A few hours in Provincetown at the Cape

Last weekend, after having our tent turned into a sunken boat, we packed up our gear and decided to cut our trip short. However, we still had all of Sunday we didn’t want to waste. It was a tad bit (okay a lot rainy) but there was promise for some sky light later in the day.

Yup if I’m camping, there will a severe thunderstorm at 3AM that convinces me that a tree might fall on me.

The drive from Nickerson State Park (mid-cape) to Provincetown is about 40 minutes. When we got there, it was still raining so we just drove around and looked at what was there. We both agreed that we must come back there with our bikes. They have a beautiful 8 miles of biking roads through sand dunes! It was very cool, but I was too busy staring to take photos.

Most of the businesses and activity is on Commercial street. There whether it’s rain or shine, you’ll see a mix of tourists and residents roaming around. If its a beautiful day, everyone will be on bikes and heading to the beach. If there’s one thing you have options on besides art galleries or lobster roll joints, is beaches!

After driving around, the weather cleared up so we decided it was time for a walk. We sucked it up and paid for parking rather than drive around in circles. The first stop we did was for coffee and some fried sugary goodness.

It may not be clean, but I run on fried baked goods and sugar! A malasada from Provincetown Portuguese Bakery.

After refueling ourselves we continued walking down Commercial street until we reached Breakwater. A 2 mile or so walkway of boulders and such that leads to something.  I was curious and although I had fear of falling into a crack like this bird, I pushed on.

I tried to ask Tony to help, but he told me I needed to stop being a pansy and learn to trust my balance. Nothing like honesty in exchange for love.

It’s okay, I found comfort in more birds. Like this bird that looks like a griffin!

or this guy

As you cross the rocks, you have an amazing skyline view of the town center and tower.

And on the other side is a beautiful beach, sand dunes and a path to a lighthouse.

I wish we had more time to sit at this almost exclusive beach. I’m never a big fan of swimming in oceans but i love watching the waves.

We walked backed and I was surprised by how much easier it was to hike back than to hike there.

It took me 1/3rd the time to walk back to main land!

And of course my price for making it through the hike?

A lobster rolls and a cold one!