A new attempt at a solution without resting…

I’d like to say I’ve been behaving and resting my knee/leg but that would probably be a lie. B I behaved Sunday and did not run. B However that was mostly since I slept til noon and then spent the majority of the day doing this:

And no I did not beat Mario. B I’m stuck at the castle in World 5. B I did find the secret door that allows me to skip to world 8 but I’ve always been aB proceduralB person and am determined to make it through each world one by one. B Or be stuck on World 5 for months…

I did take an hour break to crash Brandeis University’s SpringFest to see Fun, all to realize that I however, am no longer young. B At least not college age young.

Monday I behaved well… I bypassed the treadmill andB ellipticaledB my way through 10.5 miles of sweat.

Tuesday… well I just couldn’t say no to my love and stumped out 7 miles in 57:30. B Great speed; however, I paid the price when I stopped and my shin/knee locked out and I had to sit on the floor for a moment to stretch my leg and gather my strength.

The rest of the day I sat at my desk icing my leg silly. B I’m pretty sure I gave my shin freezer burn from all the zealous icing. B Well the good part since I am no longer running after work; I can cook.

I roasted sweet potatoes and parsnips in the oven seasoned with nutritional yeast and paprika for a cheesy but spicy flavour. B I was secretly craving thoseB kale chipsB B I had a week ago but was too lazy to go to the store to buy kale so I tried to improvise.

I also cleaned/threw my house apart searching for my powerstep shoe inserts while Tony quoted “Born to Run”B minimalisticB propaganda and made fun of me. B I used the shoe inserts when I had a minor stress injury on my foot from hiking (I seem to always get hurt when I do non- running activities).

No luck, however, I did get a chance to clean up all my samples and swag bag stuff from the past few months of races and expos. B I guess you can tell whose half of the cabinet this is:

Yea, it’s perfectly normal to eat chocolate by the pound.

Luckily today when I got to work, I found my powerstep insoles. Between busy times, the free gym, and the awesome showers I’m pretty sure I live at work.

Now I knew I should have behaved, moved away from the treadmill and went to the elliptical. B Part of me was hoping that the guy that usually steals my treadmill would be there so I would be forced into remission. B No such luck, so I lost my self-control, put some trust into my PowerSteps and started up my run.

I was very weary and was expecting pain at any moment in my knees; however, before I knew it, I was at mile 5 with no issues and decided to stump it out for a total of 7 miles in 58:08.

Now knee, before you protest, please take note that I’m keeping the incline at 2 instead of 3 to have a more flat surface for you. B Don’t say I never did anything for you! I don’t completely ignore my pains, I’m lowering my incline for you (and probably for me so I can run easier).

I was also surprised that I was able to keep my pace at the same speed as I ran without the inserts. B Last time I used them they slowed down my runs as my ankles/calves would get to tired.

What’s not surprising? B The bucket of sweat I produced! B (And yes I love my Team BMC singlet.)

I swear on my running shoes that on a normal day-to-day activity I almost never sweat but, as soon as my feet hit the pavement (or treadmill) it all comes out!

I may have DNF but I found a new love

Trail running! B I love it! B While I may not have finished (my left knee gave up sometime around 25K) I learned a lot about trail running and just how different it is from road running (and I got a few blisters to prove it). B I stopped at 30K out of 50K since Tony was waiting for me in the cold to finish and I figured it would be a bit unfair for him to wait for me to limp run 12 more miles. B I’ll have a full (and by full I mean my 3/5ths of it) recap later.

Its been a rough week as my left knee decided to spoil all my running parties. B I thought I resolved all. B I had a great 7 miler (59:29 incl 3) during lunch onB WednesdayB but when I tried to add a few more miles my knee quit around mile 5 (45 incl 2). B I stayed off the running Thursday and Friday and instead did 10.5 miles each day on the elliptical (57 minutes).

Jack and I had a very productive week. B With my knee being crappy and the weather being cold, we watched 10 episodes of Ringer and 5 episodes of Gossip Girl.

While Jack enjoyed watching Buffy run around and play twins, he really kept hoping Spike would somehow make an appearance.

He was also very confused how Sarah Michelle Gellar just doesn’t age. B He’s pondering if maybe she herself is a vampire.

I also didB groceryB shopping for the first time in months, possibly since March. B Yea there’s no need to buy food when you work late. B However, now that I’m home early and I’ve run out of TV shows to watch I should probably work on improving my diet and cooking. B Although I think living off baby spinach, a protein and barley covered inB SrirachaB sauceB with lots of chocolate in between is an acceptable life style.

I can mix it with canned salmon (maybe all this time spent with Jack is changing my taste to catfood?)

Or tempeh! IB preferB cheesey tempeh! B Even if it means I need to drag the tempeh from Boston Wholefoods on the train back home.

The grocery store near my house that I use, devotes a whole aisle to hotdogs but does not seem to know what tempeh or tofu (aside from Boca burgers) is and that makes me sad. B =( At least they carry my giant bucket of organic baby spinach (only 4.29 this week!). B They also have aisles like this that are bigger than the whole fresh produce area. B Then we wonder why low-income families tend to be fat.

To be fair I am writing this while licking my spoon clean of ice cream. B However, sometimes when I’m at the store check out and I see what other people are buying to feed their children I want to go all Jamie Oliver on these fools.

Now that my fridge is stocked and I have no marathons in the next few months maybe I can resolve this whole knee issue. B I thought I was better once I got new shoes but the knee did not agree. B Luckily after this DNFed 50K all my next up coming races are half marathons and the issue seems to not arise until mile 12+ so I’ll survive.

Last time the issue came was in February on my right knee. B To phase out of it, I cut my running days to an alternating schedule. B I also took off the incline and stayed at a 1.5 incline level.

Now it’s my left knee. B I’m not sure what made it flare up (maybe my 20 miles of walking during 88 degree weather on marathon monday) but I’m going to up my stretching and up the foam rolling (I even sucked it up and purchased my own since there’s only 1 at the gym). B I’m going to embrace my cross training days and maybe just maybe this left knee pain will fade into a memory like my right knee pain.