Packing for DC!

I’ve been internetless while traveling so I’m back tracking on updates. This was written March 15th, Thursday

My computer is currently being upgraded and reformatted by an (awesome) friend so I’m now typing on an iPad vs. my ghetto 5 year old laptop on 1 gig of ram. Good part is
iPad works much faster. Bad part is my typos have increased to an even higher level. I really am world’s worst typer.

So packing for DC I made a list edited more than twice


Things I ended up taking
1 Two technical T-shirts
2. Two cotton tank tops which I might actually run in because even if sweaty wet they feel lighter than the tech shirts
3. One running skirt
4. One running shorts
5. One sexy dress for going out Saturday
6. One pair of casual shorts
7. One pair of Asics
8. Three sports bras
9. Fours pairs of socks, just in case
10 Four pairs of undies
11. Imodium to take pre-run just in case
12. Snacks because I’m always hungry
13. Hair straightener and leave in conditioner
14. Bikini incase of pool
15. Day purse
16. Flip flops
17. Compression socks for flying

Things I removed
1. More food I didn’t need
2. Shampoo body wash etc. Westin’s supply is good enough as long as I have my leave in
3. Heels – no desire to torture feet that way
4. Plastic bottle for protein mixes
5. More clothes I didn’t need

I guess in the end I packed more than I would have for a normal weekend get away but everything fit into a duffle bag or I was wearing so packing success in my mind.

Are you a light packer? What must you always bring? For me it’s food, leave in conditioner and hair straightener.