Best Podcasts for Short Runs

Evening Jog 6.6 miles 56 minutes – took it easy on the legs for Sunday’s race. Cooler weather felt nice, rumbling in my stomach did not!  That might be why I usually prefer a lunch time run to evening but a run done is a run done!

I often talk about how awesome podcasts are for those long runs but I got an email asking me if I have any recommendations for those 15-20 minute jogs or sprints.  Well actually I do!  I subscribe to all of these via the InstaCast app on Iphone.  Seriously for someone who almost never runs to music I always have my headphones on.  Proof:

All of these podcasts are always 15-20 minutes long

1. Moth Podcast – Biographical funny, interesting and just silly stories told in front of a life audience  and through your headphones

2. RunCast – 15-20 minutes on different running topics for your daily dose of being running obsessed

3. Stuff You Missed in History Class – From scary ghosts to shipwrecks to brave heroines and other random tidbits of history that you might not learned in school

4. NPR Planet Money – Money makes the world go round and this podcast covers it all, from what it takes to be a summer hit song to why taxpayers pay farmer’s insurance

5. Ted Talks Audio Podcast – Another wide range of topics that always make me think!

What are your favorite Sub 20 minute podcasts?