Casa Batlló & Last day in Barcelona

Last post about Barcelona and then I move on to other sites!

On our last day we decided to actually take a tour of one of Gaudi’s works, Casa Batlló.  While all his buildings are amazing and inspiring to see, I was curious what they look like inside.  Unfortunately the privileged to see that comes with what I think is a high price (Approx 20 Euros per person).  So while I knew if I was really that curious I could Google myself up some images, I decided I should walk within the walls of at least one.  It’s hard to capture what walking within one of Gaudi’s buildings was like.  It was like being within another world, almost within a painting.  Growing up among NYC skyscrapers, I never really considered architecture art, maybe some engineering, some historical buildings had a pretty style and cute, but nothing I considered to be art like a painting would be.

Unfortunately, as with all tourist spots, you are not alone, you will be in a mass but luckily they give audio guides so the chatter is kept to a minimum as everyone gazes and listens.

The fireplace reminds me of something out of a Tim Burton movie, I kept staring at it, expecting it to start dancing.

Mirrors and the colorful glass panels were used to reflect natural light throughout the whole house.  They say everything looks a little different throughout each hour of the day because of the light reflection.

The front room on the second floor.  Sadly none of the rooms were furnished.

I expected the elevator to eat me, or at least take me to a parallel universe

The center of the building where most of the light goes through.  The tiles actually get darker towards the top so that when you look up, visually it looks the same.

I think things were designed to make it feel like you’re underwater.

It only got more insane on the rooftop with the chimneys and this little water room that looks like a dinosaur.

At the gift shop they had replicated furniture for sale, so if someone has an extra 5K or 10K, and wants to buy me housewarming presents…. well I could always use some furniture that’s not from Ikea.

The house is always referred to as Casa dels ossos (House of Bones), it’s creepy and mesmerizing at night.  Our hotel was close by and every time we walked me by there was always people sitting on the bench staring at it for several whiles.

A tapas mix of salads, Russian salad, Greek, Salad, seafood salad and some cod fish.

While walking around we walked by another market, this one empty of tourists.  Frozen veggies by the pound!

So I might have brought a bag of tomatoes because I wanted to try them all and ate them like berries.

When I walked by this, it scared me!

I took a short walk along the waterfront.

But before that, I walked by those infamous human statues on La Ramba, I didn’t see anything too impressive, at least not as insane as the Madrid ones.

Waterfronts & piers are pretty (’nuff said)

Dinner?  Well after so many tapas, I wanted a short break and got a gyro.  It was okay, the chicken was good.

Adventures in Spain – Barcelona – Park Güell

I was trying to combine things I did into one post but it’s impossible.  There’s just too many things I loved in Barcelona and each deserves it’s own post with all the photos I want to share.

On one of the four days we spent in Barcelona my mom and I took a bus to Park Güell, situated on the hill of El Carmel in the Gràcia district.  The park originally was suppose to be a luxury housing development but only two houses were built with no prospective buyers.  Neither were designed by Gaudi but Gaudí, at Güell’s suggestion, bought it with his savings and moved in with his family and his father in 1906 and it is now the Gaudi House Museum.   Gaudí’s multicolored mosaic salamander, popularly known as “el drac” (the dragon) at the main entrance.

One of Gaudi’s unique tiles

The entrance of the park even at 10AM is already filled with tourists on a Monday

Okay, not one of Gaudi’s work but since lunch in Spain doesn’t open til 1PM and dinner til 8PM I consumed several of these a day with trail mix to keep myself from famishing and crankiness til food time.

Beyond the Gaudi structures the park is huge and lovely!  With many looping hilly trails and olive trees and cacti along the way.

I told you amazing views

You even get a nice view of the Sagrada Familia Church still in progress

Clear sign that I’m America, wearing my sneakers for casual walking!  Everyone else had fancy boots but I had no space in my luggage and picked running over fashion.

I have many more photos of the view from the hill, but I’ll stop with these =)

I’m not sure what the walkway is suppose to be but it reminds me of a mouth

The walls imitate the trees grown above them with birds’ nests built into the walkway.  I saw lots of pigeons enjoying their crib but I heard there’s some parrots there as well.

Time to bound!

Finally it was time for lunch!  A few tapas!

Patatas bravas

And clams with fresh cut olive oiled veggies.  So good!

My mom opted for a more boring chicken since my seafood scares her.  As for dinner?  Well that deserves a post of it’s own!