I’m just there for the dresses

I must confess I don’t know, care or pay enough attention to movies to have an active opinion on the Oscars; however, I am not blind and I can judge. B I’m talking about the dresses. B Lets face it, that’s what we’re mostly paying attention to, not celebrities “heart-felt” speeches.

The “I’m totes jelly jelly over these” looks

Cameron I’m convinced made a deal with the devil and looks more amazing each year!

Love the dress, all it needs is a smile!

Rooney Mara looks amazing! B I really wish I could pull of bangs. B Le Sigh..

Jessica Chastain, no idea who she is besidesB The Help,B but she just looks so cute!

The fuglys

Angelina, for the love of god, eat a sandwich. B I’ve seen Land of the Dead zombies look more alive than you.

Berenice Bejo’s dress reminds me of a nightgown

Viola Davis is quite the good looking lady, but I still think this dress makes her look like a landlocked mermaid and I’m not sure I like it.

Maybe its the hair, maybe is the dress, but Kelly reminds me of Ursula from the Little Mermaid. B Maybe her and Viola should walk together.

I know everyone’s opinions are different, feel free to bash mine. B Whats are your favorite loves and hates of the 2012 Oscars?