Ferry Street Food & Drink – Malden Date Night

Tony and I like to try to keep up with all the new dining options that are opening up in Malden. It used to be easy, since quite frankly, there were little to none options. It’s pizza or pizza. However, it seems that now amazing restaurants are opening up all over the place in our own backyard. Last night we decided to check out Ferry Street Food & Drink.

We heard there’s free bar snacks from 5-7. Since the MBTA has been awful lately, I decided that I’ll have better luck running home. So runmute it was! It’s about 7.3 miles to my house and I like to end on a round mileage, 8.1 miles in under 64 minutes, proceeded by the fastest shower know to women kind.

photo (1)

From the office to a dress in under 70 minutes! Take that orange line, I know you can’t beat me. Don’t worry, I didn’t run in Toms haha.

Ferry Street Food (5)

When we got to Ferry street, we had the option of sitting at the Bar or table. We decided that since it was fairly slow and it was just me and Tony that we would grab a seat at the bar. The place was going for a gastropub type of vibe with exposed beautiful woodwork and license plates from the owner’s grandfather’s house.

Ferry Street Food (3)

The restaurant was opened by a husband and wife team that graduated from Johnson & Wales and wanted to create an establishment that felt like they were entertaining guests in their own home. When we got there at 6:50, the place was a bit empty, but definitely picked up by 7:30.

Ferry Street Food (4)

Our bartender/waitress was a delight! She was friendly and patient with all my beer questions. They had a ton of draft, can and bottle options ranging from local to the region, to domestic and I think a few international. Tony and I started with some free bar snacks that reminded me of Granada and free tapas back in Spain.

Tony got a Mystic Saison Renaud and I got Jack’s Abby Hoponius Union as we split some olives and house pate. 

The one thing about the menu was that there was no light options or vegetable sides. So Tony and I decided to split an appetizer and entrée.

We started with the meatballs glazed with Texas style BBQ over cheddar grits. OMG, why has this never been done on the east coast before?

Ferry Street Food (1)

It was absolutely delicious and I probably would have eaten the whole portion on my own if I didn’t have to share.

The dinner menu is short, but all of the options looked good. I think it’s seasonal and will probably change, but right now you could get a burger, braised rabbit, roasted chicken, pork sandwich, fish of the day and steak. For our entree with chose that fish of the day which was fried trout.

Ferry Street Food (2)

The steak fries were made fresh of course and had a nice little kick to it. The trout was fried up. Unfortunately the pickles were sweet and I prefer kosher dills only but the coleslaw more than made up for the pickle disappointment.

There was a dessert menu, but we were stuffed enough that I couldn’t imagine eating any more.

Overall, we had a great time at Ferry Street. I do wish they had a vegetarian option because as much as I love my fried food, I like to try to get some nutrients on the side. However, we’ll definitely be returning there for the meatballs and grits app! Or maybe just some beers and dessert next time.


Can you keep up with all the local restaurants in your area? Try any place new recently?

Friday Fab – Eating, Spinning, Juicing

It’s been one of the coldest weeks of winter this year, and yet, I’ve managed to do so much this week! Brownie points for staying active and social.

1. Went out to dinner on a triple date with some besties to Tornado – A swank little number that just opened up in Malden. They serve Asian inspired tapas. At first I was worried it would be like an overpriced Dim Sum, but it proved to be anything but.

photo 1

We pretty much ordered everything off their menu to eat and drink

photo 3

Time for Thyme Martini, oysters, quinoa salad, muscles, fried oysters, tuna poke

photo 4

Tuna Ceviche, truffle fries, pork confetti, thai wings, duck, seafood pasta

and there was plenty more that was eaten before I remembered to photograph! Not a cheap meal, but quite a mouthgasmic experience.

