Weekly Recap – Miles and Miles to go

To be honest my goals have been a bit manic lately as I train for multiple events that only partially go together. I’m torn between trying to get more mileage for my 50 miler trail run in June with getting more biking in for my half ironman in September. Let’s not ignore the swimming part too that I’ve avoided 100% since September. So a little explanation.

  • I’m going high mileage because the trails are frozen and I figured I can over compensate in mileage for the lack of trail running I’ve been doing.
  • I’m trying to build a biking base with my trainer. Since I’ve never really biked before, I figured any time on the trainer is better than nothing. I’m hoping to focus in on some rides over the summer when the roads are not covered with a foot of snow that barely a pedestrian and a car can get through.
  • My mileage in biking and running will be much higher in February vs. March since I’ll be more busy with work next month. Just like I like to bank in a race on time, I like to bank on miles to make up for busier months.
  • Boston Marathon will most likely still be my A race with Little Rock and Atlanta marathons as training runs for Boston and TARC 50 miler.
  • Thinking about running 50 miles makes me want to crawl in a hole; I hope this view changes when I can step on a trail without snowshoes on.
  • Swimming – I know I’ve been slacking. It’s cold, and the sidewalks are all icy. I’m giving myself until the snow melts to keep slacking, then I’m gonna have to start working on a swimming base again.
  • Strength – I should really do something about this. I was informed that carrying a gym-bag does not count as weight lifting

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Monday – 7 Miles
Lesson of the day was that if I start of slow, I can finish strong. Progressive run to an average pace of 8 min per mile on Incline 3.

Tuesday – 8 Miles
My usual treadmill was taken so I had to use the crappy one that always tells me no user detected. Aside from some mumbling, I was happy for the break since this one is easier to run on than my usual one. 7:35 pace

Wednesday – 10 Miles
Ran 8 miles at incline 3 and cooled of with 2 miles on incline 2. 8:02 average pace for the whole run

Thursday – 10 Miles + 33 Trainer Ride
Reversed from my usual. I did 8 miles at incline 2, 7:32 pace and ended it with 2 miles at incline 3 for those evil races that like to end on a hill. Average pace of 7:42

In the evening I thought it would be a great idea to do a long trainer ride since I was going skiing on Saturday. Biked for 1 hour and 45 minutes to what my Garmin told me was 33 miles, but who knows the actual distance.

Friday – 3.1 Mile Run
I was really tired from the long ride on Thursday so I took it easy. Figured a nice little 5K to recover with. 7:44 pace.

Saturday – Cross Country Ski 3 miles?
So the distance is not record-breaking, but it involved taking a lesson and making your own path because the trails we paid to use did not have tracks. Inclines definitely got me sweating!

Sunday – 20 Miles
I was going to go run outside, but as I looked at the fresh layer of powder dumped Saturday night, I changed my mind. I told myself, I have Monday off, maybe I’ll run long then. I went to the basement to run 9 miles since I like keeping 50 running miles per week.

At mile 9 I still felt fresh and decided to keep going with the latest episode of the Blacklist. By 12.9 Miles when my treadmill timer reset I was still feeling solid, so I was like okay, let’s just do the long run now. At my rough Boston Draft, I was supposed to be on a 16 miler so I figured just another 5K to stay on track for Boston. By the time 16 miles came, I was like let’s do 2 more since I did 16 last week. When 18 came, I was pretty tired and done with running, but I still had a little gas in the tank, so I was like why not do 2 more to get to 20 miles! No, I was not able to get myself to run .2 more for my usual habit of ending runs on a .2 or .1.

This would be my first treadmill 20 miler in over 2 years. I did one when I was training for my first marathon. This would also be a new distance for my crappy home treadmill that I previously maxed out at 13.1 miles on.

To what can I dedicate this run to? Episode of Blacklist, New Girl, Mindy Show and a fresh pair of new shoes!

Total Miles 111.2 Miles

Total Biked 50 Miles

Total Ran 61.2 Miles

Total Feelings – With the exception of crazy insomnia Thursday night, my legs feel great

How did your week go? Feel free to link up in the comments!

