Friday Fab – Eating, Spinning, Juicing

It’s been one of the coldest weeks of winter this year, and yet, I’ve managed to do so much this week! Brownie points for staying active and social.

1. Went out to dinner on a triple date with some besties to Tornado – A swank little number that just opened up in Malden. They serve Asian inspired tapas. At first I was worried it would be like an overpriced Dim Sum, but it proved to be anything but.

photo 1

We pretty much ordered everything off their menu to eat and drink

photo 3

Time for Thyme Martini, oysters, quinoa salad, muscles, fried oysters, tuna poke

photo 4

Tuna Ceviche, truffle fries, pork confetti, thai wings, duck, seafood pasta

and there was plenty more that was eaten before I remembered to photograph! Not a cheap meal, but quite a mouthgasmic experience.

2. Flywheel – A new spin studio called Fly Wheel opened up in Boston and I got to check it out with some yelpers.

photo 5

They provide bike shoes and towels. What’s also really cool are performance metrics! I have to confess I’m not a big fan of spin. It’s hard and I feel like since I have nothing concrete to gauge my effort on, that I have nothing to track. This whole use level 10 effort vs 8 vs 3, makes no sense to me. I’m a CPA with a finance background, so numbers, those make sense. Perceived effort? Useless! Luckily, Flywheel is a leader in giving you performance metrics. You get Torq (which is your resistance), RPM, and a power meter! You can also login later and get more stats like Torq, Speed, Power, Distance and even Calories Burned. I love it, absolutely love how you can track the metrics.

photo 3 (1)

Love the bikes with the metrics! I did learn a lesson, shorts that are great for running, don’t work well in spin. Thank god the room was dark, cause I’m pretty sure the person behind me saw more than they cared to during position 3.

3. Fruitata – A juice bar (typed bra 4 times before I got it right) at the PRU!

photo 1 (1)

A few steps away from Fly Wheel is Fruitata, an organic Juice bar that opened up sometime in the summer. We sampled a few different ones as well. To pick my favorite, would be impossible since they’re all insanely good.

photo 2 (2)

I ended up with a Kirachi Kale (all juices are named after a city!) with a shot of hemp protein so some rebuilding.

4. Did you hear about this guy who tripped over a wire or something at the IRS and sued and won 862K. Keep in mind the IRS is funded by tax payers and the only true losers is each tax paying citizen. Also the guy was meeting with the IRS cause he owed over 60K in taxes that he should have paid. Scumbag what?

5. What’s better than a hot dog?

photo 2



Do you like spinning? Tell me about your favorite spin studio if you do?