2. Flywheel – A new spin studio called Fly Wheel opened up in Boston and I got to check it out with some yelpers.

photo 5

They provide bike shoes and towels. What’s also really cool are performance metrics! I have to confess I’m not a big fan of spin. It’s hard and I feel like since I have nothing concrete to gauge my effort on, that I have nothing to track. This whole use level 10 effort vs 8 vs 3, makes no sense to me. I’m a CPA with a finance background, so numbers, those make sense. Perceived effort? Useless! Luckily, Flywheel is a leader in giving you performance metrics. You get Torq (which is your resistance), RPM, and a power meter! You can also login later and get more stats like Torq, Speed, Power, Distance and even Calories Burned. I love it, absolutely love how you can track the metrics.

photo 3 (1)

Love the bikes with the metrics! I did learn a lesson, shorts that are great for running, don’t work well in spin. Thank god the room was dark, cause I’m pretty sure the person behind me saw more than they cared to during position 3.

3. Fruitata – A juice bar (typed bra 4 times before I got it right) at the PRU!

photo 1 (1)

A few steps away from Fly Wheel is Fruitata, an organic Juice bar that opened up sometime in the summer. We sampled a few different ones as well. To pick my favorite, would be impossible since they’re all insanely good.

photo 2 (2)

I ended up with a Kirachi Kale (all juices are named after a city!) with a shot of hemp protein so some rebuilding.

4. Did you hear about this guy who tripped over a wire or something at the IRS and sued and won 862K. Keep in mind the IRS is funded by tax payers and the only true losers is each tax paying citizen. Also the guy was meeting with the IRS cause he owed over 60K in taxes that he should have paid. Scumbag what?

5. What’s better than a hot dog?

photo 2



Do you like spinning? Tell me about your favorite spin studio if you do?

Malden Eats – Oya Cuba Cafe & Sun Kong Dim Sum

This blog has been mostly running and no munching, so here’s an update on a few new Malden eats that I’ve discovered and am in love with.

Oya Cafe – I’ve been stalking and waiting for Oya to open up since November if not earlier because let’s face it, Malden sadly has limited fine dining options to eat.  We like to call fancy, any pizza joint that has a table cloth.

Oya Cafe has opened and I rejoiced.  It’s a chic Cuban cafe by Malden Square with a great lunch and dinner menu.  I’m still hoping they’ll have a brunch menu eventually.  A girl can hope!

Oyá cafeRopa Vieja – Braised Shredded Beef with Sauté Red Peppers, Onions, Garlic, and Sofrito, Served with White Rice, and Tostones.

That was seriously, probably the most delicious meat I’ve ever eaten.  Very tender with lots of sweat juicey flavor from the red peppers

Oyá cafe

Soup, Tony’s dad order.  I didn’t taste but it looked very pretty.

Oyá cafe

Cuban sandwich that took serious commitment that Tony and I were able to fulfill.

The order place we have become regulars at is Sun Kong in Malden for dim sum.  While we don’t speak a word of Chinese and the wait staff don’t speak English, we meet in the center with the language of pointing.

Sun Kong Malden

Steamed sweat pork buns

Sun Kong Malden 2Fried scallion  pork dumpling, sesame balls with red bean paste, and fried sesame ball shrimp goodness.  Not official names but it’s what they are.

Sun Kong Malden 3

Our first attempt at ordering the steamed sweat pork buns ended up with the baked version.  Bottom is another fried shrimp goodness but not as good at the sesame version and soupy dumplings.

Yum yum! And doesn’t require a trip to Chinatown!

Have you found any good local eats lately?

Moving and dining on Sri-Lankan yummies

I’ve been off topic in the Run to Munch world. B Well not off topic, still munching just not running. B On Monday I saw the ART/(Active Release Technique) doctor. B I get all my information even medical from Wikipedia so here’s what I learned. But basically after enough poking & pulling B I left the doctor’s office a little sore but feeling great! B I was too busy to test out my legs/butt on Tuesday but on Wednesday and Thursday I had two great runs!

They were slow runs but after 10 days of not running I was just happy to be back on my trusty semi rusty treadmill. B I pounded 6.7 miles on Wednesday and 8 on Thursday both at or just below 9 minute miles.

Then Friday came and my left butt/leg felt tight and wrong again. B It’s not painB per sayB but a dull ache has returned. B I did have a follow-up appoint where some more poking and pulling went on and I felt better. He showed me some more stretches that made me realize just how much more tight my left hip is compared to my right hip. B That probably explains why I’m always gettingB injuredB in that area. B I pulled my hipflexor before in boxing so injuries in that area seem to be a constant theme. B Parts of it are from sitting at a desk all day and then going to intense bursts of activity. B Or doing intense bursts of activity and then sitting all day.

