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After a day of walking around downtown Chicago we slept in with no alarm.  I still stayed on Boston time and took a run instead.

Finally after much wasting time around the hotel room, we made it outside.  We made a stop at Wrigley Field.  It was actually a small mistake as I decided to randomly exit there.  A game was happening so it was a bit insane.

Madness… so we got back on the train and went further north until the train went no more.  Then we took a commuter rail further north.  Finally we arrived somewhere that was within a mile walk of the Chicago Botanical Gardens.  

Much to our surprise it was free!  I guess that’s why the sales tax is like one million percent.

There was a creepy statue that glared at us

Of course with our luck it started to pour!  But not before we got to watch a food demo and have a tasty sampling

Who knew that avocados and blueberries worked so well!

So it rained and rained after eating and waiting for over an hour we sucked it up and purchased this fashionable wear.

There was a mile of walking to the train so I was worried for my electronics.  Well… needless to say as soon as we got fashionable, it stopped raining.  You welcome Chicago Botanical Garden visitors.  Luckily admission to the park was free so I considered these overpriced ponchos as part of my donation to the gardens.

Proof that it really did rain!

There was a pretty rock garden/water falls thing

and trees!

They also had a really awesome Japanese garden but I didn’t take any pictures there because I was enjoying being peaceful and zen.

When we got back, we had a real fancy dinner…

It’s not a true vacation until Subway is consumed.  Sometimes you just want something cheap, and filling and Subway hits the spot.  Smelling flowers make you hungry.  Don’t worry we kept it classy with some wine.

As we walked from our hotel to Millennium park I can tell you that the Magnificent Mile gets a whole lot less magnificent.  I guess all the crackheads and bums only come out at night in Chicago while on the east coast they work full time full day of creeping little girls out.

The hatch thing had an evening concert as well and they were performing Broadway songs!  We even got a seat mid-show.  No need to sit on a grass or watch in envy for all those well prepared lawn chair peeps.

Great performance!  And I only got 1 mosquito bite. A winning night.

I even found the bean I couldn’t find the day before in daylight.

Of course the night didn’t end there, as we walked back to our hotel we saw fireworks!

I think they are shot from Navy Pier.

So day 2

1. Lots of flower and train travel

2. Some more rain

3. Subway – Spicy Italian is the only way to go!

4. Free concert in the park

5. Fireworks!


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