Training towards nothing recap & our new family member!

I’m excited to share that our house has a new family member!

He is my roommate’s cat and we don’t have a name for him yet but we’re (mostly her) working on it. He’s adorable ginger tabby of 7 months old with the most soft, soft fur and a bit shy but sweet personality.

Speaking of fur babies. I don’t think I shared photos of Jack in like 3 days so I should now.

It’s been cold, so his current favorite spot besides the blankie is:

Anyway’s last week training? I’m not sure if I should call it recovery, or a rest week? I spent the majority of it being sick, sneezing and unable to breath due to a sinus infection. While my pride and legs were ready to get back to running by Tuesday, my body decided it needed a little bit more time.

The total mileage was 33.5 miles, about 17 less than my current target of 50 miles a week. However, the three runs that I did went great! I just wish I felt more up to it on the other days last week.

I’ll be traveling for the next three weeks and living my life out of my backpack as I travel through Burma (Myanmar), Singapore and Malayasia. Therefore, I wanted to have a solid running week before I left, since I assume my running will be fairly limited beyond taking in the local culture and flavor.

It took three attempts to limit my clothing to fit everything in there. It does help that I’ll be visiting a country with warm weather.

I’m super excited for my trip, but when I return I’ll have two months to myself into sub 3:20 shape before RnR New Orleans!

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – 9 miles on the Charles

My Garmin was being cranky after NY and wouldn’t sync. I know I did 8 miles at 7:30 and I’ll just assume my warm up was around 8. Feeling a little better about myself.

Thursday – Rest/Sick

Friday – 8 miles on incline 3 63:42 7:57 pace

I took a break from feeling sorry for myself and being sick to hit some treadmill pavement. Was really excited about hitting the pace on incline 3 that I usually do for incline 2.

Saturday – 16.5 Miles 2:10 7:52 average pace

I kind of wasted time around the house and by the time I started my run, I barely had two hours left before I had a party to go to. You know you’re a runner when you sacrifice time needed to do your hair, so you could get a few extra miles in.

Photo: Nice day means a nice run in between sneezing

The run itself felt fairly nice, despite having run what would be an almost tempo (I ran on incline 3) pace for me when adjusted for incline the day before. I guess low mileage does help keep your runs faster. My ankle started to hurt again around mile 15 so maybe it’s time to switch up my long run shoes?

Do you ever feel like you have to load up on training/working out before a vacation? I don’t usually like to workout when I travel since I want to jam pack my day with sightseeing. Instead I guess I like to “bank” some miles before I leave.

Can you ever be too old for eating tacos on a weekly basis?

Day 6 of no running cleanse is done! B Luckily I felt no grand need to run today since it’s been pouring buckets all day.

I’ve been cravingB guacamoleB for days now, so this would be great excuse to make tacos! B Turkey taco salad with sautC)ed baby kale with a side of taco. B I had a hardworking day of packing.

Packing isB strenuous! B Thank god for Trader Joe’s B and their hot fresh salsa andB guacamole! B Yes, I think it’s normal to stand there with a spoon eating both items straight out of their packaging and then wondering why you feel full before your dinner is ready.

Friday, I finally gave in to all the hype ofB Tone It Up girls and tried their workouts. B I did one circuit of their Sunkissed Abs, MaliBooty, Goodness workout & Tone it up thighs. B Okay I have to confess I only made it through 2/3 of the reps they say to do but my butt was still sore when I woke up Saturday.

Other fun thing: Last night Tony & I finally had a chance to check out Fizz Ed’z. B A newish place that opened up right here in Malden in place of Honey Fizz. B I don’t mean to insult anyone’s lifestyle but no sane decent human being walked by Honey Fitz without feeling at minimum creeped out, and terrified of some of the questionables around. B Luckily Honey Fitz closed its doors and I was delighted at the sound of Fizz Ed’z when I heard the rumors.

I grew up in Brooklyn, lived in Boston and moved to Malden. B Needless to say the nightlife in Malden has been relatively unexciting; however, places like Fizz Ed’z are making me stay local on nights instead of driving across the river.

A funky/soul band was playing. B They were great! B Drinks were reasonably priced with around 3.50/4 for draft. The crowd was everything I like about Malden compared to Boston, a mix of rich & poor; young & old. B Everyone seemed to be having a great time, dancing to the beat! B There was also a giant TV in the room so I got to watch the final minutes of the Celtics game as they beat Miami! B Wooot!!!

IPhone camera fail

While I spent the day packing Jack spent the day cuddling with all my furry friends!

or maybe he was exhausted from the 30 minute almost walk we took on Thursday

A forced two week taper….

With two weeks before Boston I am in a forced taper. B Last week I managed to get 75 miles in while this week I’m at mile 26. B Working 12-13 hours a day doesn’t leave much for a 10-miler. B I’ve tried but running at 9PM on a treadmill is not worth it to me. B I’m hoping to hit 50 for the week with a final 20 milers on Saturday and then justB ellipticalling (yes, that’s a word, deal with it)B the final week before Boston. B We’ll see.

Since I couldn’t get in any post work runs, I tried to really focus on my 6-milers. B Even when I wanted to take it easy, I tried to push myself. B I have a half marathon in May and I’m eyeballing a 1:35 finish, we’ll see. B Its in Gloucester, MA and I’ve never been there and I don’t know how the elevation and route will be. Part of me is hoping for rolling hills since I really enjoy those. B I love the struggle upward and sprinting downhill. B It’sB exhilarating!

So to recap

Monday – No run didn’t get home until 11PM but I had a pretty sweat work dinner. B Yes, its easy to keep me happy, just feed me. B I guess employers figured that out.

