Soreness & Bikram

I must confess, when I see people running, I secretly race them.B I don’t know why, its my inner competitive child that never got out when I was younger since I didn’t partake in any sports until I was 24.B Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose.B Combine this secret racing with a self-imposed marathon and you get one sore Liana the next day.

When I got to the gym for my lunch break, I mentally wanted to run but I knew although I felt energetic that the knots of soreness in my right upper leg might beg to differ.B With less then 11 days before my marathon I decided there’s no need to argue with the legs.B So 4.2 miles on the elliptical with some arm weights and a ton of foam rolling became the new plan.

After work I made an urgent date in my outlook calender for a Bikram session where I reached a new level of sweat.B I had so much sweat dripping, pouring that I kept sliding all over my mat even with two towels covering it!

And as ridiculous as I looked (and let me tell you I take quite the award for lack of balance) the hips and legs felt looser.B I also didn’t die from drowning in my own sweat, although I was pretty close to it.B Maybe the soreness will leave the body tonight.

Also, can I mention how awesome Thai food is.B Can I also mention how much more awesome Thai food is after a 26 mile run.

I think if calories were no issue and I had a personal chef, I would live of drunken noodles!

Whats your favorite type of food?

Thai! Thai! and some fried ice cream

Do you ever race random strangers on your runs?

With great running, comes great responsibility

I am slowly through many injuries learning that if my legs, knees and hip-flexors are trying to hint at something, I should listen.B After running 38 miles in three days; the equivalent of what I used to run in a week, my hips, legs, and knees were tired.B They wanted a break and although my energy was great, I knew I needed to take it out on something else.B When lunch time game, I had a game plan:

I foam-rolled

I picked things up and put them down for about 25 minutes

And I did 25 minutes of elliptical in between weights, 12.5min to warm up, 12.5min in between my final weight set.

And all while wearing my super-cute Waldo T-Shirt.B Is anyone really too old to buy silly low quality $5 t-shirts?

After work I went to my semi annual Bikram Yoga.

Bikram is usually done in a room that is heated at a minimum 105F degrees and about 40% humidity.

The room is kept at this temperature or more for the following:

  • Keeping the body from overheating (contrary to popular misconception)
  • Protecting the muscles to allow for deeper stretching
  • Detoxing the body (open pores to let toxins out)
  • Thinning the blood to clear the circulatory system
  • Increasing heart rate for better cardiovascular workout
  • Improving strength by putting muscle tissue in optimal state for reorganization
  • Reorganize the lipids (fat) in the muscular structure

Its always the same 26 poses so it appeals to my depending and predictable character I seek at times in a workout:

and although I find myself more in this position

And while I am a clumsy, inflexible, uncoordinated and rarely know what I’m doing

I always try my best and come out feeling great.B Unlike Vinyasa Yoga, I feel more awake, and my muscles feel like they got the love, care and stretch they needed to come back the next day with a stronger run =)