NYC Marathon Training Plan – Why I don’t follow training plans

Yup! I’ve caught ironman fever! Sure I don’t own a bike and I just learned how to swim but I’m already daydreaming about crossing the finish line. I want to be amazing just like this lovely and this lovely! I got ambitions and that can be good, however, I am taking a step back.

In a little over 3 months, I have my priority fall race. NYC marathon. My desires to run ultras and Ironmans and whatever other crazy dreams I have for my future will need to take a step back.

While I tend to run many races, this might be my one and only time I run New York marathon. Mostly the lottery ($11) and registration fee of a small fortune ($260+), will probably keep me from coming back to the familiar streets of NYC. Besides, about 11 miles of the course is in Brooklyn, and I can run that for free when I visit my parents.

Instead, I will attempt to commit myself to a new PR. I want to make the most of my NYC marathon opportunity. My current PR has been undefeated for over a year at 3:24. I will have obstacles. Many of which involve long work nights and weekends since Sept/Oct is my busy season for my job. The other obstacle while I’m less busy is summer heat and how running a 20 miler in the summer is miserable. I don’t enjoy it at all, no matter how hard I try to pretend I can run through the heat. However, my 10Ks, and half marathon times have gotten much better since 2012. Therefore, logically, there is no reason why I shouldn’t be able to PR in a marathon with enough training.

No Real reason for this photo, I just wanted to break up all the letters

Therefore, I need a plan. Whenever, I’m asked what my marathon training plan is, I always kind of mumble that I don’t have one. I have two general ideas.

1. Weekly mileage I want to hit

2. Weekly long run I want to achieve

and everything else is filler. True, I try to get in a medium long run, and a tempo run (or in my case pseudo tempo run attempts) and that’s about all.

Due to a certain personalty disorder I have never been able to follow a detailed plan, itinerary, schedule or anything. Marathon training, hasn’t changed that about me. For the most part, if I have a 10 miler on a day my legs feel like crap and a 5 miler on a day my legs feel great and I force myself to stick to said schedule, I will end up miserable and most likely injured. Instead, I follow a mostly intuitive mileage schedule with only one real schedule run: the long run.

I know there are many theories out there, and I am no expert, but for me, the one thing I cannot skimp on when training for a marathon or longer distance is the long run. Hitting those targets will either make or break my race. If my longest long run before a race is 16 miles, than 26.2 miles for me will be purely miserable. Would I finish? Yes, but I’ve come to run, not walk a race. Therefore, long runs, I need to be able to do them quick and easy like they are just another longer runch!

There are about 15 weeks before race day and the long runs will be done on either Saturday or Sunday but for simplicity I have it the Sunday date listed.

Week 1 – July 28 – 15 Miles – This ended up being a complete disaster but I am moving on

Week 2 August 4 – 16 Miles

Week 3 August 11 – 18 Miles

Week 4 August 18 – 20 Miles

Week 5 August 25 – 18 Miles

Week 6 September 1 – 22 Miles

Week 7 September 8 – 24 Miles

Week 8 September 15 – 20 Miles

Week 9 September 22 – 26.2 Marathon – Adirondack Marathon – Road

Week 10 September 29 – 20 Miles

Week 11 October 6 – 24 Miles

Week 12 October 13 – 31 Miles – TARC Fall Classic 50K – Trail

Week 13 October 20 – 24 Miles

Week 14 October 27 – 18 Miles

Week 15 November 3 – 26.2 Miles – NYC Marathon

Seems easy enough? Right?


Do you follow training plans or just wing it for races?

Missing a long run

Today’s run – 6.1 miles 55 minutes incline 3 with heavy legs

I missed another long run this weekend and I almost (well more like kinda) freaked out.  I had my heart set on doing the Montreal Marathon (even though I’m not even sure I’ll be free to go).  And no I didn’t make it up today, instead I took the cat for a walk and made nachos.

I know I can complete another marathon but I would prefer to run it, not walk it in misery.  If I don’t get in at least 3 20 miles or more, I’ll switch to the half.  I just need to breathe and remind myself…

“Listen Liana, you and I need to have a talk… Chill out… no seriously CHILL OUT! You ran over 64 miles last week. Yes part of it was 16 to catch up for a missed long run the week before but none the less that’s still 64 miles.

You love sleep… just remember all those morning hours you spend fondly with your pillow and blanket… yea you would have to give up a lot of those hours to run before the heat and even then it’s no guarantee.