But wait there’s more…

Tuesday I had enough of not moving from my desk for 14 hours and sneaked in a 6 miler during lunch. B Good thing I don’t care about things like doing my hair and thank god for dry shampoo.

Although this was on incline 3 and average pace of 7, I felt a little disappointed that the run didn’t feel any easier after not running Monday. B Luckily myB Wednesday run wentB smoother. B I dropped the incline to 2 and played around with intervals a bit. B The first mile I did at 7:30 pace and kept slowing down afterwards.

7.4 average pace! B I’ll take it. B I knew this week wasn’t going to be about miles so instead I tried my hardest to focus on pace without giving up the extra challenge of a mild incline. B Part of me is stubborn with inclines on treadmills so that i can enjoy running outside a lot more. B It feels easier and the added distraction of scenery makes running outside so much more enjoyable! B Treadmill runs are not there for fun, they’re there for training. B I’ve drilled that into myself.

By Thursday I really wanted to take it easy. B I was still sneaking in a lunch time running thinking it will be another late night. B I kept it on incline 3 and although it wasn’t as strong as Tuesday and I had more walk breaks then I walked to, I pushed myself on the running part. B I guess it was a more mild interval run vs a more steady tempo run on Tuesday but the end result was only off by 9 seconds.

I also decided I was going to be a bear and graze on berries after my regular 3 cups of Oatmeal breakfast. B I think I reached a new max of how many berries I can fit in these little containers. Plus they had all my favorites this morning. B SeriouslyB employers, the way to your employee’s heart is really through their stomachs.

I followed the same for lunch by maxing out a larger container.

Mnn falafal!! B There’s grilled chicken in there as well, but I put it underneath and usually save it for Tony. B I’m such a nice girlfriend. B I make sure he’s fed, even if I can’t cook.

I got surprised today when my team finished up our busy things at work and I was able to leave work before sunset! B So of course I used this opportunity to log some extra post work miles. B 8 miles to be exact for a total of 26 for the week. B If I can manage to get in 4 tomorrow before my flight to NY, all I’ll have left is the 20 miler. I didn’t really have a purpose in this run other than just to get it done before 7pm so I can go home and eat dinner, blog, pack and clean.

Due to a few too many magazine promotions I find myself subscribed to more than I can read. B One of these is Time magazine. B Since I finally finished readingB Girl Who Played with Fire, I dragged it with me on the train this morning where I found this little gem of an article:

While my teeth might disagree, I always have made theB argumentB that my chocolateB addictionB is aB perfectlyB acceptable healthy diet.

This weekend I’m going to Brooklyn to visit my parents and grandmother, maybe see some high school friends, celebrate my Dad’s birthday and pretend to be Jewish for Passover. B Can’t wait to see these crazy not-kids 😉

No, I have no idea what my mom is wearing. B I stopped trying to figure out her outfits a while ago.

I do get to play with this guy!

That Rocky, my parent’s dog/kids replacer.

Of course he can’t replace my boy Jack but he sure shows his affection better.

Yes, leave it to a cat to give you a dirty look for when you try to brush your teeth in the morning.

Any good plans this weekend?

Any good taper week tips?

Pretzel stealing meow meow

Friday workout – 55 min 7 miles outside

Saturday – 110 min 12 miles outside

I’m learning that blogging on a daily basis is slightly more difficult then reading blogs on a daily basis.

I got to start Friday of a smoked Salmon Omelet.B Prefect example of diet of a marathon trainer vs. a small cup of oatmeal of a diet of a non-runner.

ImageYes it ended up being a bit overcooked, but for $3 bucks and the convenience of a work cafeteria can’t be beat!B The problem with all you can eat cafe is that you add things like home fries and and a spinach cheese quiche all before making your way out.B I have no idea how I even did that but next thing I knew they were in my to go carton as well.B All is well I grazed on this through most of morning while working before noon time arrived for my lunch time run.

I recent converted from treadmill running (another perk of working in a big company vs. small) to running outside if it was sunny, over 45 and I had 65 minutes to take for lunch.B Plus, my knees have been bothered me from the treadmill so I decided some change might do me good.B You start to learn more about potential pains when you switch your treadmill runs from 7 miles to 14.B I’ll eventually sit down and write about all the things I did wrong for my first marathon training and all the pains I got.B Its amazing how running outside increases you speed.B I made it though 7 miles in 55 minutes, with an even faster time shower afterwards in record time.B

When I got back to work, there was leftover sandwiches, so I grabbed half of a turkey cranberry one that I think was ordered from Pizzeria Regina’s.B I’d show a picture, but I’m embarrassed of how unhealthy it looked (plus there’s only so many food pictures I can take in a day before my coworkers start to wonder whats wrong with me.)B

After work, I came outside to a surprise:ImageI know it hard to see in this blurry picture, but that’s natural small amount of daylight left at 5:30pm.B I can almost see spring on the horizon!

The rest of the evening was low key.B I dug through Marshalls looking for a cut running skirt for my DC and more important Boston marathon.B I brought two I need to test out to see if they’re comfy.B Shopped for cat food, people food and enjoyed some homemade french Lentil soup made by Tony’s mom with this for dessert.B


I hate to say it, but this tastes even better than the pumpkin one I treasured for so long.B And okay I lied, I also had some last remainder of my Cadbury chocolate from London for dessert as well.B B


Do you have a pet? If a cat, what do you feed it?B

My childhood cat passed away at 12 from kitty cancer so I’ve been doing a lot of research in confusion.B So far we are feeding him half a can of fancy feast kitten can food and Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain free dry kitten food.B It’s a bit pricey but hopefully it’ll keep him healthy for many years.

Whats your favorite beer?

Mine rotates, but I think right now its this blueberry smash, if only it came in 12oz instead of only pints!