I actually haven’t been too depressed about the lack of running because I’ve been super busy with trying to figure out how to pack. B Packing sucks! B The only thing worst then packing was is going to be unpacking!

On Thursday we learned how to change our own locks!

Total savings so far $500. B Why are locksmiths so expensive?

Saturday was moving day where we had help from some cool kids! B Most important object moved?

Why? B Because he’s carrying some very important cargo!

Jack did his part in the packing insanity…

He kept guard of my purses!

After the boys and girl helped us move all our crap from one home to the new home, we took them out for food. B It was the least we could do after all the furniture and misc boxes of stuff we probably don’t really need that they helped us move. B Tony and I wanted to take them somewhere thatB exemplifiesB Malden’s diversity and the growing food “scene.” B We picked outB BIRYANI PARKB .

Biryani Park prides itself on cooking healthy, authentic cuisine prepared with the freshest, top quality, organic ingredients. B According to the Malden Patch, Pramilla Mathews describes the preparations as bhealthy and straight from the heartb. B At first bite you can tell that Pramilla, a Sri Lankan native and her chef, South Indian Veeramuchu Managati have prepared each dish with care and love.B The cuisines of Sri Lanka and Southern India tend to offer food that is gently steamed, rather than cooked in Ghee (clarified butter) found in much of Northern Indian cooking, It is redolent with savory, aromatic spice blends, coconut milk, and often features fresh seafood.B These cuisines are also renowned for their treatment of vegetables; it is a healthful and balanced cuisine. B Great for both full-time, part-time and semiB vegetariansB like me.

When you first walk in you feel like you left Malden and walked into someone’s kitchen in another country. The tables, random pieces of furniture and the TV playing Indian music with a radio playing elsewhere don’t seem like it would go together. B Yet somehow everything works! B We sat down in a round table with a party of 6. B Pramilla came over and asked us if we wanted any of the dishes explained. B We asked a few questions and quickly got to studying the menu. B The options were endless but decisions had to be made!

We ordered a ton of food! B Mango lassis were an immediate start. B It was 4:30 PM and aside from eating donuts (best donuts ever though from Donut Villa) all day and moving, we were starved. B As an appetizer we got the Samosa Chaat.

AB B sweet and spicy chaat made with a delicate mix of samosas, chickpeas, yogurt, mint and tamarind sauce, garnished with our fresh herbs and spices. B We passed this bad boy around a table of 6 people and it worked out pretty good.

For entrees we made a slight mistake. B We ordered too much! B As American diners we’re not used to ordering family style so when we order an entree we expect the portions to be only big enough for 1 person or 1.5 at most. B We did not expect each dish to be able to feed 2-3 people! B Pramilla tried to warn us but I think we were too tired to be smart enough to understand.

Here is an example of one dish we ordered. B It’s a veggie dish with one cabbage curry, one pumpkin curry, lentils, okra, rice, couscous and the chip thing on top. B It was my favorite thing ordered!

Other things ordered include Chicken Vindoloo, Curry Chicken, a meat version of the curry platter and I’m sure a few things I’m forgetting. B No photos because I was too busy stuffing my face but I promise they were just as blog worthy. We did eat family style passing eat plate around the table. B At the end we had enough leftovers to feed 3 people.

OverallB BIRYANI PARKB B was a great experience. B Tony and I plan on returning there to try out more dishes from there extensive menu. B For those interested in price our total came out to approx $20 per person but that’s because we each had a lassi or fresh squeeze juice ($2.99) and an entree. B You can probably ordered in a smarter way with 1 entree for each 2 people and end up with a total of $13-$15 per person and still have some leftovers.

