Cleaning out the fridge and cabinets

Total ran – 19.24 Miles

6.13 miles TM at incline 3 at lunch in less than 53 minutes! Avg 8:38 Pace

13.11 miles after work outside 1hr 49 minutes Avg 8:22 Pace

Two great runs today.  It must have been the blondies my roommate made.  Seriously didn’t get hungry even once which is very unlike me.

My evening run had perfect weather except I ran out of sunlight at 10 miles into my run with 3 miles left.  I also freaked myself out and got really upset as well.  Got catcalls by 2 different cars, got honked by 2 different cars, and yelled “run b—-” by some woman in a dinky car.  I’m ashamed that these are the residents that live or drive through my community.  No I wasn’t running on a street, I was running on a trail that hugs the woods with a road on it that I guess just the best type of quality of people drive by.  It’s very unfortunate that I really am apprehensive about running outside.  It’s very unfortunate that me and other women are never safe.  It’s very unfortunate that because I am never safe, I can’t run with headphones or even in silence in the dark.

Anyways back to something positive, my splits from my slightly unsettling run were great.  A little unsteady but for the first 10 miles I kept an 8:10 pace which for me is quick.  I’m never great at pushing myself unless it’s at a race.

Now I need to not die again during my 20 miler this Saturday and I can regain the confidence I need to run a marathon.

Now to food because you need fuel to run and I have nothing else besides my cat to photograph when I don’t travel.  As we got roommates, the size of my fridge and cabinets seem to grow smaller.  Tony and I tend to buy in bulk and then forget we bought 10 boxes of pasta and lentils.  Our favorite thing to do is groan “there’s nothing to eat.” and ignoring are overfilled cabinets.  So this week, I tried to eat mostly out of our current stock with the exception of fresh produce.

Spinach, cauliflower, and shrimp with whole wheat Israeli couscous that’s been in my shelf for months. Simmered in tomato sauce with canned jalapenos.

Pasta with a salmon burger and kale cooked in Italian dressing

Leftover shrimp meat leftover pasta, kale and spinach.  May you be eaten happily ever after.

Do you ever feel unsafe running in your neighborhood?