Getting Over Rock & Blog Rejection

So last night many running bloggers around the world or maybe just US opened up their email and either got great news

rocknblog (2)

or my news

rocknblog (1)

And I have to confess…

I got really upset.

I love running, aside from cats, it’s my favorite thing in the world.

And while I may not be the greatest writer, photographer, and that advance of a recipe writer, the one thing I’m great at is getting excited about running, inspiring others and talking my face on in regards to marathons and running. So of course the rejection kinda hit a nerve that has not been hit in a while. The older I get, the tougher I get, but every once in a while I can still get sensitive.

Then I went to bed, okay correction, drank a glass of wine and then went to bed. I slept on it and got over myself.

I realized that this rejection is actually for the best. As far as running goes, the races and events I love participating in are local. Large national level events are not my thing. In fact, while running Rock N Roll New Orleans, I thought to myself that this might be my last Rock N Roll event. I find them impersonal, cookie cutter and only appeal is that it’s in destinations I want to visit. I hate running in packed courses. Running with 30,000 other runners is not appealing to me personally. While I love running Boston and I plan on running it for as many years as the BAA accepts me in, it is pretty much the only large scale marathon that I ever wanted to repeat. The races that tend to stick with more are the smaller Adirondack, or Vermont City ones. The race directors are generally local to the area, the pricing is more fair and reasonable and has more local flavor as you go place to place.

So yes, while I would have loved to run in Rock n Roll Denver & Vegas marathons, it’s not at the top of my marathon bucket list. I’m happy for my friends who got accepted and am excited for their 2015 races. However, it’s time to start knocking out more of the 50 states and hitting up my bucket list.

So here I am, making a virtual toast to staying true to myself and not trying to be anything else. This is my hobby, this is my passion, and I should stay true to myself and run to the beat of my own running path and no one else’s.

And no, needless to say, I am not adding myself to the wait-list or applying next year.

What’s your favorite marathon? I’m looking specifically for things not on in the North East so I can knock out more states. Currently I got Fargo and maybe Chicago. 

Emergency Urgent Update Due to Sale

Per Twitter –

Happy Leap Day! In honor of February 29th, for the next 2 hours and 9 minutes, enjoy $29 off Rock ‘n’ Roll events! Use online code LEAP before 10:09 am (PST) and spread the word! (Excludes relays, Las Vegas, New York, kids races and European events.)B


Yup, I somehow signed up for the Montreal Oasis Marathon. B My boyfriend will kill me. B Might need to find alternate ways of getting to Montreal from Boston. B Suggestions?