#REALwomenmove & Race Entry Giveaway

A few updates since I am a bit behind on things in life and general. I’ve recently been accepted as a SkirtSports Captain Ambassador. Its not shocker that I love running skirts, so much that I am that idiot who does fitness classes with mat workouts while still being in a running skirt. Looks a bit awkward but luckily, I also belong to an all women’s gym, so I don’t care much either.Plus they’re so comfy and SkirtSports are some of my favorite skirts with a ton of variety in patterns and style. With this relationship, I hope to bring discounts and giveaways.

So to start, you can take 20% of any order with code SSRTM20

Skirt Sports recently launched a #REALwomenmove campaign and I love it!

What is a real woman

What is #REALwomenmove? It’s a movement to inspire women of all shapes, size, age, ethnicity, lifestyle, marital status, family situation, etc to MOVE. It’s a movement to empower women to embrace health and fitness and make themselves a priority.

While I don’t think you need to love running, or biking or anything specific, finding movement that allows you to love your body is crucial. We are constantly smacked in the face with media showing what they want to pimp as the standard of sexy, white, skinny, tall, big boobs and non-existent waist. And if that happens to be you, amazing love yourself, and if not, you’re also amazing and you should yourself just as much. The movement is here to celebrate all women who are out there inspiring themselves, their families and everyone around them.

And to be honest, I did start running about 7 years ago to achieve the unachievable, and I probably wasted 3 of those years focusing on that and not really enjoying any of the movement or actual activity. And then who knows, call it age, call it experience, call it pride, but sometime between running my first and second half marathon in 2011, I just stopped caring.

Heck, I’m evening pimping my face all over the internet in the hopes of seeing it on Runner’s world spread. Speaking of which, have you voted yet? Good, vote again!


I’ve hiked the half dome and didn’t fall to my death


Climbed questionable ladders on a trail in Peru


And ran my 4th Boston, injury, freezing and under-trained.

But movement doesn’t have to be marathons, and crazy trips all the time


Sometimes a simple hike in my backyard (literally half a mile from home) is good enough.

I’ve become more confident, and even social (yes, I’m known as the smiley girl at races) and overall, I feel enriched by the people and experiences running have brought into my life. That’s my story and there’s so many more out there!

These are the Real Women. The Real Inspiration. In Real Bodies.

Join the movement!

  1. Post your active photos and videos by tagging #REALwomenmove and #SkirtSports. Share them with your community and lift up other REAL women by sharing their posts and encouraging them.

  2. For every 5,000 hashtags, Skirts Sports will donate a Get Started Scholarship to a woman who best exemplifies the REAL women traits and/or is actively trying to break her own barriers in running and fitness.  Visit the Skirt Sports #REALwomenmove page for more details and to submit your story or that of a friend.


SkirtSports will also be hosting Skirt Sports 13er/10k/5k Local OR Virtual Race, coming up on June 14th! If you’re one of the lucky ones in Colorado, you can participate IRL (in real life), for the rest of us in more distance lands, Virtual will have to do. What is virtual? Well at first I thought I could run it in my dreams while snoozing on the couch, but I was informed that I actually need to get out and run the distance of my race. Gym, home treadmill, hotel treadmill, beach, trails, road, anywhere, any time, as long as I complete my distance and submit my results!

The race has a few different levels of entry:

Option 1: $85. Includes the virtual race skirt, the bib, and a $50 gift certificate!  Great option to try out something you have been looking at but have yet to purchase or get you started!

Option 2: $125.  Includes virtual race skirt, the bib, and $125 gift certificate! What! Yup you read it right! So, why not sign up and get some great gear to go along with it!

Option 3: $250b.  Includes virtual race skirt, the bib, and  $275 gift certificate!  This is the level that lets you really stock up on your gear!!


I get to give one of my lucky readers an entry to option 1, an $85 valued basic entry. As mentioned before the following will be included:

  • $50 gift certificate to SkirtSports
  • Race #
  • Finisher’s Skirt (Don’t Sweat It Collection pull over skirt)


  • Sponsor swag

So take a chance and enter to win, or you could always use my discount for 20% off mentioned above!

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