Bike to the Sea Fundraising Ride

On Sunday was the 20th annual Bike to the Sea community ride. B When I lived in Somerville, aside from walking, biking was my primary method of transportation, especially to Brookline & Cambridge. B Upon moving to Malden my bike has been gathering dust in the basement. B I’m ashamed to admit that I am not brave enough to share the road with cranky Northshore drivers. B Cambridge, Somerville & Brookline did a fabulous job adding bike lanes and making their neighborhoods more bike friendly. B I know Malden is a long way from bike lanes but I still dream that this trend will hit the other side of the Mystic River. B There’s a lot of work, but Bike to the Sea is a step in the right direction.

I’m copying & pasting with someB paraphrasingB a little bit about the Bike to the Sea project from B2C’sB website.

“B2C promotes the development of a bicycle and pedestrian trail from the Malden area to the beaches of Lynn and Revere.B The trail will begin along the Malden River in Everett near the proposed TeleCom City where it will connect to trails heading to Boston and Medford. Heading north to Malden, then east, the trail travels past the locations of the old Maplewood and Linden rail stations to the spectacular vistas of Rumney Marsh in North Revere. Local families will be able to pedal to the Saugus Ironworks or the Saugus River and then to a pathway along the Lynn Waterfront that will connect to Nahant and Revere Beaches.

The largest ride of the year is “Bike to the Sea” held at the end of June. Over 100 families and friends join us for a ride to the beach escorted by local bicycle police. Funds raised at B2C Day have been donated to develop a preliminary design and cost estimate for the bicycle trail and an aerial survey. B2C volunteers regularly participate in local bicycle fairs held by the schools, Junior Police and the Kiwanis. Members also promote safer streets for bicyclists, better parking at MBTA stations and bicycle commuting to Boston. B2C works with MassBike, Rails to Trails and East Coast Greenway.”

Sadly the weather for the 2012 Bike to the Sea was not the greatest. B However, several of us still made it out, bikes & helmets in check. B To get to the start of the trail I had to bike 1 mile from home. B I was a little bit nervous since this would be my first time biking in Malden. B Luckily it was 8AM on a Sunday and all the usually crappy drivers were not out andB aboutB yet.

There was a lot of dust on my bike that’s been sitting idly calling my name. B I wasn’t even sure I still knew how to ride a bike!

The bike ride started on what will soon be the first mile of the Northern Strand trail.

After 10.7 slow escorted miles everyone made it to the beach!

I shivered and munched on some blueberries as we waited for everyone to reach the beach andB assembleB for the return trip. B While I was shivering wishing I had a parka with me, some crazies went for a swim.

The bike trip ended at the Dockside. B There was promise of pizza. B Not sure what happened but we were greeted with salad and pasta instead. B When you’re hungry, food is food so I munched in two plates worth.

There was even cake!

After the cake, pizza came out. B So we eventually did get our promised pizza. B You would think that munching on pasta and cake would prevent everyone jumping for pizza once it came out an hour later. B Nope!

I had a mile bike ride back to home. B This time the scary drivers were out and about. B Sadly I had to use a combination of sidewalks and roads to make it home safely. B There’s not that many pedestrians in Malden so as much as I hate sidewalk biking it was not the worst crime in the world. B I saw these little cute fellows on my return trip.

If you live in the Boston area specifically: Everett, Malden, Revere, Saugus, Lynn area please check out and support the Northern Strand Trail. B More information about the Bike to the Sea project is here. B If you’re from Lynn please talk to your mayor and city officials. B Unless I misunderstood, at the moment Lynn is the only community that hasn’t agreed to the Northern Strand Trail proposal and is part of the hold up.

Can you ever be too old for eating tacos on a weekly basis?

Day 6 of no running cleanse is done! B Luckily I felt no grand need to run today since it’s been pouring buckets all day.

I’ve been cravingB guacamoleB for days now, so this would be great excuse to make tacos! B Turkey taco salad with sautC)ed baby kale with a side of taco. B I had a hardworking day of packing.

Packing isB strenuous! B Thank god for Trader Joe’s B and their hot fresh salsa andB guacamole! B Yes, I think it’s normal to stand there with a spoon eating both items straight out of their packaging and then wondering why you feel full before your dinner is ready.

Friday, I finally gave in to all the hype ofB Tone It Up girls and tried their workouts. B I did one circuit of their Sunkissed Abs, MaliBooty, Goodness workout & Tone it up thighs. B Okay I have to confess I only made it through 2/3 of the reps they say to do but my butt was still sore when I woke up Saturday.

