#RnRNola Taper & Recovery

In case the 100 mile week didn’t fool you, I don’t quite follow the traditional taper path. At least not for as long as some “specialists” claim you should. Nonetheless, the week of the race I take it easy.For the most part, I love taper week. Believe it or not, it gets to be a struggle at times to keep up high mileage and having the excuse to kick it back for “taper” is nice. Although if the weather gets gorgeous, I do get the taper crazies.

Taper Week

Majority of my runs during taper week really sucked. However, I was okay with that. Last few races I did sucked, but the taper week went awesome, too awesome. I figured that if my taper runs blow, my race will be awesome and it was! Proving shitty runs lead to killer races.

Monday – Rest/Lazy

Tuesday – 8 Mile Run 20 Mile Bike
I was targeting 8 race pace miles of 7:30 but average came out to 7:37, those extra 7 seconds were just not in me.  Did a “20 mile” trainer ride in about 62 minutes.

Wednesday – 7 Mile Run
7 miles at average pace of 8:22 on incline 3. I guess I was surprised how much I struggled on the run. I guess the biking is making me tired even though it doesn’t feel like it should. Since the biking was wearing me out, I decided to skip the trainer for the rest of the week until NOLA was over.

Thursday – 6 Mile Run
6 Mile incline 2. I gave up on anything too exciting happening on my runs. 7:41 Pace. It’s a great pace, but for someone who was targeting 7:30 for a marathon, it felt awful.

Friday – 4 Mile Run
Maybe I was just too excited about this being my last run before NOLA. Or maybe because I love doing 4 miles, they’re so short and sweet! Either way, it went well after my week of struggle. 7:17 Pace!

4 miler

Saturday – Rest, expo, sightseeing

Sunday – Race Day

Recovery Week

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – Rest
On Monday and Tuesday I did plenty of sightseeing and walking so I’d call it active recovery! Wednesday it snow and I kinda missed just laying on the couch doing absolutely nothing.  I shoveled the stairs.  Does that count?

Thursday – 4 miles
I was trying to do 7 but first run after a badass race is expected to be rough. Right? I wasn’t sore anymore but the gym was packed from all the people trying to make up for snowed in lazy Wednesday.  I started too fast and then my heart rate just got too racy so I decided 4 was enough for my body that now. 7:52 average pace, way too fast for recovery

Run4 miles

Friday 7 Miles
This time I learned my lesson and started out slower. Still on incline 2 with an average pace of 8:06 I got through my 7 miles

Saturday 30 mile trainer ride
To be honest, I’m pretty sure my mileage is completely off. My Garmin jumps from 3mph to 23mph. So who knows what I am actually doing. But I do know my butt was planted to the trainer for 100 minutes.  While the trainer is as dull as watching water that refuses to boil, if I get enough TV shows it becomes tolerable. Going to have to save all Nashville episodes for the trainer!

bike saturday

Sunday – 16 miles
Part of me wanted to blow off my long run. I mean it is recovery week. However, that’s the thing about social media with twitter and Instagram and all my awesome friends going on their long runs, it made it difficult to just sit inside all day eating cheese-dip. I actually made it out of my house by 10AM when it was nice and sunny and not snowing. Unfortunately, the foot of snow we got on Wednesday didn’t go anywhere so I was forced to run on the roads. I got a nice hour or so of peaceful running before the rest of society woke up and started driving and honking and getting in my way. Finished the run with 4 miles on the treadmill. I might have ran further, but I realized on the treadmill that my leg was profusely bleeding! Instagram if you want the gorey gross details.

16 miler

How did your weekend go? Run long? Ride long? Sit long?

Post RnR Prov Half Marathon Recovery

It’s been two days and I have to say the amount of soreness and pain I have post race is very minimum or at least compared to my other races.    However, I know I am tired.  How can I tell?  My runch runs have no been feeling as easy as they  should.

On Sunday before bed I reacquainted with Foamy.  I’m sorry Foamy for neglecting you the past few weeks.  I’ve been feeling too good and only come to you in troubled times.  However, on Sunday I decided to be preventive!

On Monday I did a recovery run after work because sitting for 8 hours a day after an intense burst of exercise is probably the worst thing for your body. It went okay since the plan was to run only 3.2 miles at incline 2.  Finished in about 27 minutes for 8:26 pace. Also more foam rolling at night.

To day, Tuesday I got more serious and went for a longer run.  6 miles at incline 2 in a little less than 52 minutes.  It felt harder than it should have and that’s how I can tell my body needs a rest.  Hopefully a day off well help my get some bounce bag into my legs because I’m going to attempt a 20 miler this weekend.  Hopefully I didn’t just jinx myself but so far the weather looks good! And I will be foam rolling some more tonight.

Also RnR Providence was really fast in getting their race photos up! 

Come on running brands, doesn’t this look like a face you want to sponsor.  I would totally whore out my running for free races =) Also this is my first race photo where my eyes don’t look closed.

I had my game face on but the woman next to me really had her game face on!

How do you recover after a half marathon?