#RnRNola Marathon – Thoughts and Expectations

In about 4 days I will once again toe that line. The line that starts the journey of 26.2 and beyond before it ends. Between the spring and the fall I’ve gotten very comfortable racing. My 50 miler training last year made it really easy to bang out a marathon and a 20 miler in one weekend. Okay, maybe not easy, but it got done with a sub 4 hour marathon. Winter training has been a brutal story this year. This will be my 3rd winter running and the coldest, iciest yet. To be honest, I don’t know what to expect in New Orleans, I know I’ll finish, but how the journey happens, I’ll have to wait until Sunday to find out.

photo (2)


  • This is a flat course which makes it easier than say a hilly course.
  • It’s going to be nice and warm, reaching up to the 70s
  • I ran four 20 milers in the past month
  • I’ve been having some killer tempo runs


  • It’s going to be nice and warm reaching into the 70s which might feel like 100 degrees for someone used to running in 20 degree weather. I’m hoping my treadmill runs at work where the gym is kept at 70 will prepare me for it.
  • Two of the four 20 milers were done 13 days before race day
  • I introduced biking into my training to further build up fatigue
  • Current forecast says thunderstorms – I’m really scared of lightening!
  • If it doesn’t rain, it will probably be humid
  • Since I took most of November and part of December off, my training has been less than 2 months

Basically, at the root of it all, I feel severely under trained for the distance at my targeted pace. I just don’t have enough long or medium long runs under my belt for this training cycle. Have I gotten faster? Yes, but can I hold my pace for my distance? Probably not. I’m targeting a 7:30 pace. However, due to the snow and ice on the roads, I haven’t really trained race pace on my long runs, leaving me a little nervous.

Why haven’t I switched distance? 

I have flirted with the idea of running a half marathon to see what my fitness would be. I would love to PR; however, I booked this marathon a year in advance and most likely won’t be returning to New Orleans soon. I’m passively tying to collect all 50 states. I’m not a marathon maniac member (cause I don’t want to pay to join), but I like the idea of running this distance in every state. Besides, I got plenty more marathons in the Spring, so this can just be another training run!

Regardless, rain or shine, I really can’t wait to eat gumbo, crayfish, and jambalaya! Drooling just thinking about the food.

Have you ever been to New Orleans? Any suggestions?

Weekly Recap – 100 Miles of Sweat

Monday – 22.2 Miles
Since I missed my long run over the weekend, I had some catching up to do. 8:28 pace while I slipped and slid over the same 2 mile path over and over again.

Tuesday – 8 Miles, 15 miles biking on trainer
I tried to take it easy but ended up in the grey of 7:45 pace on incline 2. My spin class got canceled cause of the winter storm we had, so I biked 15 miles at 17MPH according to the Garmin. Who knows if that’s even true.

Wednesday – 10 Miles
Ran this in two parts, 8 miles at incline 3, 2 at incline 2. Average pace 8:05 per my notes but I forgot what each individual run was

photo 4 (3)

Thursday – 8 Miles
7:37 Pace during lunch. Tried harder but did not reach my 7:30 pace. Bad sleep, lots of coughing. Went to a 7:30PM spin class afterwork. Don’t know my distance for that.

Friday – 2 Miles
Just a little shake to break a sweat for 15 minutes or so at home.

Saturday – 20.25 Miles 8:12 Pace
Final long run before New Orleans.I was suppose to wake up at 4:30 AM to run a 50K at the Cape, but due to potential snowstorm we bailed and I slept in til the afternoon.

The weather warmed up a bit to 30s, but the wind, wind was brutal. I actually opened my door, got blasted with a gust of wind and went back and changed into my windbreaker. I hated the orange Boston jacket when I first got it, but after seeing the 2014 colors, I’m feeling better and better about my shade of orange.

photo 3 (4)

I held to 8 minute pace for 15 miles on a flat path were 24 MPH winds were against me half the time, but as I wrapping up into my 20 miler, getting the last miles done was painful.

photo 2 (5)

I was definitely dragging myself mentally and physically for the final 5K.

long run sat

Sunday – 15 Miles Trainer ride
Kicked of my taper week with just a short biking session

sunday bike

Actually I spent most of my day doing things like kitty salon for Jack Meower

photo 1 (5)

Total Mileage – 70 ran, 30 biked + 1 spin

Total Feeling – Pretty good! Wish I had 3 weekends all the time, I’d become a super athlete then.

New Orleans in 6 days! Are you running?

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QOTD – How did your workout week go?

Weekly Recap – RnR NOLA Training

Mother nature is a fickle thing in Boston. If it’s sunny and beautiful, chances are the ground is covered in 2 feet of snow and anything that cleared up, is frozen into black ice. If it hits 50 degrees, well then you better prepare for pouring rain. 45? And sunny? Guess what, you better watch out, there’s 25MPH wind coming straight against you. But worry not, at least that wind may help you in the opposite direction. Of course, chances are by the time you turn around to make you way home, the wind will have changed directions to continue your battle against you.

