Becoming #SpartanStrong as I #LiveWithFire

Although new to Reebok, apparel, I’ve been a devoted fan since October of last year when I got the chance to run with them for the Tufts 10K¬†in some awesome gear.

Tufts 10K Reebok Gear
Also, the only race photo of me I truly love, so I plug it whenever I can ūüėČ

Which on a side note registration is open for 2013 at $40 for 10K all women race.

Okay enough about the good old times and now back to the present.  So when I was presented with an opportunity to run the Spartan Sprint Race with Reebok through my affiliation with Fitfluential, I did not dare to hesitate!

What is the Spartan Race?

“Spartan Race is an international obstacle racing series with three levels of courses: 3 mile Sprints, 8 miles Supers (Olympic Distance) and 10 ‚Äď 12 miles Beasts (Ultra Distance) where you will run, jump and crawl your way over a dozen or more obstacles put in your way!”

I’ll be participating in the 3 mile sprint in Tuxedo, NY with a dozen or so obstacles, which makes it about a quarter mile run before my limits are tested each time.

This won’t be my first time at the rodeo, or Spartan ring in this case. ¬†I did a sprint back in 2010, way before I realized I was a running addict. I was training for some of my first 5Ks back then. ¬†And of course, Tony was there with me! <333 See Tony, you were there from the beginning of my running addiction, you could have stopped it back then, so this is all YOUR fault. <33
Spartan Race

I know we look a little too clean for a couple that crawled through mud and ran through fire, but it was 90 degrees, we ran a noon heat and there was a run through water obstacle that we went back to as soon as we finished running to clean and cool off in.

It kicked my butt!¬†And arms and legs and every¬†muscle¬†in my body. And I’ve avoided obstacle courses for a few years. ¬†However, now with many more miles under my legs, and many more falls and bruises on my knees, I am ready to return.

Reebok has also provided me with some awesome gear that I’ve been training in. ¬†My training hasn’t been as obstacle focused as I want since I am still focusing on my trail 50 miler as my main goal but if running for 12 hours on a New England trial doesn’t get me in Spartan shape, then I don’t know what will. ¬†Although I still have this fascination with CrossFit that I’ve been too cheap to look into.

I got outfitted with two pairs of shoes, the¬†Reebok¬†Zig Carbon and¬†Sublite Duo Run. When I first saw the Zig Carbon shoes, I really couldn’t imagine walking in them let alone anything else. Although less than 7.5 oz, they just looked so clunky and funky!

Reebok Shoes

However, they have become one of my favorite shoes to work out. ¬†The zig-zag sole makes me feel like I’m flying when I’m doing my burpees. Yes, in order to prepare for the Spartan race I’ve been doing lots and lots of burpees. ¬†I heard you need to do 30 of them for each failed obstacle and I’m preparing for both successes and failures on the course.

The zig-zag sole is designed for responsive cushioning, a full length carbon fiber plate for structured support in the midfoot, and a high abrasion rubber outsole for durability.¬†Plus, I’m in LOVE with the purple and coral color!

I also got outfitted!

Reebok Shirt
I don’t know what looks worse me post 15 trail miles, or our wallpaper construction projection

The¬†Strength ¬ĺ Sleeve Top is from the Reebok One Collection. ¬†It’s very soft and comfortable even when the world (or the trial in my case) feel cold and cruel. ¬†I wish the colors were reversed¬†a little with my black. ¬†The white made a nice display of all the bugs I sadly crushed as I ran through the woods.

Reebok Shorts

A little dumb but the first time I wore the PWR Hot Shorts¬†was during a rainy marathon a day after a 20 miler. ¬†Risky, but I trusted Reebok that much based on my other experience. ¬†If you haven’t noticed I don’t usually run or race in shorts, and prefer skirts. ¬†I have this theory that one half of my butt is bigger than the other because one side of the shorts always rides up. ¬†Not an issue at all during the Providence marathon! ¬†So maybe my behind is¬†lopsided¬†afterall!

I was going to race in the shorts again this past weekend for my half marathon but the temperature dropped to the low 40s.  So instead I wore PWR Fitted Capri.

PVR Capri

I’m still working on the race recap, but I did PR (1:36:51). ¬†However, I can’t seem to locate any photos in my awesome pants other then this slightly weird one of the back. ¬†I love the STRNGTH logo! ¬†Even though I’m not a fan of writing on my butt, this kinda works.

Overall, like everything else, I am in love with Reebok One collection.  The clothes are comfortable, fitted, really SOFT and durable!

Unfortunately the Tuxedo Spartan Sprint event on June 2nd is all sold out, so you can’t join the one and awesome Team Run To Munch but there’s plenty of future events on the Spartan Race calender. I also found a few coupon codes if you’re interested in honor of memorial day.

  • Sprint15¬†– $15 off any Spartan Sprint
  • Super25¬†– $25 off any Super Spartan
  • Beast35¬†– $35 off any Spartan Beast

The codes expire on Tuesday May 29th at midnight EST.

 Have you ever done an obstacle course?  

Do you have any last minute (week of) tips for me?