20 Gifts Under $20 for your favorite (or second favorite) running addict

So I do this every year, where I kinda review things I have and things I wish to have and things I want every runner to have and combine to this list. For the most part, the list stays a bit static, but luckily some things are refillable and some things change priority for me depending on how much I run, where or I  run, or maybe in the case of 2015, how little  I run.

Without much more of a ramble, here’s the list!

It is not in any order besides my amazon search order. As a full disclosure, I do get a few pennies kickbacks from Amazon. So even if  you’re not shopping for running gifts, but are using Amazon, check out through one of my links so I can continue to support Jack Meower’s growing organic Wholefoods catfood addiction.

Due North Foot Rubz Foot Massage Roller – $13.99 Sort of a little alternative to the ball I usually recommend.

Due North Foot Rubz Foot Massage Roller

Nuun Tablets – $15,38 for a 4-pack – Honestly, they just make pretty awesome hangover cures as well.

Nuun Active Hydration, Electrolyte Enhanced Drink Tablets, Original Mixed Flavor 4-pack: Lemon+Lime, Tri-Berry, Orange, Citrus Fruit (4 Tubes/12 Tabs Per Tube)

Body Glide –  $9,95 for medium size. They make a for her version, but it’s twice the price and this is already odorless and works great, so what’s the point?

Seat Cover for your car  -$19.95  I won this once at a race, and its actually quite useful since I always tend  to just jump straight  back into the car after a race. Tony loves that.

Shower Pill – $9.99 Basically wipes your a travel shower lol.  Or you could just use babywipes,  but they look less cool in your race bag.

Athletic Body Wipes by ShowerPill-(10 Wipes)

KT Tape – $12.71 For the consistently injured runner who just wont give up.

KT Tape Kinesiology Tape, Original Cotton Elastic Therapeutic Tape, 16-Feet, Uncut Roll, Pink

Mini Foam Roller – $18.80 Fit for travel… as you can see I guess my list has a bit of a theme this year. Yay injuries and dealing with them.

Portable Charger – $9.99 For when you run 100 milers and need a recharge. Or when you travel and see to never be able to find an outlet.

Meals on the Run – $12.99 for kindle version.  A book with recipes that take under 30 minutes to scramble together

Compression Sock – $19.99 I know socks,  how cliche… but honestly, just like underwear you can never have enough… and giving underwear is more awkward.

Reflective Bracelets and kit – $13,97 I don’t run outside at night, but if you do, you should probably make sure people can see you. They give anybody a license these days (including me).

Skirtsports – Prices vary and their site always has some great deals!


Toesocks – Okay so I’m back on socks, but everyone could use some cooler socks for the 3 times a year they go to a Yoga class (or maybe it’s just me).

Running Mug –  Kinda trinky, but all runners love coffee… how else do I survive the 20 miler after a week of work.

Runner mug, large 15 ounce ceramic running mug

The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons Why I Run Long Distances – $10.19 I love The Oatmeal and I love running….. and he also has a great cat book as well

Runner’s Calendar – $14.99 Okay, so it’s another cliche gift idea, but runners are kinda obsessed and we do love calendar. But if your runner also loves  cats, dare I suggest this one instead?

Beer Socks – $11.99 okay I’m back on the socks…. and I’m not sure how comfortable they are in a marathon, but totally worth  sporting in a beer mile, right?

beer socks

Running Ornament – $16.99 or better yet, make your own!

Tea Tree Foot Soak – $14.95 It’s kinda  small pack, but its my fave!

Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak With Epsom Salt, Helps Treat Nail Fungus , Athletes Foot & Stubborn Foot Odor 16oz

Sparkle Skirt – $15.97 for Halloween or brunching runs, every girl (and boy) needs some sparkle in their run


And there’s so many more!

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Have your own gift list or suggestions? Link up in the comments!

Top 10 Gifts For Runners under $20

So yes, this  is pretty last minute, but I keep getting the question, so I figured I would share what I have advised. Also, I’m sure many like myself are probably doing 75% of their shopping the week of Christmas because they spent all the time leading up to it shopping for themselves. Or maybe it’s just me. It’s just so much easier! I tried to keep these gifts under $20 or so because lets face it, we’re all on a budget and if we want to splurge just buy more things!

As always, I fully support shopping at your local store for all these, but I’m using Amazon links to keep it easy and these are in no particular order


10. A running log – The Complete Runner’s Day-by-Day Log 2015 Calendar is my favorite as most road runners love their numbers, their tracking, and while I am very electronic, there’s always something nice about a handwritten log when you’re training for specific races. $9.48

9. Socks... seriously, they will never get old, and you can’t ever have too many. Every year I get a new favorite brand and the WrightSock Women’s Coolmesh II Lo is currently mine. They usually range $11-13 per pair. At the time I am writing this Amazon says they are $9 for 2 pack of Neon Yellow which is a great price or a glitch in the system.

8.  The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons Why I Run Long Distances – We all love the Oatmeal, because how could you not love internet comics about cats and running. $10.74

7. A Cookbook – Most runners love eating and with that cooking eventually is required. The SkinnyTaste Cookbook is one of my favorites that came out this year. $17.55

6. Fuel – Every runner has their favorite type of fuel they use. Just sneak in a conversation about what works for them and they’ll give it away without a second thought. If not get them a sample of different types. They will probably run $1.50 to $3 each.

5. A race entry – Of course the price will vary based on event and this can get a little risky so I would either confirm the race with the runner first, or make your own type of this card is good for one race of your picking. Runners love races. All distance. A 5k will run you about $15-$35.

4. Body Back Company Foot Roller Large and Porcupine Massage Ball – A friend gave me one of these balls for my first marathon and I pretty much don’t leave for a runcation without it now. Feels great after a long day of sightseeing too. $9.95

3. RoadID – I think every runner should have one of these. I’m sometimes forget to wear mine, but I try to take it on every run with me cause god forbid you know.

2. Running Ornament – Cause tis the season you know.

1. Salt Tab Electrolytes – A little similar to fuel but usually used in addition. Your local running store or even REI will sell smaller packs. The one on amazon is 100 count and lasts for well over a year for me personally but I’m sure others runners use less or more.

If you’re looking for more suggestions, check out my list from last year. It has some repeats but includes a few more ideas. All are under $20 as well.

Share your suggestions if I missed anything good. What’s on your wish list?