Can you ever be too old for eating tacos on a weekly basis?

Day 6 of no running cleanse is done! B Luckily I felt no grand need to run today since it’s been pouring buckets all day.

I’ve been cravingB guacamoleB for days now, so this would be great excuse to make tacos! B Turkey taco salad with sautC)ed baby kale with a side of taco. B I had a hardworking day of packing.

Packing isB strenuous! B Thank god for Trader Joe’s B and their hot fresh salsa andB guacamole! B Yes, I think it’s normal to stand there with a spoon eating both items straight out of their packaging and then wondering why you feel full before your dinner is ready.

Friday, I finally gave in to all the hype ofB Tone It Up girls and tried their workouts. B I did one circuit of their Sunkissed Abs, MaliBooty, Goodness workout & Tone it up thighs. B Okay I have to confess I only made it through 2/3 of the reps they say to do but my butt was still sore when I woke up Saturday.

Other fun thing: Last night Tony & I finally had a chance to check out Fizz Ed’z. B A newish place that opened up right here in Malden in place of Honey Fizz. B I don’t mean to insult anyone’s lifestyle but no sane decent human being walked by Honey Fitz without feeling at minimum creeped out, and terrified of some of the questionables around. B Luckily Honey Fitz closed its doors and I was delighted at the sound of Fizz Ed’z when I heard the rumors.

I grew up in Brooklyn, lived in Boston and moved to Malden. B Needless to say the nightlife in Malden has been relatively unexciting; however, places like Fizz Ed’z are making me stay local on nights instead of driving across the river.

A funky/soul band was playing. B They were great! B Drinks were reasonably priced with around 3.50/4 for draft. The crowd was everything I like about Malden compared to Boston, a mix of rich & poor; young & old. B Everyone seemed to be having a great time, dancing to the beat! B There was also a giant TV in the room so I got to watch the final minutes of the Celtics game as they beat Miami! B Wooot!!!

IPhone camera fail

While I spent the day packing Jack spent the day cuddling with all my furry friends!

or maybe he was exhausted from the 30 minute almost walk we took on Thursday

Weekend of a packing cat lady

These are the final days of my shameless self promotion. B Please vote for me. B You don’t even need to watch the video. Just follow the link -B

The 3 day weekend has come and gone and I feel like nothing has been done. I guess that’s how all long weekends feel unless I go away somewhere. B I had a great Saturday exploring Charlsetown.

Sunday, after the Run to Remember Half B marathon I really wanted to take a nap. B Unlike other runners, 6AM wake ups don’t come naturally to me. B Good thing I had a practice wake up call at 5AM the day before from some A—H—-who was BLOW TORCHING a parking lot. B They should change their number from 1-800-sealers to 1-800-A77-H653. B This is the same building that used to wake me up last summer with their 6AM landscapers! A curse upon them!

Instead of a nap Tony & I went to the new house to do some yardwork. B I guess that’s what homeowners do on weekends. B Yardwork.

While I did things like this…

Other fun Sunday night activities include packing…

As you can tell from the countless photos of Jack Meower, I am slowly developing CLS. B Cat Lady Syndrome. B While other people post pictures of their babies on Facebook, I surround my wall with the cat instead. B Well I must confess I took this to a potential new level. B This is Jack’s first summer. B He has been meowing like crazy near all our doors and windows begging to go outside. B However, our streets are city streets surrounded with cars, crazy people, hawks and hunting dogs. B Jack being an outdoor cat is just not practical in my view. B So here’s my new solution.

Needless to say Day 1 of learning how to walk a cat did not get me very far. B I tried to walk, Jack tried to eat the grass and roll over instead. B Day 2 I decided to try out the front of the house instead. B Same story, but I did get him to walk down the stairs.

We even took a ride over to the new house so he can smell the grass there.

Aside from torturing my cat most of Sunday, I made an awesomeB breakfast! B I wanted to go to brunch but certain places decided that even though it’s a holiday because it’s Monday, they don’t do brunch. So instead I made a Baby Kale, Mushroom omeletteB with a side of Sunkist tomatoes and salsa.

There’s such thing as baby kale and it’s pretty yummy. B I didn’t know this because my ghetto supermarket can’t spell kale, let alone carry organic baby kale. We were driving through Burlington when I saw Roche Bros. B I knew it was an adventure awaiting. B I’ve never been to one before and was impressed with their clean empty aisles and the lack of a wholeB aisleB dedicated toB hot-dogs.B B I guess that’s the difference between a store in Chelsea and Burlington.

Do you ever like to check out otherB groceryB stores? B I used to work at Shaw’s in Allston (Albertson’s Supermarket for people on the West Coast) for a few years on weekends while I was in college. B That’s probably where my grocery store B B comparison habit started. B Plus I really loved food shopping and finding new things.

Have you ever seen anyone walk a cat before? B I haven’t but I read people online do it.