Other fun thing: Last night Tony & I finally had a chance to check out Fizz Ed’z. B A newish place that opened up right here in Malden in place of Honey Fizz. B I don’t mean to insult anyone’s lifestyle but no sane decent human being walked by Honey Fitz without feeling at minimum creeped out, and terrified of some of the questionables around. B Luckily Honey Fitz closed its doors and I was delighted at the sound of Fizz Ed’z when I heard the rumors.

I grew up in Brooklyn, lived in Boston and moved to Malden. B Needless to say the nightlife in Malden has been relatively unexciting; however, places like Fizz Ed’z are making me stay local on nights instead of driving across the river.

A funky/soul band was playing. B They were great! B Drinks were reasonably priced with around 3.50/4 for draft. The crowd was everything I like about Malden compared to Boston, a mix of rich & poor; young & old. B Everyone seemed to be having a great time, dancing to the beat! B There was also a giant TV in the room so I got to watch the final minutes of the Celtics game as they beat Miami! B Wooot!!!

IPhone camera fail

While I spent the day packing Jack spent the day cuddling with all my furry friends!

or maybe he was exhausted from the 30 minute almost walk we took on Thursday

The Fine Dining of Malden

Now that Malden is becoming a much more of a permanent home for me, I’m getting more into the local dining scene. B To say dining scene is a bit of anB exaggeration, but there’s a lot of happening things going on! B A few months ago we even had a “Taste of Malden” event which featured a ton of delicious local dining establishments. B For those of you closer to downtown Boston you’re probably more familiar with “Taste of South End”, “Taste of North End”, “Taste of Somerville”, etc; however, next year I highly recommend you take a ride on the Orange Line to my hood and check out “Taste of Malden.” B I promise you won’t get shot.

I’ll start of with a great casual lunch spot. B Abiata Cafe & MarketB forB EthiopianB & MediterraneanB food. B Very casual family owned spot. B They’re open for lunch and dinner. B I also heard their breakfast is really good but I haven’t woken up early enough to go yet.

YemisirB -Wat -B Split lentil sauce made with flavorful berbere-based seasoning with salad

Yesiga WatB – beef simmered in Ethiopian chili blend sauce, clarified butter and exotic Ethiopian spices with salad

My next place just opened up in Malden Square that I’m super excited about. B A mexican restaurant called Guadalajara Grill. B Tony took me and his mother here for Mother’s day dinner and I loved it! B Entrees are in the $10-$20 range and come in giant portions made from qualityB ingredients. B I believe they’re a sister restaurant to Mexico LindoB in Melrose. B Also quite delicious! B They have one of the best margarita mixes that are freshly made with no sour mix.

A margarita isn’t just recommended, its a must if you go there!

Fajita Salad.

They have outdoor seating but I think the booths and tables inside are just too cute!

Tony is having theB Torito Steak (12oz. top sirloin steak, flamed broiled with sauteed mushrooms, green and redB peppers, onions and tomatoes, covered with a special Mexican sauce and meltedB cheese)B and his mother the Albondigas SoupB (B A delicious Mexican soup made with fresh minted pork meatballs and seasonal B vegetables in clear broth. Served with diced onions, fresh cilantro and warm tortillas)

My final place is a bit of something old school, Italian food! B Now when you first walk into Massimo’s RistoranteB you might be thrown back by all the different themes they have going on. B They have everything from wood paneling to exposed brickB to gold ceilings, and some very creepy decorations that you’ll just have to see for yourself. B Don’t let that deter you because when the food comes out, it holds its ground. Tony and I took our parents there when mine came up from New York last weekend.

Seafood Alla Paul – Shrimp, calamari, scallops, swordfish, clams, mussels,
and scallops in a light tomato with homemade pasta!

My mom gave me a dirty look when I tried to take a piece of her Veal/Eggplant combo so I’m assuming it was good!

The rest of the family seems to enjoy their selection as well

Dessert was a lobster tail (picture a giant cannoli) and a Bailey’s chocolate cake. B Bailey’s cake was my favorite!