It’s time to ban myself from CitySports

Tuesday Run -10.7 miles in total

4 miles during lunch, 3 miles on the TM after work and 3.7 miles with the CitySports run club. B The Back Bay group meets everyB TuesdayB and does 3.5 and 5 mile runs. B I wanted to do the shortest distance possible but I lost track of who was in the group and who wasn’t and just ran my own route. B I guess following directions is not my strong point. B They did tell me the route before the run that must have slipped through my ears.

Since I ended up doing double digits Monday & Tuesday, I took Wednesday off to do absolutely nothing! B Unless you count drinking a beer as a real ab workout. B Speaking of ab workout, I’ve done the Tone It Up Sunkissed Abs 2 days in a row (Monday & Tuesday) and I can now almost do 3 crunches. B Yes my legs are made of steel while my core is made of cheap jello.

The CitySports running club had Zooma as a guest. B Zooma, a women’s race series is having a half marathon and 10K at the Cape on September 23rd that looks like a fun time. B However, if I’m not working I’m going to do the RnR Montreal Marathon and teleport there. B B If you’re interested in Cape Cod Zooma race the codeB CCAMB4B gets you 10 bucks off. B Because of the Zooma promotional event, CitySports gave everyone a 20% off on all purchases made that day and that’s what got me into trouble. B At least Zooma gave us free running tech shirts, a muscle milk sample and the most delicious popcorn I ever had!

Fun for the whole family! Now if only they had a cat size one

Two weeks ago, I went into CitySports in honor of National Running Day and walked out with compression shorts and compression sleeves. I didn’t even think I believe in compression theory that much. B Were they cute and worth it? Yes!

This week, I went to CitySports for the Zooma training run/running club and before I could make it out the door I walked out in this baby:

It all started with a 30% off with an additional 20% off and the only one left was perfectly in my size and before I knew it I was at the register.

I’ve tried to justify it in a few ways

– Its orange, I like orange

– I could use a track jacket/wind breaker

– I like orange?

– I suffered through 90 degree weather after sleeping with my heat on because it was barely 50 the week before to finish this marathon

– This was my first and probably only race I will everB fund-raiseB for and run for charity.

– Because I’m worth it…

Good enough, and yet somehow before I could even make it to the register I picked up a pair of Tom’s that were screaming comfort. B I was refusing to buy a pair for so long but somehow the 20% off convinced me. B I believe I’m a unique snowflake and I try to look the part. B Tom’s are not unique but they’re very comfy!

And no my mini shopping spree did not end there. B It continued onto Wednesday when because I wasn’t working out I had nothing to do during lunch which led me onto Newbury St and Second Time Around, a fairly nice consignment shop. B I’m not joking when I say I work out more for my budget then my health! Runch = less mindless store browsing.

One score, Nanette Lepore Deep Sea Strapless Top, I’m not in love with a giant fish swimming on my belly but I love the cut of it! B Second score, a pair of PETITE! comfy True Religion jeans.

Do you take a lunch break? B What do you do on your break?