Thanksgiving Weekend

For the first time in years I was not in a foreign country for Thanksgiving.  It felt a little weird eating turkey instead of rice and beans or tacos or who knows what other questionable meat other countries have.  Thanksgiving has always been a big week for me to take a vacation since I need to use less vacation days with the long weekend.  However, after traveling in October and going to Iceland/London later in December, it was time to stay put and do some housework and catch up on other things that I love besides travel.  I didn’t even travel to NYC to visit my parents.  Sorry mom and dad, love you both but all the traveling has been exhausting me.


Watching the sunset on one of my runs along the Middlesex Fells as I race to get home before it became pitch dark.

This week has been a big running week for me. Over 55 miles!  I didn’t intend to surge from 30 miles back to 55 in one week but my body just felt like running with the weather and free time that I just listened to it.

Monday – 6.1 miles on TM

Tuesday – 7 miles on the TM

Wednesday – 4.75 miles on the TM doing intervals that killed my 5 mile race

Thursday – 5 miler turkey trot

Friday – 15 miles 2:02 8:08 pace.  I was starting to worry about my endurance after struggling on my turkey trot but I realize that I was just having an off day on Thursday.

Saturday – I started some circuit training at the Y (I have a post dedicating to mixed feelings about the Y later) and 5 easy miles on the mill

Sunday –  I was going to keep it easy at 7 miles or so but I felt so good I just wanted to keep running (instead of doing house chores like cleaning) for over 13.1 miles in 1:46 8:06 pace.

It’s good to know that when I restart my Boston Marathon training I will be at a good 13-15 mile base.   Part of me is still contemplating a March marathon but I think I will try my best to hold out. I want to work on my base and focus more on half marathons with only a few big races a year.  I run better on whim rather than a set schedule it seems.


It’s Thanksgiving weekend so of course there will be lots of eating.  For a while I sustained of my Friendsgiving leftovers.  However, come Thursday it was time for a second Thanksgiving with Tony’s family who live in MA vs. my family that lives in NYC.

Looks good had I stopped at one plate… if only it was that easy to stop at one plate.

And yes it is very important for me to try a slice of each and every pie.

One of Tony’s cousin’s brought a cake from Montilios and as you can see my little pie looks pretty pathetic in comparison to the rum cake.

On Friday night we made pizza, recipe for Homemade Spinach Pizza

After a jam packed session of lifting and building those muzzles at the Y, Lynn and I got some Vietnamese food on Saturday.  We split this stir-fry and then each ordered a large bowl of Pho at a joint in Chinatown.

P.S. When going to a Vietnamese place for Pho, do not order curry, as Tony learned.  I will spare everyone a photo but it was gross… looked like yellow mucus.

and as for the finale… well remember my friend?

How else does a gal drag a pumpkin home on a train haha.  Well it turned into this:

Roasted pumpkin medley some with paprika, some with cinnamon  some with just pepper and salt and all lightly drizzled in olive oil.


Did you have a long weekend?

How did you spent the rest of your Thanksgiving weekend?