  I usually eat it at the office so I’m limited to it either being microwavable or ready to go.

Just like a workout, the same breakfast can become boring and unappealing so I like to switch it up.  There’s only so much toast, or oatmeal one can eat.  When I heard about belVita Breakfast Biscuits I got excited about the potential of mixing them into my breakfast routine.  Plus I was already eating either a small piece of chocolate or something sweet with my tea each morning anyways.  Why not trade it up for something more nutritional.


A few points about belVita Breakfast Biscuits

  • belVita Breakfast Biscuits were created in France more than a decade ago and are the first of their kind in the U.S.
  • Each individual pack has 4 crunchy biscuits and they come in five flavors – Honey Oat, Blueberry, Chocolate, Cinnamon Brown Sugar, and Apple Cinnamon.
  • Nutritionally there are 18-20 grams of whole grains, 3 grams of fiber and 4 grams of protein.
  • Because of their nutritional content, belVita Breakfast biscuits are specially baked to release energy regularly and continuously, giving you nutritious sustained energy all morning.
  • These biscuits are now in 23 countries including France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Portugal, Hungary, Poland, the United Kingdom and no matter where your travels take you, you can look for them
  • You can find belVita Breakfast Biscuits in the cookie/cracker aisle of your local grocery store at a suggested retail price of $3.69 per box.

BelVita Complete Breakfast

So after getting my boxes of belVita to try I decided to play around with some recipes.  My favorite was crunching them into my Greek yogurt with some orange slices and a giant cup of tea.  This was my breakfast before a 10 mile run a few hours later in the day.  I was actually surprised how filling the biscuits are. And if you’re wondering what my favorite flavor is it would be a tie between chocolate and blueberry.

First great impression

  • They’re convenient and versatile! Check out some great ways to enjoy belvita at the end of the post
  • They’re tasty and filling.  One or two biscuits with some fruit, yogurt and tea was enough for my to feel full all morning
  • They’re a great alternative to the boring breakfast of toast, or a healthier alternative to the more sweat granola bars

Some negatives

  • They break!! Often before I even get a chance to bring them home, the biscuit crumbles up.  It works out fine since I end up doing that anyways into my yogurt but I would love to be able to eat them on the run as an alternative snack since they really are filling and tasty
  • I think the serving size is a little too big unless you’re very active (I run a lot so it’s perfect and I’m not trying to lose weight).  They’re 230 calories per pack, that doesn’t include additional calories you would get from the fruit and yogurt.  If you’re trying to lose weight and don’t need that much energy for the first part of your day, I recommend only eating half the packet as it’s really is filling with just one biscuit.
  • Sugar content could be lower.  There’s about 13 grams per serving and if you eat all four biscuits that’s like putting 3 teaspoons of sugar in your mouth.  I think sugar content could be lower, or just eat 1 or 2 biscuits.  I use a biscuit as an alternative to putting sugar in my tea instead.

Other great ways to enjoy belVita

  • belVita Breakfast Biscuits with low-fat or non-fat Greek yogurt and berries
  • belVita Breakfast Biscuits with an orange and a low-fat or non-fat latte
  • belVita Breakfast Biscuits with apple slices and low-fat cheese
  • belVita Breakfast Biscuits with ½ pt carton of milk + banana or pear
  • belVita Pear Tart – Okay not a breakfast idea but a delicious alternative!

To learn more about belVita and where to buy, you can visit their website.

Disclosure: FitFluential LLC compensated me for this Campaign. All opinions are my own

Pretzel stealing meow meow

Friday workout – 55 min 7 miles outside

Saturday – 110 min 12 miles outside

I’m learning that blogging on a daily basis is slightly more difficult then reading blogs on a daily basis.

I got to start Friday of a smoked Salmon Omelet.B Prefect example of diet of a marathon trainer vs. a small cup of oatmeal of a diet of a non-runner.

ImageYes it ended up being a bit overcooked, but for $3 bucks and the convenience of a work cafeteria can’t be beat!B The problem with all you can eat cafe is that you add things like home fries and and a spinach cheese quiche all before making your way out.B I have no idea how I even did that but next thing I knew they were in my to go carton as well.B All is well I grazed on this through most of morning while working before noon time arrived for my lunch time run.

I recent converted from treadmill running (another perk of working in a big company vs. small) to running outside if it was sunny, over 45 and I had 65 minutes to take for lunch.B Plus, my knees have been bothered me from the treadmill so I decided some change might do me good.B You start to learn more about potential pains when you switch your treadmill runs from 7 miles to 14.B I’ll eventually sit down and write about all the things I did wrong for my first marathon training and all the pains I got.B Its amazing how running outside increases you speed.B I made it though 7 miles in 55 minutes, with an even faster time shower afterwards in record time.B

When I got back to work, there was leftover sandwiches, so I grabbed half of a turkey cranberry one that I think was ordered from Pizzeria Regina’s.B I’d show a picture, but I’m embarrassed of how unhealthy it looked (plus there’s only so many food pictures I can take in a day before my coworkers start to wonder whats wrong with me.)B

After work, I came outside to a surprise:ImageI know it hard to see in this blurry picture, but that’s natural small amount of daylight left at 5:30pm.B I can almost see spring on the horizon!

The rest of the evening was low key.B I dug through Marshalls looking for a cut running skirt for my DC and more important Boston marathon.B I brought two I need to test out to see if they’re comfy.B Shopped for cat food, people food and enjoyed some homemade french Lentil soup made by Tony’s mom with this for dessert.B


I hate to say it, but this tastes even better than the pumpkin one I treasured for so long.B And okay I lied, I also had some last remainder of my Cadbury chocolate from London for dessert as well.B B


Do you have a pet? If a cat, what do you feed it?B

My childhood cat passed away at 12 from kitty cancer so I’ve been doing a lot of research in confusion.B So far we are feeding him half a can of fancy feast kitten can food and Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain free dry kitten food.B It’s a bit pricey but hopefully it’ll keep him healthy for many years.

Whats your favorite beer?

Mine rotates, but I think right now its this blueberry smash, if only it came in 12oz instead of only pints!