New England winters… they never get boring.

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – 8 Miles
Incline 2, 7:39 pace. I was still in full on Sinus infection mood, but luckily, all I need to do is run for a little bit before my sinuses clear up.

Wednesday – 8 Miles
Incline 3, 7:52 pace. I don’t know how I was able to keep up the speed while on incline 3. Must be the rest for not doubling up on runs.

incline 3

Thursday – 10 Miles
Incline 2, 7:42 average pace. Once again, with lower mileage, I was able to hit up faster speed. Killed 8 miles just under an hour and cooled down with 2 more easier miles.

Friday – 4 Miles
I was planning on running 9, but with the stress of my missing phone, I ran an easy 4 miles in the evening at home at about 7:45 pace. I was drained and dead after the 4 miles.

Saturday – 13.25 Miles
It looked dark and misty outside. Weather was approaching 50 and humid. Actually, it was amazing to run in a tshirt and capris. I didn’t know how many miles I would get in before I would have to turn out to go home from the rain. It was also the first time in almost half a decade that I left my house without a phone. No music, just me, my garmin and my breathing. I was going to try to hold out for 10 miles, but the 13 came easier than I thought. I wanted to go for 15, but decided to save some energy in the tank for Sunday. Before I even got a chance to shower, it started to thunder and pour outside. Average pace was about 8:05 as I tried to main comfortable effort.

Saturday Run

Sunday – 20.2 Miles
Tony promised me a long run on Sunday so we set out. We ran together for about 9 miles at about a 9 minutes pace. He got cold and went to finish his run on the treadmill. I on the other hand had no desire to miss out on the 40s weather. 40s is a heatwave in my book, even if it did come with 25 mile winds. Instead, I gathered up my ancient Ipod with my awesome new headphones and headed out for 11 more by my lonesome self. Rocked out to Glee cover songs and tried to pick up some speed. However, after being on on my feet for 90 minutes, it was definitely harder to run faster. I don’t think I believe in negative splitting, no matter what I read! Average speed came to 8:38 for the 20 miler.

Ipod SUnday

Total – 63.45

Total Feels – A little sore

I’m not sure if it was picking up the pace on tired legs on my 20 miler that made me tired or the double back long runs. Either way the quads are feeling a little sore today.

How did your weekend go?

NYC Marathon Training Week 12 – If I had a perfect day, I would start my run this way!

Reflecting back on last week makes me feel confident enough that I’m ready for NYC. Or at least I think I am, and besides the point, I pretty much have to be. With the conclusion of Sunday, the infamous and craze cray taper madness begins. I do a 2 week taper where I start decreasing mileage and increasing my crazies until race day. Although to be fair, with all my races, and hours at work, my mileage has been as unpredictable as a geyser. I don’t know why, I’m thinking of geysers. I guess I’m missing Iceland and adventure.

Monday – Tufts 10K 6.2 Miles
With a day of rest, I plunged into the Tufts 10K. Full recap is up so I’ll leave the details there. 6:51 Pace.

Tuesday – HAPPY 10/15!! 
No running, besides all the post office trips I made for work (long story, don’t ask, but it included some killer sprinting)

Wednesday – 20 Miles
My bosses told us to go catch up on some sleep so of course I went to go catch up on that 20 miler I missed over the weekend. Sure, I had a 50K on Saturday but what’s a marathon training without self-destruction? Don’t worry, I paid the price.

I ran 17 out of the 20 miles outside before it got a little too bright, sunny and hot outside. I wrapped up three more in the darkness of my basement watching Hart of Dixie (don’t judge).Mentally, I did not want to be running since I don’t think I’ve ever done a 20 miler on a week day before. I tried to hold it together but inside I was whining and whining. Barely held my 8:25/8:30 pace on a flat path.

Thursday – 6.3 Miles
7:24 Pace on my home treadmill as I continued on my quest to watch as many Tween drama shows as possible!

Friday – 5 Miles
I usually like to have a rest day before a race but my legs felt laggy from my speedwork & Wednesday long run. I thought it would be a good idea to go for a little recovery run. However, I had no time until the evening which was probably a little too late with a race at 8AM.

