Boston Marathon Tracking, Fear, Terror, and Goals

I’m excited for Monday and to be running again. The weather is looking great (for now).

To get cell phone alerts of my running times, you can:

Text “14603” to phone number “345678”

I start around 10:30AM and I think there’s going to be 4 alerts between start and finish.


Am I afraid?

Ever since 2:40 PM, 4/15/2013, the second or sometimes first question I get in regards to the Boston Marathon (and to a degree NYC marathon last year) is this. The answer is YES. I’m always afraid, but the truth of it all, I’ve been afraid way before last year. I don’t remember the last time I felt safe in a public crowd. Maybe some time before 9/11/2001 when I got the introduction terror first into my life. I work on a top floor of the tallest building in Boston and every time a plane or a helicopter flies by, I flinch. Every time I step into a parade, or a music festival, I think about how this is a breeding ground for not just outside “terrorists” but anyone to let their “crazies” out. Even when it’s not crowded, there’s really very little to keep someone from doing anything terrifying like many of the school and workplace shootings that seem to have become an acceptable event in our society today.

So yes, I’m afraid; but, if I let this fear, doubt and terror keep me from doing anything, I’d never leave my house. And then how else would I go for my run? 😉

What’s my goal?

When I started training for Boston, I wanted to train for a 3:20 or faster, GOAL A.

I wanted my average pace to be around 7:30. which gives me a 3:17, but I’ll need those extra 3 minutes for heartreak strokes. But then winter happened and as the Starks say, it’s coming and coming and only got worse. Okay, not exact words, but if more were alive, they would say it. Paths that I usually run on, have been covered in snow for months forcing me to share the road with cars and potential texting drivers. My weekend long runs turned slower and shorter. It was cold, but I can’t use that excuse since I like the cold, however, snow, no thank you. My work schedule ended up being a lot more demanding in March and April, limiting my peak month in those medium long runs that I believe are so valuable.

My GOAL B is to PR on the course. So sub 3:26. A lot more reasonable considering I ran a 3:22 a few months earlier. The course is mostly downhill and is to my advantage.

My GOAL C is to BQ on the course, sub 3:35

GOAL D – Let’s not go this far!

Regardless, I can’t wait! I run a ton of races a year, because I don’t want one race to make or break me; but Boston is so much more than just another race. I’m so excited to see my friends and family along the route! Collecting hugs is almost as fun as crossing the mile markers.

NYC Marathon Goals and Halloween

Hope everyone had a great Halloween! We had some very adorable trick or treaters (babies!!!) and some way too old trick or treaters (high school boys running around shirtless as Romans eww)..

Yup me and Jack had a blast.

Photo: Are we tired from giving out candy or eating it ourselves? #neverghost #halloween #catsofinstagram #catmama #furbaby

I don’t know what made us more tired, giving out treats or eating them ourselves. Did you know that one snack size peanut butter Snickers has 130 calories. Oops.. Good thing I’m running a marathon this weekend.

Speaking of marathons?

The weather predicted for Sunday has been dropping from 58 to 54 to 48 degrees with winds up to 19MPH! At rate the rate the temps are going, I expect it to be Antarctic weather by the time I get to start running.

So I packed everything I own! I’ve been procrastinating with dropping off my donation bin so I had a ton of throwaway layers including a very old winter coat I used for snowboarding.

So the goals:

Do I have goals? Hopes? Dreams? Sure! Reality? I’ll be happy running and finishing. I’m trying a few new things this round. Tapering.. Yea I’m not sure if I believe in this taper theory but we’ll see. I’m at about 20 miles going into the race. Then again taper is all relative considering Bill Rodgers ran 120 miles the week he won the NYC marathon. Yes, that was a drop down from his usual 160 mile weeks. So it’s all relative. Kinda like speed.

Goal A – Sub 3:20 – I’ve been trying this for a while. We’ll see.

Goal B – Sub 3:24:15 – Everyone loves a PR?

Goal C – To Finish

My plan is to start with the 3:15 pace group and cling for my life. Yea, I read all the warnings about how this should be a negative split race, but I’m all about being positive. I run fast when my heart and soul is in it. My heart and soul gets tired after 20 miles, no matter what pace I go at. As soon as the last 10K comes, I mentally tend to check out and start to hurt. So my apologies to my imaginary couch, I will start faster than I should but I’ve run enough marathons to know myself better than science.

My training. My training lately has been right on cue. I’ve been hitting most of my running goals. I’ve done most of my long runs and the majority worked out. Only thing lacking? I wish I had a bit more medium long runs under my belt. Those midweek 10-15 milers I usually like to do in a training cycle. That didn’t happen. I ended up breaking them up into an 8 miler and a 4 miler on a good day. Can you do a run in two parts and still have the same effect? We’ll see.

Anyways, I’ll be off to NY now on a bus from Boston. My plan is to hit up the expo after 5PM with giant bag and all.

Here’s the link for the mobile app that can be used to track runners on race day (I doubt the runner tracking part will work as intended)
– My bib number is 7392 (blue start) I will be starting at approx 9:50 (Wave 1, Corral 7)

Will you be in NYC this weekend?

Any last tips?