Recovery Runs and Recap of DC day 2

Monday workout: 10 miles 9min pace 8.5 outside 1.5 on ghetto home treadmill easy slow & flat

How long to recover and yet not lose a day of training is the pondering on my mind. B Although I skipped my regular lunch treadmill run, I knew I wasn’t going to complete the day without a run. B My legs got really stiff from sitting at a desk all day and I knew a recovery run would be a prefect remedy.

I did my usual route that goes up and down on a very mild incline. B Although the rise in elevation felt easy and almost pleasant, even a mild decline re-awoke the muscle soreness in my quads. B I ran, and my muscles cringed! I started my run around 6:50PM and it started to get dark pretty quick after 7:30 so I picked up my pace more than I wanted to. The idea of being a 5ft tall girls while running on the side of the woods in the dark wasn’t too comforting and I wanted to get back on the city streets as soon as possible.

I called it quits around mile 8.5 and ran into my house due to nature call. B How I went a whole marathon without the need to pee (Not even once before the start) is still a mystery to me. B I knew I wanted to finish at a 10 mile (I’m OCD remember) so I wrapped up the final 1.5 on the ghetto home treadmill for a solid 10 as the cat watched me. B Majority of my legs and the rest of my body felt refreshed; however, my quads are still catching up.

Anyways, although I am still overdue for a race recap (my computer is still with my friend whose fixing it) I figured I’ll catch up on what I did after the race. B 26.2 miles of running wasn’t enough. B I had 26.2 more miles to cover. There was still a whole lot of sightseeing to do, and friends to see.

Race-Shower-Recovery Fuel

Lunch was classy and at the hotel as showered and rested our legs and inhaled subway footlongs.

Italian BMT footlong each for him and her. B I tried to convince my friends that compression socks and flip-flops should be a new trend, but they told me to change.

We passed by Chinatown. B I always love the gates!

We walked by two cool sculpture parks that close way too early (5pm) near the mall

I’m not touching him I promise. B His ear looks a bit infected too. B Rabbit you should have that looked at.

This house was super cool because its made of two pieces of cardboard but depending on which angle you look at, it has multiple dimensions.

We continued down the mall

We got lucky, the Cherry blossoms made their way out two weeks early and we got to enjoy the perks of its beauty.

We took a short break to enjoy the peace of life at the Tidal Basin.

However; hunger eventually roared and we decided to slowly wobble out for food.  After much debate we agreed on El Chalan; a Peruvian restaurant.

I have a deep love for Peruvian food after spending almost 3 weeks in Peru (Best travel trip ever)

We started with ceviche – Fish cooked in spiced lemon juices

And some Pisco Sours – a signature cocktail with Pisco (a liquor) lemon/lime and eggwhite with a small touch of cinnamon

I ordered Arroz la Chiclayana, chicken on the bone with rice cooked inB cilantro, peaces andB pimentosB


Tony orderedB Lomo Saltado

Good butB alpacaB tastes better than beef =)

While we ate, the girls got serenaded

Overall we all had a wonderful meal and if I ever came to DC again, I might be coming back to El Chalan.

After dinner, we went back to the hotel. We walked to complete our added miles of the day, got dressed into something sexy, I calmed my hair (flat iron <3) and we went out on the town for the night life. I’ll spare you the drinking photos but I assure you it was fun =)