Friday Five – 5 Things to do in Gloucester & Rockport

Although only about 40-50 minutes north of Boston, the Rockport & Gloucester area is one of my favorite day trips within my house. Spring/Summer/Fall and maybe even a sunny winter day are all great to check it out. I thought this Friday, instead of telling you what I did the last time there, I’ll list five of my favorite things to do there. Coincidentally, I tend to visit all these place every time I am there!

1. Check out the old Rockport Quarry at Halibut Point Park. Parking is free in the off season and only two bucks during the summer.

Halibut Point State Park use to be a huge granite quarry that was closed back in the 1920s but sign of the old quarries are obvious.  Huge holes in the ground that were carved out and massive chunks of granite are still just lying around everywhere.

Quary Rock

The actually quarry is now filled with water and the flat rock pieces are perfect for a picnic. You can even get some great wind protection.


2. Take a side trail for amazing ocean views in Halibut Park. There’s several beautiful less than a mile side trails for the most breath taking cliff side ocean views.

Ocean view

Great for some coffee, but a little to windy for me to sit and relax.

3. Eat a Lobster Roll at Roy Moore Lobster Co

photo (5)

Or in my case, everything on the menu!

4. Lay on a beach


Sure it might be chilly, but that’s why you gotta make sure you do number five first!

5. Run a race… you have several spring time half marathons going from April, May and June and countless 5Ks.

Run A race

Check out RunningInTheUSA for other races. Or feel free to catch up on my Twin City Half marathon (May) or Fool’s Dual 5K and Half Marathon (April) Race Recaps.


What’s your favorite day trip near your home?