Saturday – 17 Miles
It was supposed to be a 50K but I was mentally a bigger wrecking ball than Miley Cyrus’ new song. In the first 10K loop I was annoyed with all the fast runners breathing down my neck on single track part of the trail. On the second loop I was just annoyed at my legs for not moving me. It was that on my second loop that I decided I’ll do one more and call it a day. No need to wreck my body to exhaustion when I still have NY coming up in 2 weeks. Average pace was 11:10 or so but for how easy the course was, I should have been running much faster and less clumsy. I walked an additional 1.6 miles or so to finish 30K with my roommate who not only ran her first trail race ever but her first half marathon! We then celebrated some good times with Pizza! Although I DNFed, I’ll probably have a write up for the event anyways.

I mean come on pizza or run 13 more crappy slow miles? Clearly I picked a winner!

Sunday – 22.2 Miles

I woke up Sunday and it’s like Saturday never even happened. I felt great! I felt springy and the day was gorgeous. Sure I should have gotten a haircut or done some cleaning or something adult like, but it was a gorgeous day and I decided to strap on my shoes and see how far my legs would take me. Quite far. I did some 4 mile repeats on my 4 mile loop that I love.

I held about 8:05 for 20 miles before I started to cool down. I didn’t want to race my race two weeks early so I was happy that 8:05 felt not easy, but comfortable enough.

Total Miles – 76.7!

Total Feeling – Started high, middle low, ended high! I ran over 70 miles in just 6 runs so I’m feeling good (for now). Knock on wood!

NYC Marathon Training Week 11 – A week in the dumps

I’ve had a stressful many days last week but the highlight of my week was a gift to help in my NYC marathon training.

Kinda Awesome

Thank you! Those definitely helped as I’m running between work and my sneaked in runs!

This week was a very low mileage week for me. It was just out of my control. Could I have woken up earlier or ran in the middle of the night? Sure, but I’m pretty certain my body wouldn’t handle it with my work hours and I prefer to start a race a little unprepared than injured.

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – 8 Miles
8:15 pace even though I took a rest day before. I was definitely feeling the fatigue of late work nights and high mileage of last week.

Wednesday – 8 Miles
This time I tried to push myself. 7:37 pace made me happy enough. Plus my path gets so gorgeous this time of year!

Woods are lovely

Thursday – NADA

I could have maybe ran a 5 miler or 3 miles at some point in the day, but I was tired and eating apple pie with ice cream seemed like a more productive break.

Friday – 8 Miles
Another early morning run. Tried to go fast to make up for the lack of mileage and once again landed to an average pace of 7:37

Saturday – 15 Miles
After getting home late from work, I overslept my alarm and barely had any time for a run before I had an appointment and work again. I was running at a great pace for 10 miles at around 7:40 but hit a wall after stressing out paranoid about work. Once I wore myself out mentally, my body and legs followed. They started to feel dead and my pace slowed down a lot. Average pace ended up being 7:57 but I feel like I could have ran faster overall if I didn’t have a minor freak-out in my head about work and not being able to get in another road 20 miler before NY. Ideally, I wanted to run 22-24 miles. Lesson here is, don’t worry, just run!

Sunday – Nada
I had the Tufts 10K on Monday and I decided going to the Topsfield Fair was a better use of my time. Come GIANT Pumpkin or running? GIANT PUMPKIN always wins!

Total Miles – 39

Total Feelings – Cranky & exhausted from it all

NYC Marathon Training Week 6 – I’m running again!!!

I’m glad to report that I can finally post about running! Yup, I got back to higher mileage this week and although I had a few, okay several crappy runs, they did start to get better. I’m learning that 70s are still too hot for me to run in. I prefer 50s and 60s and as much as I feel cold at night, fall is my favorite running season.

Monday – Rest – Because it was labor day and I wanted to eat and play instead of run

Tuesday – 10.35 Miles
Legs felt heavy and burdensome, it got dark too early, or maybe I just couldn’t run fast enough. Either way a disappointment after resting for 4 days. 8:41 pace.

Wednesday -10.4 Miles
8.4 miles around the Charles average pace of 8:48 left in a very cranky and disappointed mood. I felt that after 4 days off last weekend, I have lost my complete ability to run at my prior speed. I came home and decided I wanted to force some speed into my legs. I got on my treadmill and did two miles of sprints in the evening at an average pace of 7:13. It was only 2 miles, but I felt a little better.

Thursday – 10.25 Miles
7 miles on incline 3 at 8:22 pace. 3.25 miles in the evening at almost sprinting pace of 7:25

Friday – 5 Miles
I forgot to log this run so I don’t remember the exact time but I think around 8:04 pace on a very easy flat  loop I do around the house.

