July 4th & Bliss Spa

It’s Monday, and it’s not that I have the “Mondays” as much as long weekend is over and so is my life WAAAAAAHH! blues.

It was 95s most of the weekend and for the first time in a few years I decided to take a brake and relax.  Instead of waking up at 7AM to try to run while it was only 83 and not 93, I slept in, took 5 showers a day (sometimes 6 my current record) and play with the laser pointer and my cats.  And don’t worry, I took some videos such as the jump and the Jacko go round.  

On Wednesday, I got out of work early for the long weekend and went to Bliss Spa for a ginger wrap treatment.  (I had an expiring GiltCity voucher I needed to use).

Well first I started with a pretty great breakfast:

Guacamole!!! Of course I had to get an omelette and home fries.

Anyways back to Bliss Spa.  Its near Chinatown at the W-Hotel so gross location but swanky hotel.

The locker rooms were loaded with all the bliss products to use after your shower.

You then wait in this swanky waiting area couch with some refreshments.  I could have used some champagne too but I guess lemon ice water and their infamous brownies will have to do.

Now you might think this is torture:

But basically they lotion you up in real ginger and then foil you up to bake in the ginger.  It was nice but a little to hot for the 93 weather outside.

They have really awesome steam showers and multiple headed showers where you feel like you’re in a tropical forest.  However, I was a little hot and just took my cold shower, dosed myself in all the bliss products and moved on.

Zebra dress from Marshalls via Instagram Unvalidated 

Our July 4th started out healthy!

Okay, that was a lie, but it was FREE!  Nathan hotdog plus Italian ice, can it really ever get more American?  Malden does this free grill thing on the 4th in all it’s parks!

We searched 4 stores for a cooler but in the end all I purchased was a pair of shiny owl earrings from Old Navy.

Cajun Crawfish rolls from Stop & Shop which after I wiped down the mayo, tasted pretty good for supermarket sushi.  Anyone else ever buy impulse supermarket sushi?

Tony and I donned our red, pasty white and blue.  He refused to take a photo since he copied my outfit and instead I sneaked one in.

We went to a fabulous BBQ at a friend’s house were I was too busy eating and chatting to be a paparazzi.  Afterwards, we went to the Cambridge side of the Charles and watched what I believe is the best Fireworks show in the country!

Crackheaded smile for all!

And I know all of you had enough of instagram and vine video of fireworks.  But just in case you haven’t, here’s a taste of what Boston did! Instagram Unvalidated 

How was your July 4th?  See any fireworks?