48 Hours in Montreal – There’s no Canada like French Canada

A Weekend in Montreal, Canada

So this past weekend I was in Montreal.  Sunday I was preoccupied with a little run.  Friday  I arrived after midnight so that left Saturday to sink in all of Montreal.  I love Montreal, from the little cafes, to the French that I don’t understand a word of, to random Art Nouveau details on the buildings to the crazy staircases on the brownstones.  However in the past I always travel with a group of friends or family so walking was limited.  Saturday I was on my own (with Tony) and walked my legs out literally.

We started with brunch at a cafe located at the edge of Mont Royal neighborhood, a sorta hipster meets Jewish neighborhood.

Tony got eggs benny and I stayed boring with a cup of coffee and stealing his food.

I had a granola bar before we decided to get breakfast and was a little too full.  All the plates were that big and around $15.  Although a little pricey, the waitress gave me no trouble for not ordering anything besides liquid black gold.

Other truth why I didn’t order anything?

I had my heart set on a deep fried roll with red bean paste from Chinatown.

The race expo was about 3 miles away and I took the opportunity to walk there.  I met Walle on my way.

I also walked by this sorta interesting front on St. Laurent.

I then wondered over into Old Montreal.  I got one picture before it started to rain.

You think the rain would stop my walking but nope, instead I met up with Tony (he was studying and doing homework).  I then forced him to walk to Schwartz

Normally the place has a killer line but due to the rain we only had to wait 10 minutes for a seat.

One smoked meat sandwich and nash for me.  What is a nash?  Pepperoni stick.  The sandwich was yummy.  Two little pieces of rye bread, a little bit of mustard and lots of meat!  I don’t normally eat a lot of meat but I guess when I do, I eat a ton.  I highly recommend a visit if your neighborhood severely lacks a good Jewish deli.

After Schwartz we walked back to our AirBnB (another 3 miles or more) to rest for an hour only to walk back downtown and check out Old Montreal at night! Notre Dame Church in all it’s nightly glory!

 We did take the Metro back at which I realized it was about 10PM, I’m hungry and I should eat something. I also wondered if maybe walking around for 20 miles all day wasn’t that smart before the marathon.  However, it was all worth it!

Have you ever been to Montreal?  What you do/see?

Ever have the Montreal bagel?  We had one the last time I was in Montreal, only problem is we had like 4 of them because we did a bagel crawl.

Emergency Urgent Update Due to Sale

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Yup, I somehow signed up for the Montreal Oasis Marathon. B My boyfriend will kill me. B Might need to find alternate ways of getting to Montreal from Boston. B Suggestions?