Did I mention you ran 64 miles which is more than enough even with no long run?

Also you signed up for not one but TWO more marathons.  Even if you sit out the September one, you still have the Newport one in October or the Philly one in November.

Chill out, enjoy the summer, have a short run and enjoy your beer. Running a half empty marathon instead of a full is not the worst thing in the world.”

Well now that I had that reminder, I’m going to relax.  So while I did not finish a long run, I did run 23 miles this weekend.

Saturday 10 miles – Average Pace of 8:41 on a hot muggy day.  I could have ran a little faster but I was running with Tony and I prefer company over speed these days.  Problem with heat that unlike cold, it is not a great motivator to run faster.

Sunday 13 miles – I wanted to run at the Y and in less than 100% humid air-conditioned room but as I jogged the half mile to the gym I was smacked in the face with this:

Now you’re wondering why I went for a long run so late?  Well I got motivated to clean over 90 windows in my #VictorianHouseProblems house. That’s counting each panel but not the storms.  I don’t know why, I must have been possessed.  Even with hours of work I didn’t get too far beyond the  Kitchen.  I hate windows, smash them all!

The reason I even went to the Y was aside from humidity, it was getting crazy dark and looked like it was about to downpour.  Well the downpour stayed as light rain for about 11 miles when it started to pour.  I tried to keep running and lasted a little over 2 more miles before I called it quits at 13.5 miles for the day.  I know 13 miles is no short distance but it was very disheartening when I tried so hard to make my 18.  My pace was slower than usual because I kept it easy for hills and hopeful distance.  Average pace was around 9 minute miles.

On Saturday I got to attend one of the most fun and beautiful weddings I’ve ever been to!  I couldn’t have been more happier to be part of this great union.

It was at a castle

With the biggest filet mignon I’ve ever seen

And a beautiful ocean side outdoor reception

Did I mention it was at a castle where we ended the night with sparklers?

And yes runners clean up well!

Boston Marathon Photos & Sunday Run

I tried going for a 20 miler today, I really tried and I did really good for 15 miles at about an average pace of 8:15 before my left knee went “hey buddy I’m not longer having fun” and so I limped/ran the last 1.5 miles home. Its okay, I’m happy with my good enough 16.5 miler instead. B I ordered new shoes. B DailyMile says that including today I ran 850 miles in 2012. B I’m not sure how many miles this pair has since I run in 2 pairs between work and home but from sometime in Dec/Jan its most likely around 400 miles per pair. B I may be 5ft tall but I must stump around like a 300 pound 7 ft ogre. B So instead, today I got reunited with Agent Orange & the Ice Princess.

So marathon foto is slowlyB tricklingB in more photos of me so I figured I’d share. B I have to admit these photographers are pretty darn good and almost make it tempting for me to buy them but at 70 bucks a piece I rather spend the dough on another registration fee. B I’m not really big on havingB billboardB size photos of myself around the house. B I prefer to stare at myself in tiny form instead.

I don’t know how, but they even got photos of me running. B I did so little of that on Monday that I must admit I am impressed with their ninja photo skills. B That looks like after I gave Tony my handheld and stole his water bottle.

I love this! B This pretty much subs up my mood for the race. B Exhaustion and misery. B But hey the guy behind me has a white number! B Fast or slow, we all got whacked by the heat!

Another running photo, this must be near the finish line where I knew photos were getting taken so I sucked in my stomach cramps and roughed it out for the .2 miles to the finish line.

How many miles or months do your running shoes last? B I’m curious if I’m a record for shoe destroying skills.

Lets get ready to rummmmmmmmmmbbbblee

The Challenger


The Frenemy


The winner?

Let’s call it a draw. B I made it 19 miles (I justified that since I had a mile to walk home from the train and 19 treadmill miles = at least 20 outside miles since there’s no way to make that thing go downhill, just work with me okay!) B But I will not be listing my time. B I think it was an average of over 10min miles because I would take a stretching break, or a crawl up in a ball and pray break. B I did try Gu Chumps. B It tasted good, but I don’t think my stomach approved, or maybe it was the running 19 miles on a treadmill that made me feel like vomit. B Either way, I’m counting this as a 20 miler and I have 3 left until the big day. B Hopefully next weekend’s weather will go above 15B Fahrenheit so my fingers won’t have the risk of frostbite.

Do you ever take your long runs onto a treadmill?

How do you fuel for those 20 milers?