What happens when I forget my leftovers at work and Tony isn’t home

I eat things like this:

But worry not, it has all my favorite things, turkey balls, leafy greens, goat cheese and salsa. B Power salad when I’m too lazy to wait for anything that take’s longer then 4 minutes of microwave and 1 minute of cooling to prepare.

But first a catch up on running… but first the charity case… please vote for me Team Refuel

A few workout catch up since Monday.

Tuesday I had an amazing run… really.. 7 miles at an avg pace of 8:02 on a treadmill at incline 2. B I have proof!

Wednesday I had a less than fabulous 6 miler at 3 incline barely making it at a 9 minute pace average. B I was going to quit this run at each half mile mark after my first 2.5 miles but somehow through lots of sweat (the gym was super humid) I walked/jogged it through B while chugging water.

Today andB Friday I am taking off from runningB to taper for Twin Lights Half Marathon on Saturday. B I googled my competition (yay for races that post all runners names and their goal times) and I have my eye on the age group award. B I would say gender but the ladies in the 30-40 age group are beyond my league!

So today IB bangedB out 12.5 miles on the elliptical while watching Glee and Don’t Trust the B- in Apt. 23. B I didn’t intend to stay on the elliptical for that long but I really got caught up in watching Don’t Trust the B… it’s really witty! B Ever since I got Hulu Plus for my phone, me and the elliptical have been getting along. B The treadmill has no place to my phone so I usually stick to podcasts for running.

Now for the latest running inspiration:

Amazing, makes me feel quite petty for my minor aches!

Onto other things like food:

Can I mention that on Tuesday, Tony made the best turkey Tacos ever:

He’s on a cooking streak this week and I got no complaints!

B Now since its my turn to cook, I need to think of a good & easy recipe to make with the leftover riccota cheese fromB arancini made the other night. B Any suggestions?

BTone Fitness – SPX Review

Now when you see this what comes to mind?

No Tony and I did not join some S&M club… The girls I work with and I decided to try something new for a workout. B We wereB intrigued, confused, scared and excited as we kept hearing about thisB PilatesB type of workout. B Well we finally got our schedules in check and made our appointment at BTone Fitness. B Making a 6:30 class took more planning than it looks since each class only has 11 people.

What is BTone we wondered? B Even upon getting there, I still had no clue so I did some research on their site. B It usesB Lagree Fitnessb” which is an innovative workout specifically designed to “strengthen, tighten, and tone the body quickly and safely. This workout is largely based on the holistic principles of Pilates, but also emphasizes the strength training and cardio elements not inherent to Pilates to achieve muscle definition faster than traditional Pilates and/or weight training alone.”

Not bad promises for just 45 minutes of my time. B Yoga takes over 90 minutes for these kind of promised results so I figured it was worth a shot. B After all, time is money and at $30 per class this was some pricey time.

Basically for the next 45 minutes I attempted to incorporate the “key principles of core stability and blending them with the fusion of muscle dynamics.” When you do things correctly, it should look like this:

This photo was taken from their website and let me tell you, I did not look like that for a second. B Majority of my 45 minutes was spent praying that I would not fall. B In fact I was wondering why they didn’t make me sign a waiver!

We spent about 15 minutes working our core with crunches and different plank-like exercises. B The next 15 minutes we did leg things that were probably equivalent of leg press type machines. B We wrapped it up with arms that I will probably be feeling soon. B Overall I don’t think this reformer machine provided anything special that some free weights or a giant ball can’t do. B My otherB critiqueB was the way the class was taught there was no adjustment for individual level of fitness. B Our instructor only explained each move once which left me scrambling trying to figure out where to put which limb where without falling over. B She did instruct us which resistance level to use for each move. B However, she didn’t give a range. B Had I been more experienced I would have used a level lower resistance for arms (I’m weak) and a level higher resistance for legs; however, no such option was explained.

BTone FitnessB B is one of two only SPX studios offered in New England. B The studio is located in Boston’s Back Bay and its super easy to get to by the T. B The first class is only $5 and is totally worth trying out. B After that each class is $30 which to me seems a little overpriced.

Home for my three B’s – boys, blogs, and beer

I was suppose to do a 12 miler post work, I changed, got on the treadmill and my heart felt heavy.B I decided to step off… this was not a day to test my limits.B A recovery run would not suffice when it was my whole body.B I was hanging on the cusp of over-training.B This has partially to do with my long run being on Sunday and losing Sunday as my rest day. Post-work errands on my low key run days did not help with the rest catch up this week. I started seeing all the symptoms.

  • Washed-out feeling, tired, drained, lack of energy – Trying to balance marathon season and the tax deadline gets stressful… I should just relax and focus on my one time a week long run. I should accept that April will just never be my month for PR (nor October); however, there’s still 10 other months!
  • Pain in muscles and joints – my neck and arms feel stiff, probably my desk set-up isn’t helping, I should clean up my clutter
  • Insomnia – This is a biggie, I keep waking up every 2-3 hours and giving up on sleep after 6 hours.B Very unlike me since I can sleep away a solid 8 hours on a good night.
  • Decreased appetite – I just haven’t been hungry, but I force myself to eat thinking that would give me more energy to train.B I need to realize I need more rest not calories.
  • Lack of ability to concentrate as well as reduced power of differentiation and correction, this might be partially to do with my task list growing so I can’t give the same amount of time to everything that needs to be done.

So instead, I let my heart rest, and I might have picked up something something on my way home:

Yesterday after work I chopped half my hair off:

I initially was going to cut only 2 inches off but I felt so free and light that I just went for all 5 inches of chopping. Yes the guestroom aka my dressing room is a mess, and I should Windex up that mirror.