Saturday – 10.30 Miles
I ran about 6 miles with Tony. He’s training for his marathon and was pacing himself at 9 minutes. I have to confess I was being an awful running buddy and kept pushing the speed more than I should have. After we stopped by home since T-dawg was saving his legs for the big 20 on Sunday, I ran a few little rolling hill repeats for my last 4 miles. Average pace came to 8:44 pace. I didn’t check my splits but I’m assuming my solo miles were closer in the 8:15 range?

Sunday – 22.20 Miles

I came along to Tony’s 20 miler. His pace was 10 minute miles and we stuck to that for the first 7 miles. Afterwards I separate from him for about 8 miles on my own and then joined up for final 7 at his pace. We ran for about 3 hours and 30 minutes with a few water breaks since the temps hit 75 and the sun showed no mercy!

Total Miles – 69 miles

Total Feelings – Feel good about my running but disappointed I didn’t get myself to the pool once!

NYC Marathon Training Week 2 – A reminder of mental strength for the long run

I picked up the mileage this week, unfortunately it came with a price. A huge lack of cross training. No biking, no swimming, no Jillian Michaels.  Well that’s a lie. I did one other thing. 50 chair leg step ups per leg that 5 days later I am still whining about a lot, a bit.

I did do some shopping though!

It’s a Jamis Ventura Race from EMS. My prior hybrid is also a Jamis from EMS, so I guess I’m a loyal customer at this point. I found a review of it and maybe once comfortable I might upgrade, but I don’t expect to be the next Lance Armstrong, so I think I’ll be okay. Unfortunately, especially the lower end of the market, road bikes are not designed well for petite females. I tested a few models and besides there being a limited amount of good bikes in 48cm to begin with, my options were slim to none that ended up hitting my crotch more often than I would like a stop.  Yes, crotch beating is not what I want from cycling.  If only more bike companies would listen.

Through a mix up, I also got 100 gear bucks on a purchase of $150 so I purchased some bike shoes, and my first pair of bike shorts with the padded butt! Now I’m waiting for my pedals to arrive. I ordered these shimano pedals from amazon. I know, they’re not the fastest, but I’m not sure I’m ready to commit to 100% clip-in style.

Anyways, enough gear ramble… I’ll resume once I get myself more situated. Last week:

Monday – 7 Miles

8:19 Pace Incline 3

Tuesday – 8 Miles

7:47 pace Incline 2, my fastest run on the workmill yet.

Wednesday – 13.2 Miles

This run ended up on an average 7:57 pace. It was just one of those perfect nights where the weather finally cooled off to perfection. I did one thing different. I reversed my path a little. Started on flat 5 miles before adding a hill that I usually start with. I need to remember to warm up, not race straight out, my runs are always better that way even if the first few miles feel boring.

Thursday 7 Miles

8:08 Pace on incline 2. I was only going to do 5 miles, but legs felt happy so I added two more.

Friday – Rest

I wanted to run, but decided it was best to rest up my legs before my weekend long run.

Saturday – 6 Miles

6 Trail miles 13:09 pace at the Fells with a great group of TARC friends. We even had a picnic.

Sunday – 16 Miles

Sunday was a reminder that I’m mentally stronger than I think I am. I waited too long to run (bad sleep, lack of food, lazy) and before i knew it, it was too hot to run. So instead I decided I will run in the evening. Well at 5:30 as soon as I stepped outside, it poured rain. I’m like okay, I’ve run marathons in the rain, I can do this. I kept running, then I heard thunder and decided not to wait for the lightning. How far did I get? .7 miles.

Okay, maybe I could do some miles in my basement treadmill with no AC. I put on a fan, slowed my pace down a lot and got to 11 miles total before I couldn’t bear to be sweating so much anymore. By the time I crawled out of my womanhole, I noticed the weather looked perfect outside! I chugged some orange juice with a strawberry banana GU (yea not a bright a idea) and was on my way. The last 5 miles were pure suffering of lets just get through this. I was running 9:05s on a path I’ve run 7:30s on and can usually run at 8 without much of an effort. None the less, I came home smiling. You know what, I put one foot in front of the other and while I wasn’t getting the pace I wanted, I got my 16 miles done.

Average pace, not counting my break was around 8:37. However I did take a 5-10 minute break after the basement to cool off and hydrate.

It’s amazing that even with a history of so many miles behind me, no run is ever guaranteed. There will be days when 5 miles or 20 miles will be struggle; however, I just need to remind myself, one foot in front of the other and it will get done, even if it’s slower than expected.


How was your training last week?