Growing up ain’t easy…

When I was 16, I thought picking a college was the most complicated thing in the world.

When I was 20 I thought picking my first college job & finding an apartment was the most complicated thing in the world.

When I was 23, I thought quitting my job for a new job in a city I didn’t know I want to keep living in was complicated.

I’m 25 now and have reached a new definition of complication. B No, I’m not getting married, I’m not having a kid. B This is potentially a far greater commitment. B Buying a house.

Its terrifying! B It means giving up that dream of quitting my job to still go backpacking through South America, and Asia before its too late. B It means making my final implant into living in Boston, into living with Tony…

It means a lot more but mostly it means planting my feet further into adulthood. Am I ready for that? B Do I want to be? B I’ve always grown up fast. B Graduated high school at 16 and move out of my parents house, city and state to Boston. B Finished college at an age before I can legal hold a glass of champagne. B Those came more of necessity then want, but its just how things happened. B Now I’m in a position where I have to decide do I want this? B Am I ready to go into debt? B Am I ready to live in a house that is much more space then I need now nor intend to need in the next few years? B Do I want to beB committedB to something that will need constant fixing?

I love the house. B Correction I love the inside, but its an old Victorian from like 1890. B While the detail of it is beautiful; it was not maintained in the greatest way. B This house will require a lot of love, and by love I mean time and commitment. B Am I ready for a relationship with a house? B Am I ready to deal with a mortgage, real estate taxes, sewer fees, paint and all that fun that comes with a house.

Suddenly paying a condo fee in a cityB high-riseB doesn’t seem so bad.

Sorry for the off topic post but I had some things floating in my head I wanted to get out. B 10K results to follow!