Adventures in Spain – The rest of Seville – Plaza de España & Flamenco

In a very belated follow-up to my other two posts on Seville (day one & day two), I am wrapping up my final and third day (And a little bit of the hour before our morning train 4th day) in the beautiful relaxing Seville.  It was also the day Tony was to join me on my trip so of course I dragged him all around town of where I’ve been and what I still wanted to see.

I also finally gained a photographer who can take a straight photo.  No offense mom but you were not a great assistant in my quest for shameless self promotion.  Although considering I can’t keep my eyes open in the photo i guess I’m not doing myself any favors either.

Aside from taking him up the tower of the Cathedral we wandered the curving maze of streets while trying to avoid getting hit by taxis and cars that miraculously fit on the road.

We walked through a park that made me feel like Alice in wonderland.

After some more getting lost, we found the Plaza de España and perfected our self portrait taking skills.

Similarly to the Cathedral, I could have crawled all over the plaza taking photos from every corner!  Now if only I had some talent to express everything I saw… I guess I’ll keep practicing.

Not sure if you can see, but lined along the plaza were these bench areas representing every city in Spain.  I decided to take a nap in one of my favorites.

All the photographing and walking made us hungry.  Good part about having an extra person for dinner is that you get to try more tapas.  Unfortunately, I don’t know if I agreed with Tony’s tapas selection.

Iberian Ham


Steak covered in too much oil.

Tony’s selection wasn’t bad per say but definitely not as great as mine.

Seafood salad

Breaded Whale!

Tuna steak with squid stuff and avocado sauce.  Clearly this dish was the winner of the meal.

My mom stayed boring with potatoes and sword fish instead of tapas.

And as we were eating, a group of conquistadors horsed by!

Now after dinner you have a few options since it’s most likely 10PM at least.  You could keep drinking and party it up, go to sleep because you’re jet-legged (Tony) or go see a flamenco show.  My mom and I picked the Flamenco show.

We went to La Carboneria, which is known for it’s free nightly shows starting at 10PM and a great vibe!  The drinks are reasonably cheap (around 2-3Euros) and the show that would cost you at least 15 Euro elsewhere is free.  I would recommend getting there early around 9:30 to get a better seat.

Now if you’re wondering what is Flemenco, it is not a misspelled pink bird as some would assume.  It is music, song, and dance from Andalusia, in southern Spain, that includes cante (singing), toque (guitar playing), baile (dance) and palmas (handclaps.)

My mom and I stayed for about 3 shows of it (30 minutes each).  The dancer had to change outfits after the second set.

I took a few videos as well that you can watch if you’re more curious.