I still felt like a stranger to myself with the new hair length…. Yup bathroom photo for the win, co-workers walking in on you while you take a photo of yourself with your cellphone in the bathroom = brownie points.

On the bright side, I actually did feel good enough for my lunch 5.6 mile run. Incline 3 and under 49 minutes.B Maybe that’s where my 12 miler energy went?

Best part? Goodbye Blow out, hello this mess:

I have just enough time to run, shower, change during lunch… good thing I don’t do silly things like wear make-up or style my hair.

Most inspiring was this little blurb in Runner’s World.B Maybe it’s just my over-training/PMS moods talking but reading that made me tear with inspiration!

Most amazing eat this week was this molasses ginger cookie from Flour Bakery at the South End.

And just because I’ve been keeping track of every run so far, here’s my run from yesterday at incline 2.

Funny of the week… Have you read the Hunger Games?B I have and I loved it.B Well I lied a bit, I listened to the audio book on my runs, on my walks, on the commute, while cleaning, while eating and before I knew it I have gone through the trilogy in a week and did not know what to do with myself.B So if you had a mini crack addiction to the Hunger Games, you might enjoy this:

I’ve been a busy girl.B Yesterday I finally

Its rude to count people as you pass them… out loud

In summary 26.2 Mile – 3Hr50Min (3:40Min running, 10min pee/snack break) – Basically flat outside course

As a kid and an immigrant child (We all heard of Asian Fs, but have you heard of Russian Jew Fs?B They’re exactly the same. Thick Russian accent “You got a B+, why no A? You fail”), before an exam I took several practice tests (both by will and force for preparation and parental enforced perfection).

So when I started looking up marathon training plans, it’s no surprise that from the start I dismissed ending my training at 20 miles.B Seriously, why would I stop 6.2 miles early?B That’s almost 25% of the race that’s would end up being new territory.B Now, I am not insulting anyone who stops at 20 miles and just roughs out the last 6.2 miles, but I need to be prepared for the unexpected. All training recommendation tell you to not increase your mileage by more than 10%, then why would the rules change for the race?B I never understood that part with training plans. I am also very lucky that aside from missing a few social events I have limited responsibility on weekends.

So I decided to make my own training plan based on my schedule.B Originally I was trying to have several 24-26 week runs, approx 4.B However, I had a mild foot fracture in November from hiking and was not able to start training until mid December. This put a serious time crunch in building up my base.B I am not joking when I say that before December I was running 26.2 miles in a week not a day. B B However, I have to admit that although I was only running 26 miles a week, I was doing that in 3-4 days.B I also ran a half marathon in September.B Therefore, I was starting from a relatively comfortable base of about 10 miles. Now, I just had to almost triple my mileage in 2.5 months.B This took determination and a lot of canceled weekend brunch plans.B Hard as I try, with the cold weather it was impossible to get myself running before 10AM.B I am hoping that once the weather gets warmer I can become an early morning runner instead.

My first 18-20 mile runs were miserable.B I came home in pain, collapsing on my floor from the cold and exhaustion.B The second was not much better.B I iced and then I iced some more the next day as I walked a bit funny as work.B I do not know why, but after I stop running my body goes into a freezing shock.B In addition to the normal pains of push your mileage this was misery.B However, by my third run I noticed that at mile 20 I actually felt okay and added another 1.5 miles.B I kept doing this the next week until I reach 24 miles.B Now, don’t get me wrong, I was still exhausted and the freezing shock was still happened; however, I no longer felt like I was going to die after running.B The pain turned into joy with practice.B Maybe not joy, but close enough to enjoyment.

This morning for my final pre-DC race I had a 26.2 mile run.B And I got lucky when I convinced Tony that we should go on the minuteman Bike Path.B The bike path is approx 8.5 miles long each way and makes a much better place to run then the 4-5 loops I do around the woods near my house.B Also, unlike my running trail not only is the path longer, its flatter and wider.B The flat, wide path was a great change of environment for my knees!B Plus with the weather being dark and 40 degrees, there were very few bikers I had to share the path with. This becomes a different cranky story in the summer.B However, for now all I saw were runners and walkers.B I was also surprised by how many runners I was able to pass by. There were also plenty faster than me that kept me at a faster pace.B I was able to get my first 13 miles in under 8 min pace!B I don’t think I ever ran that fast except for half marathon races.

It was also nice to see some undisturbed snow.B All the snow on the city streets melted before I got a chance to enjoy.

Because this was an almost 9 mile trail, 17 miles round trip; I had to carry my water handheld.B I usually rough it out and just get a bit dehydrated until I run by house midway; however, this was not an option.B At mile 17 when I finished my first loop, I dropped it off in the car.B I sipped some coconut water, ate half my protein bar (soo good and actually filling instead of waking up my hunger like others) and got ready to tackle my last 9 miles.B I thought those would be rough but after my 5 minute break in the car, I felt re energized and ready to go.

After my run, I finally tried my bag of Try Chips that I recently received as a sample.B They were just so delightful! I couldn’t believe the whole bag was only 100 calories and with every chip being made out of 100% natural real fruit, it made perfect refuel. I stole this from their website “Try Chips are an all natural snack, enhanced with super foods carefully selected to replenish your energy after pushing your body beyond its personal comfort zone. Our final ingredient in our war against Apathy and of course our battle cryb&”B I love it!B Unfortunately they are a bit pricey.B For 2.50 per bag, I might save this indulgences for only those days where I am pushing truly beyond my comfort zone.

In the end 26.2 in the books and I am now a marathoner, even if its unofficial!

Hope you are having a great Sunday!

Did you do any running this weekend?B I want to know how it went. Other people running makes me feel less of a weirdo!