Dining Out and Brunching at Alden & Harlow

Alden & Harlow has been on my list of WANT, no NEED to try for a while. It is located in Harvard Square and while I run through it about weekly, getting myself across the river in non-running mood seems like a chore, or maybe it’s the parking and red line situation. However, we are trying to make a better effort at going across the river and checking out the Cambridge and Somerville dining scene that is all the rage. Alden & Harlow opened in 2013 and focuses on small plate inventive American cuisine from a constantly changing menu that I need to try each time from now on.

Booked weeks in advance, Tony surprised me with a date on Valentine’s day this year We are usually a home made pizza and nap type of couple but a gal can’t complain when offered a fancy dinner.


Our meal started with a complimentary snack of PICKLED beans topped with sesame seeds. Getting a serving of veggies and the much needed electrolytes in one chew.


Next we got the patatas bravas which were the best I ever had! Like I’m still dreaming on these a week later. They’re spicy, with some pepper relish and and a garlic flavor like no other. GET THESE if you go. The rest of the menu is optional, but this is a MUST.


Our next selection was the smoked duck breast! Candied walnuts and jam bounced of the flavor


Next was the smoked trout and I think I may have reached my smoked foods limit because I have to confess I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would. The roe and latkas were a nice touch but I wasn’t digging the trout as much.


The superstar of the night (after patata bravas of course) was the Secret Burger. It’s not so secret given that it’s listed on the menu, but supposedly the quality is limited. We were dining early side of 6:30 PM. 8 oz of meats, with a house made roll and chips topped us up for the night.

But where’s the dessert? Well… we were feeling a little stuffed (maybe the secret burger did us in).  But don’t worry I got to try those as well!, A week earlier I also had a brunch with the gals (Galatine) and of course the irony of waiting 5 plus years to try Alden and Harlow is that I was invited to two reservations in one week. If course I couldn’t miss out because brunch and dinner are not the same!


The Bloody Mary is on the menu “Spicy, Savory & Necessary” and they are not lying! A rich flavor with their famous pickled green beans that I learned is apparently their thing.

img_20190209_114542.jpgI went back and forth on what to pick, but ultimate went with them lamb belly hash and was not disappointed.  Although I wouldn’t have complained for a bigger slice of sour dough bread #gimmeallthecarbs


The dishes are all on a slightly smaller side as the are designed for sharing or for those who are on a diet and not marathon training so I had to tag on this side of cheesey grits to hold me over until the next meal. It ended up being the perfect companion to the lamb hash.

And I probably should have stopped there but what’s a Galatine without dessert?


Olive Oil Cake with Earl Gray whip


Smoked chocolate bread pudding with ice cream! Hot out of the oven


and my favorite were these simple but soooo good almond short bread biscuits and custard

There was also a cinnamon roll I had my eyes on, but the ran out by the time I tried to order! I guess I’ll need to return soon to get my non-sticky hands on one.

Busy Season Eats

The past 2-3 weeks I’ve been eating all my meals at work. Luckily, we have a pretty good dinner expense policy so I’ve been eating fairly well. Although I did start to miss my boring frozen salmon burgers and kale dinners from those lazy nights at work. Here’s a few of the things I’ve been sustaining of.

Busy Season Eats B Kane's

Kane’s donuts! Seriously best donuts in Boston area.

Busy Season Eats Breakfast Cafe

Breakfast from our cafeteria. An omelette with all the salsa I could fit!

BUsy Season Eats Brown Sugar 2

Spring rolls from Brown Sugar cafe

BUsy Season Eats Brown Sugar

Seafood Volcano from Brown Sugar Cafe. I don’t recommend ordering this. I still love Brown sugar but seafood from a Thai place is never a good idea.

Busy Season Eats B Good

Turkey avocado burger from B Good. To be fair, I did run a 20 miler before grabbing a much deserved burger and sweet potato fries.

Busy Season Eats Cheesecake Factory

Seared Tuna salad from cheesecake factory. Not recommended at all! Could have used some more salad in it. Next time I’ll stick to a chicken dish since portions are larger.

Busy Season Eats Cosi

Cosi sandwiches. Can I say these have been my favorite sandwiches so far? I think they put crack in the pita bread because it tastes too good!

Busy Season Eats Douzo

Sushi from Douzo Sushi in Back Bay

Busy Season Eats Flour

More sandwiches from Flour Bakery

Busy Season Eats Giant Cookie

M&M cookie from Sam LaGrassa. I also had some sandwiches but didn’t take a photo.

Busy Season Eats MD Tax KitchenWhat we called our own tax kitchen filled with organic apples, bananas, almond butter, pound cake, apple pie, muffins, and soo much more!

Busy Season Eats Ramen

One night, i actually came home early enough to eat dinner at home. However, I was lazy and had no food. That’s where fancy spicy raman and frozen broccoli did the trick!

BUsy Season Eats SkipJacks

Ginger Glazed bass from SkipJack’s

Busy Season Eats Sushi

More sushi from DouzoBusy Season Skip Jack's

Seafood cobb salad from SkipJack’s. I probably ordered this at least 4 times in 2 weeks.

Pumpkin Spice Ganola

And for my favorite crunchy snack!


Do you have busy seasons at work?

What’s your favorite take out place near work?