Avocado Dreaming – #Blendmoreveggies Boston Brunch Tricks

I don’t know how, but one day I woke and toast, warmed up bread, became a trendy thing. Yup, things you ate as a little kid in your pjs because the toaster was the only thing your mother trusted you to use in the kitchen (okay, maybe that’s just me). You know what I never did have as a little kid, avocado! I somehow spent 20 years of my life in vain without this vegetable (or is a fruit?) in my life! Luckily that gets me to my first trick of enjoying avocados!


And yes, writing in CAPS always makes it that much tastier. Seriously, don’t shake your head at me in hipster scum disdain. Avocado toast is pretty amazing and one spot that excels at it in Boston is Tres Gatos in JP! Check it out. And no, I don’t just love the place because it has the word cats in it. (Although that does help just like my cat leggings).


AVOCADO Smoothie

Yup, instead of peanut butter, add an avocado for a creamy filling texture. Avocados are an excellent source of fiber and protein and pack an array of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants! Smoothie King in Back Bay (and other places near you!) just released a Veggie Avocado Pineapple Smoothie (tip, you do have to tell them to not add sugar if you want yours veggies only, but the pineapple gives the perfect amount of sweetness!). FullSizeRender (9)

Check out their site for more ways to #blendsyourveggies and #drinkyourveggies or sign up for a $2.99 smoothie coupon!


Because honestly, nothing tastes better than when it’s grilled. That it reminds me of summer and I miss summer.


This is not my picture because I kinda made mine disappear in 5 seconds before it takes my phone to turn on, but Toro  in South End at one point had this as a brunch option! Hopefully, they’ll bring it back soon!


Do you have any favorite, non traditional ways to enjoy avocado? Any recommendations?

Brunch at Beat Brasserie with Boston Brunchers

I’ve heard of the Boston Brunchers for a while now, a group that connects bloggers with businesses during my favorite meal of the week! However, typically, my Sundays have been reserved for one thing and that one thing is either a trail run or a long run that makes it hard for me to make it to brunch on time. However, this year with well the 84 inches of snow we have and my heel drama, I’ve found myself with nothing but time.

And that’s how I found myself jumping into a Lyft ride to go to Harvard Square. With all the snow, I almost missed Beat Brasserie (formerly Beat Hotel) as it’s almost a hidden gem below the Gap smacked in the middle of Harvard Square.  If you’re familiar with the Beehive in the South End, the vibe is very similar in a chic bohemian style if those two words could go together.

Beat Brasserie Brunch (9)

At the front there is a stage that has Jazz on Sunday 10AM-2PM and every evening as well.  The sound works well with the background ambiance, and yet still being able to have conversations without screaming.

Beat Brasserie Brunch (3)

The girls and I at my table decided to go a la carte and share all our dishes.

But first things first… Since a long run was out the snow covered window…

Beat Brasserie Brunch (1)

This bloody Mary may not be the largest, but it packed quite the punch needed to wake me up.

The girls and I then moved onto the Pumpkin Crumble Coffee Cake. We split this gem four ways which was perfectly satisfying.

Beat Brasserie Brunch (2)

Next we each picked out a few entrees to share. We started with the Tomato, Fresh Mozzarella & Basil Omelette, a solid choice

Beat Brasserie Brunch (6)

Next came the Bowl Azteca with Adobo-Spiced Quinoa, Tomatillo Salsa, Fresh Corn, Squash, Green Beans, Avocado, Baby Spinach & salmon.

The Salmon was cooked perfectly, but I’m not sure if this is a dish I would order again.

Beat Brasserie Brunch (4)

These Wild Flower Honey & Lemon Pancakes were some of the most addictive pancake I’ve had in a while.  Fluffy but packed with a ton of flavor. Beat Brasserie Brunch (7)

We also added a side of lamb sausage!

Beat Brasserie Brunch (5)

I saved the best for last, this Braised short rib eggs Benedict is reason alone to visit the Beat Brassiere for brunch!

Beat Brasserie Brunch (8)

My only regrets in these  brunches is that my stomach isn’t big enough to fit in more food.  There’s so many more dishes that I hope to try next time I’m in the square, such as Buffalo cauliflower or the smoked salmon Benedict! O well, always great to save something for next time!

Weekend in Review and KitchenSurfing Coupon Code!

Remember how I had that awesome dinner through KitchenSurfing last month? Well my friends from KitchenSurfing are offering 25% off all orders for my readers if you use my referral page. And for full disclosure, although to get the code you need to use my referral link, I am not receiving at commission or compensation from anyone’s order. I just really loved my experience and hope you do too!

The codes expire on 12/31. However, as long as the meal is booked prior to the 31st, it will be fine (even if the event is after the 31st). You can use for a special night, Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas dinner, as well as drop off meals, hors d’oeuvres for a cocktail party/get together, cooking classes, desserts/pastries, corporate lunches or even fridge stocking.

They’re also doing an event November 20th that’s thanksgiving theme with a delicious meal and cocktails. It’s a great chance to check out some chefs before hiring them for your kitchen.
Speaking of great meals, well taking a small break from running I did some great eating!
On Friday night while being sick, Tony made us a fresh salad. So pretty! We had it with tacos, but I’ve posted enough taco photos on this blog.
Uzbek Salad
On Sunday, I got to check out the amazing Brunch at Towne Stove and Spirits located in Boston’s Back Bay.
We started of the meal right with a wasabi bloody mary.
Towne Brunch
They had 4 stations set up. A cold food station with cheeses, fruits, salads, cereals, and pattes. A hot food with pork, snapper (pictured above with Asian noodles), lobster and other types of eggs benny, an omelette bar. They also had a desert station and the forth station was an oyster/shrimp bar.
Towne Brunch 4
My only regret was not having enough room in my stomach to take a bite of everything! I’ve only ran 35 miles this week so my munching capacity wasn’t at it’s best.
TOwne Brunch 3
Even though you could get up and grab more plates of food, I have this habit of just piling everything on one plate as I work through it.
Towne Brunch 2
I wrapped it up with a few oysters!
What was the best thing you ate this weekend? I think it was the red snapper with the Asian noodles, followed by the shrimp and cucumber salad they had. Soo good!

Taiwan Cafe – Brunch Taiwanese Style

A friend sent me an email asking if I wanted to get brunch? Of course!  Do I want to get Taiwanese brunch? Even better!

Going to Chinatown restaurants is always an adventures.  You got some of the best mixed up with the will I really regret this meal rest.  However, one thing I’ve learned to trust when it comes to Chinatown dining is word of mouth.  If my friend was telling to check out this place, it was worth going to!

Taiwan Cafe 2

The first dish we got was porridge and a bowl of sweat soy milk.  On the right are some garlicky sauteed veggies.  Bottom left is a churros like thing and the left bottom is a sesame pancake that you wrap around the churros thing.  Top half was good but the churros and sesame pancake was a disappointment   One wasn’t oily enough while the other felt like it’s been re fried   Not sure if that’s the norm but can’t say I was into them.

Taiwan Cafe 1

This photo shows all my favorites of the brunch.  Tofu dish, scallion pancake with minced meat, dough balls with minced meats and my guide and ordering wench Lynn!

The scallion pancakes with meat inside were my favorite followed by a close second of the tofu with veggies and a mild dark sauce.  Although not a traditional breakfast, it was great to spend time with some friends before my 10 mile run in the evening.